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Find Out If Rachel Needs A "Backup Plan" On This Week's Episode Of Glee

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04/30/2014 10:41 am
PopWrapped | Television
Find Out If Rachel Needs A
Media Courtesy of Fox

Christa Tintelnot Staff Writer


Hey Gleeks! Another new week, another new episode. Last week in "Opening Night" we saw Rachel turn "Funny Girl" into a hit and this week, we will get to take a look at how she handles her new-found success. The big question is, could Rachel possibly need a "Back-up Plan?" The episode begins and Rachel is a star. She has even signed with one of the top talent agencies in the city, ICA. Unfortunately, it does not go exactly as she expects it to when the agent tells her she doesn't have a face for TV or movies, which is what she wants to do. Meanwhile, Kurt tells Blaine that June Dalloway, a wealthy socialite, will be coming to NYADA. He is quite excited and asks Blaine to sing with him as he sings for her. (I am glad these two are doing better.) At Mercedes' house, Mercedes walks in to tell Santana some disappointing news about her album. Her producer "didn't hear a single" in it so she is definitely let down. Mercedes suggests that Santana help her find her way again. We immediately switch over to Rachel, still perhaps upset with her meeting, singing a slow, sad version of "Wake Me Up" by Avicii. After the song, she is in her dressing room and interrupted by an exec from FOX, played by the extraordinary Jim Rash. He has a pilot that he wants Rachel to test for, even though she has a show that day. She meets with Sydney and tells him that she might need to take a show off. He is not very receptive to this idea. Next we join Santana and Mercedes in the recording studio. They sing "Doo Wop (That Thing)" by Lauren Hill, presumably for the album. Back at the apartment, Kurt and Rachel are talking about the TV opportunity. Kurt isn't convinced that going to the audition is the best idea. At NYADA, June Dalloway is introduced, and we get our first glimpse of the incomparable Shirley MacLaine, and Kurt and Blaine sing "Story of My Life" by One Direction for her. She seems to like Kurt but is obviously much more impressed with Blaine. (Could it be the awkward moonwalk dance move Kurt did?...Did you catch it?) June asks Blaine to join her at a $25,000 a plate dinner...Kurt is left behind. Kurt and Blaine are getting ready for Blaine to meet with June Dalloway. Kurt admits that he is jealous but supportive of Blaine. At the dinner, June Dalloway tells Blaine that she can make him huge, but needs to get to know him better. During a speech, she even brings him on stage to sing with her. They sing "Piece of My Heart" by Erma Franklin, made famous by Janis Joplin. Back at the recording studio, Santana and Mercedes come in and ask the producer if they can do a duet. He has different ideas and eventually puts the brakes on. Santana is obviously disappointed and walks out. We then find Rachel on a street, coughing while on her phone. She is talking to Sydney and tells him she has the flu. Meanwhile, we see that she is in L.A. She comes into her audition and meets her potential co-star and the rest of the crew. She sings "The Rose" by Bette Midler. (Beautiful song, but isn't this a TV audition?) Oh is. She has not read the script, and this is for a sci-fi show. She goes on with the audition...and bombs. When she comes out of the audition, she sees that she has 15 missed calls from Sydney. She calls him back, and he tells her that her understudy fell off the stage. She needs to perform tonight... Back with Blaine and June, they are having a meal, and he asks how she has "the life." She explains it is the universe and what you put out into it, comes back to you.  She also says that she is planning a show that will feature Blaine. He asks if Kurt can be in the show too, but she says "no." Blaine says he doesn't want to do it without Kurt and June interrupts him. She tells him to break it off with Kurt and he needs to make a choice. Meanwhile, Rachel is in a cab stuck in L.A. traffic. Rachel, of course, is freaking out. She calls Kurt and tells him what is going on. He tells her she has to call Sydney now, but she says no, he has to help her. The scene cuts away to the diner where Santana is working. Mercedes walks in and hands her a contract that she needs to sign. Mercedes wants her on the album. Kurt stumbles in and tells the girls that Rachel is stuck in L.A. and they need to delay the show. Santana, however, has a great idea...she will play Fanny. It seems to have worked because in the next scene, Rachel is back home, thanking Santana for helping her out. Except, Rachel has to go in for a meeting with Sydney the next day, and there is the possibility that she will get fired. Kurt and Blaine are then seen settling into a quiet night on the couch with popcorn. Kurt wants to know what's been going on with June and Blaine. Blaine tells him that they are planning a showcase and that Kurt is going to be in it. Blaine is obviously fibbing... Rachel is at her meeting now. She apologizes to Sydney and he says he understands...but is very angry. He says he is not going to fire her even though he wants to. He said he and the investors all agree that she is an irresponsible child, but she is a star. He says if she ever does anything like this again, she will get fired, he will sue her, and she will never work on Broadway again. She is obviously upset. Her phone rings and it is the FOX rep...he wants to give her a development deal and wants to build up a show around her. He is going to send a writer to New York to start planning. Well? What did you think of this week's episode Gleeks? Did it live up to your expectations or did it flop? Let us know in the comments below.

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