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Find Out "What Lies Beneath" On This Week's The Vampire Diaries

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


05/07/2014 10:35 am
PopWrapped | Television
Find Out
Media Courtesy of Calidreame-r

Elena Butler

Staff Writer


So what happened on this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries? The other side is falling apart, ghosts are now able to touch and move things, and Damon discovered Elena and Stefan’s dirty little secret. Enzo continued his quest for revenge and the travelers continued their search for the doppelgangers. And in Mystic Falls, Tyler was having a very rough day and I can’t say it got any better. Let’s break down “What Lies Beneath” and makes sense of all this, shall we? The episode starts off with Tyler getting some lovin’ from one of the traveler chicks. He pretends to be Julian only long enough to get some inside scoop on what the travelers are up to, before transforming into a werewolf and escaping. Back at the Salvatore home, Damon is trying to get Luke to locate Enzo—this makes Stefan nervous. Tyler interrupts and tells them all about the doppelganger blood’s healing properties. Damon thinks keeping Elena and Stefan confined to Caroline’s dad’s cabin will keep them safe from the travelers. He has Luke do a spell to keep them hidden. At the cabin, Caroline becomes very suspicious and a bit jealous of Elena and Stefan keeping secrets and flirting with each other. Later, the awkwardness continues between Damon and Elena as he reveals that they’re now stuck in a cabin together when they’re supposed to be staying away from each other. When he brings up Enzo, Elena begins acting cagey. At Whitmore, Bonnie and Jeremy are trying to get it on but Jeremy is still worried about the other side ceasing to exist. Her grams appears to her and asks her to tell Jeremy the truth. Bonnie discovers that her grams is now able to touch and move things from the other side. This of course ties into Enzo as he also discovers the same thing at the cabin. Meanwhile, Stefan and Elena continue to disagree about keeping Enzo’s death a secret from Damon. Inside, Caroline insinuates to Damon that Stelena might be getting a little too close for comfort. While she’s imagining romance blooming, Damon realizes that Elena’s avoiding the Enzo questions and becomes suspicious. In Mystic Falls, Tyler has Jeremy and Matt torture his passenger with vervain and wolfsbane to get information out of him. They find out the travelers are trying to do a spell to permanently keep him inside Tyler’s body. Jeremy and Bonnie go in search of Julian’s body but the travelers catch them by surprise and take Julian with them. Tyler begins feeling the effects of the spell as Julian’s memories begin to take over. The spell is completed and he becomes permanent in Tyler’s body. Meanwhile, the games continue at the cabin and Caroline’s eyes are close to rolling out of her head as Team Stelena continues to win at charades. When they switch games, Caroline tries to get Elena to confess that she’s been making out with Stefan, while Damon tries to get them to admit that they’ve lied about Enzo’s whereabouts. Elena leaves the party and goes to take a bath, unaware that Enzo’s ghost is being a creepster. He tries to drown her in the tub but Damon comes to her rescue. Later, Caroline feels pretty dumb when she finds out the secret Elena and Stefan were keeping was Enzo’s death, and of course, Elena spills the beans to Damon. The group realizes that Enzo is planning some serious revenge and that Luke has gone missing. They go in search of him and when they find him in a shed, Enzo lights the place on fire and stabs Stefan with a rod before attacking him. Damon talks to him and tells him the other side is falling apart and all he wants to do is help. Stefan is able to get away and takes Luke with him. They all pack their things and prepare to leave the cabin but not before Caroline makes her feelings known about being left out of the loop. Stefan reveals he didn’t want her to think any less of him for killing Enzo. Damon and Elena have a talk about the Enzo secret too. He admits that he’s not going to spiral out of control now that he knows the truth and he’s only doing it for her. Damon tells her that being with her and not being with her drives him nuts, and then he kisses her. The happiness is short-lived for Elena because as soon as Damon leaves she’s attacked by the travelers and the episode ends with Markos grabbing her. What did you guys think of this latest episode? Are you down for a possible Steroline romance? How worried are you for Tyler and can he still be saved even though the magic knife has been destroyed? Let us know your thoughts about “What Lies Beneath” in the comments below. Keep Up With PopWrapped On The Web!



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