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Find Out Who Is The "First Of His Name" On This Week's Game Of Thrones

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


05/05/2014 6:23 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Find Out Who Is The
Media Courtesy of Fanpop

Rain Varela Staff Writer @Rain_Varela

This week, Game of Thrones offers no new surprises or any major plot points, but still gives us an interesting tale as it moves to another climatic event in the series. It starts in King’s Landing, where we see young King Tommen’s coronation. There is no pomp to it, it is very likely that the Lannisters have already spent most of their gold on Joffrey’s ill-fated wedding. At intervals we see Margaery turn on the charm as she coyly smiles at the newly crowned king from a distance. Something which Cersei catches, and she moves on to the twice-widowed noblewoman. They have a short conversation where Margaery pretends that she is not interested to be Queen, still Cersei seems keen in the idea that she weds Tommen. In Mereen, Daenerys receives news of Joffrey’s death. She is informed that the Meerenese Navy had been seized and that she could probably sail an army to Westeros. But she also receives news that the cities she had freed have turned to chaos, the slave masters have retaken Yunkai and that Astapor is ruled by a ruthless butcher named Cleon. She decides to stay, feeling a sense of responsibility towards the slaves she freed, and thinks that people would follow her if she asserts her authority. Thus she speaks the line we were all thrilled to hear in the trailers for Game of Thrones: “I will do what Queens do, I will rule.” Back in Westeros, Sansa and Petyr Baelish arrive at the Vale, and move on to the Seat of Power at the Eyrie. There they are warmly received by her aunt on her mother’s side the Lady Lysa and her son Lord Robin Arryn. At first it seemed to be because she is family but as it turns out Lady Lysa lusts after Lord Baelish. After dismissing her son and Sansa, she ends up marrying Lord Baelish in a very quick wedding and proclaims that she will scream loudly when Lord Baelish would make love to her. Something which turns out to be true as Sansa struggles to sleep at night as her aunt’s screams of delight are heard through the castle. Meanwhile, Sansa’s sister Arya who is on her way to the Vale is also having trouble sleeping, but this is of her own doing as she narrates the names of the people she wishes to kill. The Hound who is sleeping near her in their campsite complains and tells her to stop. The two have a talk and the Hound reveals his hatred for his brother ‘The Mountain’ who is on Arya’s kill list. Arya then assures him that there is only one name left, and that she would be quiet after that. As Arya lays down her head to sleep, she says the last name ‘The Hound.’ The next morning The Hound finds that Arya had left her sleeping cot, he frantically searches for her and finds her practicing sword play. The Hound mocks her style, she grabs Arya’s sword and knocks her off her feet, then gives the blade back. Back in King’s Landing Cersei and Tywin are having a conversation on the arrangements for the wedding of Tommen and Margaery and Cersei and Loras. Tywin says that they will need the Tyrells because of their wealth. And goes on to reveal that the Lannister goldmines have run their course and that they are heavily indebted with the Iron Bank of Braavos. Later Cersei speaks with Prince Oberyn in the gardens, she asks him to give her regards to her daughter who is in the Prince’s domain Dorne and asks him to present her daughter a gift. She then gestures to a ship nearby and tells Oberyn how her daughter loved the open water. In the Eyrie, things seems to go on well, as Lady Lysa feeds her niece Lemon cakes, Sansa is genuinely appreciative as we see her smile for the first time in this season. But of course, Lysa had to reveal her crazy side, and narrates how she is jealous of Catelyn Stark and seems to be transferring that jealousy to her niece whom she accuses of sleeping with Lord Baelish. Sansa pleads and asserts her virginity and there is a flip as Lady Lysa becomes a loving doting aunt again. Brienne and Podrick meanwhile are continuing on their journey. Podrick reveals how inept he is, as he has trouble riding a horse. Later he burns a rabbit he is trying to cook, much to Brienne’s exasperation. She chides the young man and asks him if he has done anything combat related. Pod reveals that time he killed a King's Guard at the Battle of Blackwater Bay to protect Lord Tyrion. Brienne seems to respect that as she asks Podrick to assist her with removing her armor. Far to the North beyond the Wall, Locke is seen spying on the mutineers at Craster’s keep, he eventually finds the hut where Bran, Jojen, Meera, and Hodor are being held captive and immediately leaves. Inside Jojen reveals a vision to Bran, that of a tree the same as the one in Bran’s dream, Jojen then sees another vision: his hands on fire. Nearby Locke reports to Jon on what he has seen, omitting the part where he saw the prisoners. Jon then tells everyone that they would attack on sunset. Later, back in Craster’s keep, a group of mutineers approach the hut, they enter it and grabs Meera , and hangs her bound hands on a hook. Karl the leader, is about to rape her when Jojen offers to use his ability to see the future for the mutineers in exchange for his sister being left untouched. Karl mocks him. Jojen then reveals a vision, he tells Karl that he will burn this night. The sound of fighting is then heard, as Jon leads the brother of the Nights Watch in an attack of Craster’s keep, Karl and his cohorts leave the hut. Meanwhile, Locke proceeds directly to the hut, he frees Bran and cuts him. Revealing to the young man that he intends to kidnap him away from Jon. Bran uses his abilities and possesses Hodor. Being a strong and large man, Hodor, under direction from Bran, frees himself, he then tracks down Locke and kills him, freeing Bran’s body. Bran releases Hodor from the possession, and orders him to go back for Jojen and Meera. He then screams for Jon who is fighting in the distance. Jojen arrives and convinces Bran not to make contact with his brother, so they could continue on their journey unhindered. Brand agrees, and tells Jojen to free Summer his dire wolf first. Jon meanwhile tracks down Karl insides Craster’s keep. They fight, Jon loses his footing and as Karl is about to deal the killing blow, he is stabbed by one of Craster’s wives. Making use of the distraction, Jon finishes him off. Outside the fighting ends but they note that one mutineer escaped. This one runs off to the wilderness and finds the open cage of Ghost, Jon’s dire wolf whom he has taunted many times before. He looks around and Ghost catches him off-guard and kills him. The dire wolf then goes to Craster’s keep where he is reunited with his master. Jon then offer to bring Craster’s wives back to Castle Black but they refuse, instead they ask Jon to burn down Craster’s Keep with all the dead. Jon obliges and sets the place with the corpses in it on fire. Keep Up With PopWrapped On The Web!



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