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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Find Out Who's "All In" On The New Girl's Season Premiere

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


09/18/2013 4:05 am
PopWrapped | Television
Find Out Who's
Media Courtesy of Digital Spy

Caitlin Swift

Staff Writer

Hello fellow New Girl fans. It seems like this summer flew by, and here we are about to be reunited with our favorite tenants of Apartment 4D. When we last left the gang Cece had called off her wedding and posed Schmidt with an ultimatum, her or Elizabeth. Winston was recovering from his badger wounds and Nick and Jess finally look like they’re going to be together! Huzzah! Still jazzed that they have taken the next step Nick and Jess rush home from the wedding (not before squeezing in a quickie in the car). Reality sets in, they’ve been dating for barely an hour and they already live together. This could spell trouble. Not to mention Schmidt is a bit needy and he may or may not text Nick up to 40 times a day. Enraged that they were busy driving around French kissing like a bunch of Dutch hookers, Schmidt loses his cool. Overwhelmed by their roommates Nick and Jess take off. Schmidt is left with Winston and quickly promotes him to best friend. Winston is more interested in puzzling and only half-heartedly listens to Schmidt lament about his lady issues. He deduces that since he was dating Elizabeth first, she is the one he will choose. However, when he goes to break the news to the ladies it’s easier said than done. Schmidt now has two girlfriends. This is sooo not going to end well. Jess drove all night and the lovers ended up in Mexico. High on their puppy dog love they start to live out of their car. Schmidt is losing it seeing as it’s been 4 days without his best friend. Nick wants to stay in Mexico. It’s perfect, it’s fun, it’s paradise. Since they’re all in they decide to sneak on to a resort beach. Unfortunately only Jess was able to scam a wristband and Nick ends up in Jail. Back at the loft Schmidt is almost caught in his lie. Cece stops by and Winston goes to console her. While trying to fix the blunder Winston and Schmidt weave the craziest cover story. Winston slept with Elizabeth two and half times to console her. Then asked Schmidt for a pair of Cece’s underwear to sew into his. After having to lie Winston renounces Schmidt’s best friend promotion. Not to mention Schmidt keeps raining on his puzzle parade. The two have a stand-off or a round-about? Either way it’s hilarious and only broken up by Jess rushing in for cash and Nick’s passport. The trio sets off to head to Mexico to bail nick out of jail. After a slight argument on whether Nick was pretty enough to be someone’s bitch the group sets off to find him. They get hosed and tip half the hotel staff and end up nowhere. In the midst of this we learn that Winston is colorblind, which makes sense given all his puzzle problems. They end up trading Jess’s car to find Nick. Resort jail isn’t so bad, he had been watching Ugly Betty and just hanging out. Nick once again states that he and Jess should stay in Mexico. Because let’s face it who wants to wake up to Schmidt and Winston fighting every morning, and if they go back to the loft they probably won’t make it. But Jess doesn’t agree. They are a family. All of them no matter how crazy, odd, and colorblind. They arrive back at the loft and begin to bicker which soon turns into an intense session of tonsil hockey. While Schmidt is left to juggle his dating schedule alone, while Winston reflects on his masterpiece through song. There are so many possibilities this season and I can’t wait to see where it takes us!


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