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Find Out Who's "Throwing It All Away" This Week On Grey's Anatomy

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/16/2014 1:46 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Find Out Who's
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Tamara Sestanj

Staff Writer


This week’s Grey’s Anatomy was filled with problems, problems and more problems. After Karev’s tantrum he is temporarily banned from surgeries, and Wilson is forced out of paediatrics to prevent her from being with Karev. Meredith, feeling bad  for taking Karev's surgery from him, offers him a solution for his problem: as long as both he and Wilson sign a form declaring them a couple they can continue their relationship publicly. But once again, Karev has to do things the hard way and refuses. He reasons he’s already scared Wilson enough with his proposal before--apparently asking your girlfriend to sign a form saying she’s your girlfriend is just TOO much commitment. Yang’s reaction to Hunt’s break up with his girlfriend is confusing (just like everything is with them) since she doesn’t know if she’s happy about it or not. Honestly, these too are so confusing. They just seem to be going in circles and it’s making me dizzy. Edward’s bad luck continues as she doesn’t just topple Arizona over with a stretcher, but also knocks Jackson over. But, despite all her bad luck, Edwards takes back her pride, stops the pity party and finally confronts Jackson.  Her speech to Jackson letting him know that he simply exists and means nothing to her gained her much respect in my eyes. Way to move on and not hang on to the past like all the doctors seem to do, Edwards! Arizona faced, yet again, having to deal with the harsh reality of having a missing leg, and Callie has to accept how it changed her as well. Callie ends up refusing to allow the amputation of a young patient’s legs because she knows the emotional struggles it brings, even though amputation would be best for the patient. Luckily for Callie, she has a wife who can talk her back to her senses and show her what is really for the better, and she decides to amputate the patient’s legs. Unlucky for Callie, her wife has a crazy ex-girlfriend who reports harassment claims against her. That’s right: Murphy found a way to be even more unlikeable, and it’s going to hurt Callie. Murphy, again, uses the excuse that she wants to get the most out of her education. How Arizona bought that crap, I have no idea. And things just keep going down for Callie, who now learns that the research she has been doing with Shepherd for the past year has to be stopped because of his new job for the White House. But, just like Edwards, Callie doesn’t let all the bad luck affect her. Instead, she decides to make her own luck. Despite everything, she proves that she is an amazing doctor who can make the right call when needed, as well as an amazing wife who will stand by Arizona no matter what happens. What did you think of this week's episode? Let us know in the comments below!

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