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Gaming / YouTube PopWrapped | Gaming

First Look At The Versatile Nintendo Switch, A Console & Handheld Gaming Device

Matt Mitchell | PopWrapped Author

Matt Mitchell

Staff Writer
10/24/2016 3:24 pm
PopWrapped | Gaming
First Look At The Versatile Nintendo Switch, A Console & Handheld Gaming Device | Nintendo Switch
Media Courtesy of Nintendo

Nintendo released a video today giving a sneak peak at their latest console, the Nintendo Switch. The video opens on a man playing The Legend of Zelda when his dog interrupts him to go for a walk.

The logo pops up with a click. This isn't a problem for Nintendo Switch!

We see the console and the handles removed from the controller. The man slides them onto a tablet screen docked in the console. He takes his game and his dog to the park. From there, the video is full of different ways to use the Switch, giving us a look at the hardware and all the people you can meet with a Switch.

The Nintendo Switch is both a console and handheld gaming device. Play on your TV or attach the handles to the tablet screen to play on the go. An SD card slot provides expandable memory, and the built-in stand lets you use the tablet as a monitor, so you just have to hold the controller handles. The multiplayer options for the Nintendo Switch are great. Play games like Mario Kart on one Switch tablet, with each player using one controller handle. Connect two screens to play with four friends, or play multiplayer games using individual screens for each player (perfect if your buddies like to screen peep).

Nintendo Switch Nintendo

In addition to the two controller handles that slide in to attach to the tablet screen or controller dock (or whatever they decide to call it), there is also a more traditional controller. Whether one is included with the console or purchased separately is unknown. More details are sure to be announced prior to the Switch launch in March 2017.

The versatility of the Switch is unprecedented, and, like many Nintendo fans online, I'm excited! Comments range from saying Nintendo is back on top and taking over PC gaming to jokes about ignoring your pet in the park to play games. At first, I thought, when I saw the scene on the airplane, that the controller handles would be motion control, it doesn't look like they are.

This is good; it appears Nintendo is avoiding gimmicks with the Switch. Unlike many of their past consoles and handheld devices, which tried to sell you on a unique feature, the Switch is a simple platform that allows you to game everywhere. This means developers can release quality games rather than simple games rushed out to take advantage of that feature (like the DSi's camera, the Wii-mote, etc).

My only concern with the console is that the controller handles may be small when using one for multiplayer, but I'll have to wait and see how it feels in my hands before I judge that. There is lots of great potential for the Switch. I can't wait to see what launch titles Nintendo has in store for us.


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