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Fit To Fat To Fit: 01x02, Steve And Tasha

Rene Bohn | PopWrapped Author

Rene Bohn

01/30/2016 8:30 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Fit To Fat To Fit: 01x02, Steve And Tasha | Fit to fat
Media Courtesy of A&E

Okay, so I finally understand the title of this show. Not that I didn’t really get Fit to Fat to Fit in the first place, but now I really get it. This isn’t a show that I’m supposed to really care about the poor overweight client, I’m just supposed to gawk and stare at the weight gain experiment that the trainer is going through. Not that I didn’t think seeing something like that wasn’t going to be entertaining, but I did think that the weight gain was going to be the side-show and the weight loss the main event. It isn't.

Just like last week the episode opened with a montage of the trainer (in this case, Steve) noisily pigging out on various unhealthy foods, showing us that he really is “all in” on this experiment. Next we find out that he and his wife Bonnie own a gym where they work with various overweight people day-to-day. Steve lets it be known that being overweight is “definitely” a choice and that it is “not an accident” if a person gets fat eating the wrong foods. “There is nobody on the planet that won’t lose weight if you eat less.” Hey, he might get hate mail, but he’s sticking by what he has to say on the subject.

Steve and Tasha finally meet four months before their actual workouts begin. He rummages through her cabinets to find out what she and her family regularly eat and he rates her choices a 0 out of 10. I don’t know how Tasha doesn’t kick him in the knee right there, but she seems cool with it. They talk about what it’s going to take for her to really commit to weight loss and Steve lets her know his plan to gain 45 pounds in four months and that is the reason they’re not starting right away. Tasha is in shock about what he’s about to do to himself, but also truly amazed that they will then “lose it together.”

In what has quickly became one of my favorite segments of the show, we see Steve start his journey to the food “dark side.” He’s hoping that gorging himself on “death in a hot-pot” (fondue to everyone else) will make him empathetic to Tasha’s plight and really help him understand how to get her to her weight goal. But cheese isn’t the only thing that’s going to have to go in that body—spareribs, cupcakes, huge burritos, egg sandwiches… its food porn and the producers of the show know this. Also, let’s just say that Steve makes some pretty interesting noises when he’s losing himself in fat.

Steve starts at 185 pounds and is hoping to gain enough to get to 230 pounds in four months. He estimates that he will have to ingest over 5,000 calories a day to reach his goal. It seems to go really well at first as he gains 15 pounds his first week alone! I found myself cheering him on to get fatter and quickly realized that was really messed up. Also, why is it that I found myself halfway into the program and I hadn’t seen hide or hair of Tasha? What about her journey? Wait, we’re still watching Steve try to gain weight (which he’s not very good at) so that he and Tasha can start together.

Weeks pass with no real weight gain. Steve is sad and defeated and feels like a failure. Bonnie tells him to internalize those feelings because what he’s feeling about his troubles with gaining weight is what clients complain about losing weight. Great advice! Only took thirty minutes and not from the two main players in the story. Even though he’s battling something I have never had a problem with I feel kind of bad for the guy. The word “eventually” enters his vocabulary and I feel like he’s starting to lose his drive. He basically cops to that very feeling and lets us know that he “lives for goal attainment” and he’s feeling like a failure. He’s not a journey kind of guy, that’s for sure. He doesn’t understand how someone can feel great about trying to climb a mountain and not quite make it to the top. He needs his 45 pounds and he needs them, like, yesterday.

He makes his goal (of course) and meets up with Tasha who immediately starts poking his fat. He seems good with it, but I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t be so happy if he started doing that to her. She is at 212 pounds and her goal is to lose 62 pounds in four months. No problem. Steve immediately takes her to the beach and puts her through a torturous obstacle course. He yells, he screams, and he’s basically a jerk. Tasha steps aside to let him give it a try, and he can’t quite make it. He says that he was a jerk for putting her through that ordeal (and although it will ultimately help her to her goal) he wasn’t wrong.

I would absolutely lose it if I had a trainer like Steve pushing me until I cried. However, Tasha seems to thrive off all of the strong attention from him and loses nine pounds her first two weeks. I guess I should state that Steve lost 23 pounds as well, but I’m not happy about it. The next week brings Tasha a five-pound loss and the fourth week was a disappointing (not hardly) three-pound loss. She loses it. Steve infers that she is “giving up” and she fights against that idea. She doesn’t give up.

Client and trainer sit down for a heart to heart and Tasha realizes that she just isn’t the kind of person that is used to doing anything just for her. Her weight loss battle has become a contest within to see if she can truly put herself first in something. There finally seems to be some real bonding between the two of them and it’s great to see them working together to take off the pounds.

By the time they make it to week 12, Steve has lost his 45 pounds plus 16 pounds more. He felt he had to do it in order to keep Tasha working hard toward her goal. He seems sincere, so I’m going to give him a pass on wanting to gag, even though I can’t lie that I felt like it. This has apparently been a healthy match made in heaven and Tasha is probably going to kick some butt.

The final reveal finds several of Tasha’s family members that haven’t seen her for a while and are anxious to get a look at her weight loss. Her oldest son hasn’t seen her in a while and has no idea what he’s about to see. In walks a stunning Tasha (make no mistake, she was seriously beautiful before her transformation)and the jaws drop. She weighs in at 149 pounds! This is what I was waiting for. This is what the program is supposed to be all about. She’s happy, her husband is happy, her family is happy, her trainer is happy and, yes, I am happy!

In all honestly, this show puts me through so many emotions. I love the food porn, but I feel guilty about it. I feel twinges of motivation to get up and work out, but it looks so hard. I get a secret thrill watching fit people get fat, but I feel sad that they feel they have to do that to themselves to try to really know what their clients are thinking. Most of all I feel compelled to keep watching so that someday I may be able to decipher if this is a legitimate weight loss show or not.


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