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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Fit To Fat To Fit: 01x10, Tramell/Johnny/Jason

Rene Bohn | PopWrapped Author

Rene Bohn

03/29/2016 4:07 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Fit To Fat To Fit: 01x10, Tramell/Johnny/Jason | Tramell
Media Courtesy of A&E Network

The final episode of Fit to Fat to Fit has arrived and it has doubled down on the weight loss! Instead of just one client to encourage on the way to weight loss, trainer Tramell gets to work with couple Johnny and Jason--long time partners with serious co-dependency issues. They both realize what a predicament they have put themselves in and are finally ready to give it their all to finding an alternative and healthier living style.

Tramell is a 31 year old weight lifter from Atlanta who has been a trainer for nine years. He matter-of-factly states that, "Nothing goes in my mouth that hasn't been weighed." After a quick clip of watching him put his meals for the day together, I can state that he's not lying. I got tired just watching his effort. He's been married over a year to a collegiate athlete (just like he was) and she just straight up let's us know that she thinks that this whole gaining weight thing is just a bad idea. Tramell is starting at a weight of 181 pounds and he's hoping to get to 241 pounds in just four months--a gain of 60 pounds! He doesn't look like he's looking forward to it, but he's pretty non-excitable, so who can really tell?

As Tramell heads over to meet his new clients we get to see Johnny (34) and Jason (40) prepping food in the their tiny kitchen. Johnny admits that he absolutely loves Jason's cooking and that it's going to be really hard to make food changes. Both men are really sweet and obviously care for each other very much. Each guy just wants to get better for the other. Johnny lays it all on the line, "I don't want to die. You know, I want to live--for me and for him." Does someone have a tissue? Seriously, they're cute.

Tramell arrives and basically tears apart their entire kitchen--much to the chagrin of the two men. He reveals that he's against sugar and that with him in charge the guys should expect that "a green apple is the sweetest it's going to get." Hmmm. After Tornado Tramell finishes with the kitchen, he reveals to Johnny and Jason his big plan for gaining weight and then losing it as the same time as they do. Never one to stay quiet, Johnny exclaims, "My mind is, like, truly blown, for reals." Jason is much less verbose and takes the announcement quietly, but he does seem to like the approach.

The men separate and agree to meet four months down the road and Tramell begins his new food odyssey. He heads straight to eating all things that are fried and has is first real cheese sandwich in 20 years! And after just a few minutes of food freedom, he throws his body into shock and immediately gets sick.  It felt good for one minute and now he's dreading the whole experiment. He fights on though, and aims for consuming at least 6,000 calories a day. He takes to weight loss surprisingly well, and by week three he has already gained 24 pounds!

It turns out that Tramell is a genius because he starts to get his clients to bring him a dozen doughnuts if they are even one minute late to a workout session with him. He's like the Godfather. It's awesome. By week five he still doesn't feel bad emotionally and he's up 32 total pounds. He heads in for a check-up two months in and finds out that he has basically tripled his triglycerides and is now hypertensive. He may have to start taking blood pressure and cholesterol mediation. His wife is shocked and scared because she thought it would take at least a year of weight gain to see Tramell get to that point. Now she's worried about his long term health.

By week nine, Tramell is convinced everyone is always looking at him. He's feeling very self conscious about it all and it really hurts his feelings. He can't fit into any of his own clothes and has begun to buy clothes from the Goodwill store. He finds it difficult to bend down and put on socks because of his newly protruding belly. By week 13 he is completely over the eating and doesn't want to do it anymore. His body has changed the most dramatically of any trainer I've seen this season and by the end of four months he has put on a total of 66 pounds--with a final weigh in of 247.1 pounds.

The reunion of Trammel, Johnny and Jason begins with Johnny exclaiming, "Dammmnn!" and Jason asking, "When's your due date?" After a few minutes of the fun stuff, Tramell puts the boys to work. Johnny is starting at 299.5 pounds and Jason is starting at 294.  Both men have a goal of losing 80 pounds in four months. Tramell quickly realizes that he has two of the most difficult clients he has ever faced. Neither seems to want to work very hard and in his quest to get them to work harder through example, Tramell tries the workout. It doesn't go as well as he thought and he admits, "If I can't motivate myself, how can I motivate others?"

Jason seems to have the harder time getting into the workout and seems to have every pain known to man and it is obvious that Jason will only make it through the workouts with Johnny's support. Even though it is a hard mountain to climb, Jason gets through the workout! He's "not planning to let failure be an option." You rock, dude!

Tramell signs the boys up for five workouts a week and they really seem to hit their stride.  By the time they reach week five, Tramell has lost 24 pounds, Jason has lost 19, and Johnny has lost 22. Trammel takes a moment to reveal to the camera that he's having a tough time completely giving up sugar and we see him sneaking Pop-Tarts for a snack.

Unfortunately, this leads to week six and a not so great week for any of the guys. Tramell makes zero progress, while Johnny and Jason each gain five pounds. The couple begins arguing with each other but ultimately fess up to sliding on portion control and little extras here and there. Tramell is frustrated and is convinced that he needs to really concentrate on shifting Johnny and Jason's focus from him, and how he gets them to workout, to focusing them on each other. They are so dependent on each other that they really need to work together, and be successful together, to get anything permanent to work. I am so proud of Tramell for recognizing this about the couple and taking the steps to take care of it. He's a really good trainer.

We finally get to week 16 and the big reveal. Some of Johnny and Jason's friends are really large and are hoping that their success may motivate them to get up and lose weight as well. Tramell is obviously uncomfortable with being in the spotlight and quickly changes the focus to Johnny and Jason, who walk in looking skinnier and healthier! Their friends and family are thrilled and both men and very heartfelt in their thankfulness to Trammel and everything he has done for them. After the reveal, the three men go in for a final weigh in--Trammel is at 199.4 pounds (18 more than when he started) but it's not as big of a deal to him as it would have been eight months ago.  Jason weighs in with a total weight loss of 54 pounds and Johnny with 59 pounds gone! Not quite what they were looking for, but still very impressive.

I loved all of the players in this final episode and I really hope that Johnny and Jason have a long healthy life together. I wasn't sure of how I would feel about Tramell by the end of the episode and it turns out that I like him very much. I also wish him nothing but success!

So, we've reached the end of the Fit to Fat to Fit road this season and who knows if it will be back for round two. It's been a lot of fun gabbing about it with you and I hope you had a lot of fun reading them! Ciao, until next time.



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