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Fit To Fat To Fit: 01x09, Seth Dave

Rene Bohn | PopWrapped Author

Rene Bohn

03/19/2016 6:39 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Fit To Fat To Fit: 01x09, Seth Dave | Fit to Fat to Fit
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Well, we’re heading into the home stretch of this first season of Fit to Fat to Fit and the penultimate episode features trainer Seth and his client Dave. Dave is married to his wife of 10 years, Jessica,  and has two children, a 10 year old daughter and an 11 month old son. He is “big time” upset about not having done activities with his daughter as she grew up and doesn’t want the same thing to happen with his son. He’s an IT guy that spends most of his time either in front of a computer or lounging on his couch and knows that he needs to make a change.

The man is also embarrassed and upset that he had once been in the Army but was dishonorably discharged because of his weight gain. As soon as he was a civilian again he immediately put on an extra 70 pounds and is now looking for someone to kick his ass and keep him accountable for his health decisions. Jessica is more blunt, admitting “the situation is 1000% desperate.”

Enter Seth, a fully bearded bundle of good health that uses yoga as his primary source of physical activity. He’s pretty ripped and extremely confident that he will be able to both gain weight and then motivate himself and Dave into taking all of the weight off together. Seth isn’t as borderline mean as some of the trainers in previous episodes but he does have strong feelings about people that are fat, stating, “I have a hard time relating to somebody that just doesn’t do the work that they have to do. You either do or you don’t.”  Straightforward and not too snarky—I like it. Let's see if Dave does.

Seth drives to Dave's house with the plan of going through all of the cabinets and the refrigerator and he's "expecting a house of horrors." Dave is as first happy to see Seth and then immediately frustrated with the entire situation. Seth is decrying every food item in the kitchen, and Dave stands by silently fuming. He  finds it weird to be the king of his castle and then have someone come in and tell him everything is wrong--I mean, "who are you?" When the invasion is over Dave is surprised by Seth's assessment because he didn't think the items in the kitchen were that bad. I really felt for Dave here and in solidarity I have just put a lollipop in my mouth. Forget you, Seth!

Alas, the name of the game with Fit to Fat to Fit is to learn some important things about physical health and how to eat better. Seth announces to Dave that his is going to gain 50 pounds in four months and then lose weight with Dave at the same time. Dave is pretty blunt, exclaiming, "That's *#&ing crazy! I can't imagine why anyone would do that on purpose." He's convinced that Seth will be addicted to food by the time they meet up again.

You know what's coming next, don't you? Time for the downfall of Seth with a trip to the Wild Wild West Diner and contact with practically every food  item on the menu: burgers, pizza, fries, pasta, pancakes, waffles--followed up by a spoonful of sugar. I can truly say that I have never in my life seen someone eat sugar like that before. I guess he's dedicated to his mission. Seth is starting off at a muscled 178 pounds and is striving for the magical number of 228 pounds. He forces so much food into his body on the first day that he immediately throws it all back up. Twenty five minutes into the challenge and he can finally see how much harder it is going to be to gain weight than he thought.

After two weeks Seth is still good about gaining weight and has put on 18 pounds. By week four he has gained 22 pounds and his skin is looking sallow and tired. He visits his doctor and is immediately warned not to continue down this path because he has a family health history that could mean serious issues down the road. He basically pooh-poohs the doctor and continues on. Week nine shows that he has gained 34 pounds and his clothes don't fit. He finds himself sucking in his gut when walking around good looking girls. His confidence is taking a hit.

Trying to force food into his body has become a terrible problem, and he has become repulsed by food. He shoves in a few last bites before his last weigh in but can't keep it down. His first meal ended in vomit and so does his last.  His final weigh in shows that he is 3 pounds short of his goal at 225 pounds. He's mad that he didn't reach his goal and is finding out first hand how tough it was to put in the work and not gain the weight--and it sucked. He's "humbled to tears." After he pulls himself together he waits to welcome his buddy for the next four months--Dave.

Dave explodes with glee when he sees the new Seth and goes in for the stomach bump. It's kind of awkward since it's obvious that Seth has never done the bump before but it's also kind of cute because he's trying. Dave is pretty excited now and is ready to get going. He's starting in at 356 pounds after losing 24 in the four months Seth was gaining weight. Seth puts Dave through his paces but Dave holds strong and Seth is impressed. Seth tries to do one of the workouts he used to do before the weight gain but comes up short. He's hurting but it feels good to work hard again.

Soon Dave does something I haven't seen anyone do up to this point on Fit to Fat to Fit--he starts crying because he doesn't want to quit. His body isn't wanting to let him continue doing the workout, and Seth doesn't want him to get hurt, but Dave is very adamant about finishing what he set out to do. After a few minutes of rest, Dave completes his goal. I'm seriously proud of the guy. He's got guts, that's for sure.

The workouts seem to be going well for both men and time marches on. By week four Dave has lost 14 pounds and Seth has lost 19 pounds. Dave is starting to work out with his daughter and is reclaiming some of his father/daughter time. He seems to like yoga and seems to be sticking to plan--mostly. Week eight bring a weight gain for Dave and extreme frustration for Seth. It must be time for the heart to heart trainer to client discussion...

Dave is drained emotionally and knows that he's good at the physical stuff but, mentally, he still wants to be able to eat the meal. He tells Seth he wants to reach his goal, "I want it." But "I can't envision it." Seth doesn't want to see all of Dave's hard work wasted and guarantees "it will be so worth it at the end." He just has to not take any days off in the quest for his goal.

Fast forward to week 16 and the big reveal. Seth has lost all of the weight he gained and six pounds more. The man is a machine. He goes to a restaurant (with a pizza in the background no less!) to meet Dave's loved ones and prepare them for the big reveal. Dave's dad is super emotional and can't wait to see his son in better health. Dave walks in with a big smile on his face and his mother is so thrilled. She's even more thrilled that she can get her arms around his waist for a hug. Everyone is extremely happy and Jessica is just impressed, "He's a new guy." Dave gives a speech saluting Seth and the fact that "I can see myself past fifty now."

Seth brings Dave back to the gym for the final weigh in and it's a beautiful moment. Dave reaches his goal of losing 80 pounds and combined with the weight he lost while waiting for Seth to gain his, he has lost a total of 104 pounds! The episode ends with Dave and Seth playing inline hockey and it's enough to put a lump in your throat.

So another episode of Fit to Fat to Fit is done, and I am very happy for both guys. They worked very hard for their goals and I think they both learned so much from doing this food experiment. What do you think of this dynamic duo? Let me know below.


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