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Television PopWrapped | Television

Five Things To LOVE About The Riverdale Pilot

Amrita Aulakh | PopWrapped Author

Amrita Aulakh

01/08/2017 3:46 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Five Things To LOVE About The Riverdale Pilot | Riverdale
Media Courtesy of The CW

CW's highly anticipated mid-season pilot Riverdale, based on characters by Archie Comics, premiered its first episode, uncut, at San Diego Comic-Con International this past weekend. With any upcoming show, it has aspects to it that viewers can look forward to or love almost automatically.  From stunning performances, to one of the best openings we've seen to a premiere in a good long while, Riverdale is a promising show that is expected to be an automatic hit with its audience. So what are some of the things we loved about the pilot? Let us count them down.

Top 5 Reasons We Loved Riverdale:

1) Jughead Jones

We know, we know...he's the show's narrator so we shouldn't be all that surprised at how little Jughead actually appeared in the pilot, but judging by the few scenes he did have, it's clear as day that Jughead is bound to be a fan-favorite. He's blunt, gives good advice, and is basically the character telling the audience what's going on and who's who of Riverdale. If anything, we (the audience) are Jughead because we're unraveling the mystery with him as the episode goes on. His relationship with former bff Archie starts off as complicated as ever and if there scene together is any indication, we'll hopefully see a bond form once more between the two.

2)  A New Twist To The Archie, Betty And Veronica Relationship

 Archie, Betty and Veronica put a new spin to the term "it's complicated." Betty likes Archie, Archie likes ??, and then we have Veronica: Riverdale's new, seemingly bisexual resident who shakes up Archie and Betty's relationship. The amount of twists and turns this trio's relationship takes within just the first episode made our head spin -- in a good way. By the end of the pilot, our cinnamon roll of the group is certainly Betty, and while we can acknowledge that she deserves better than Archie and Veronica, it will be interesting to see what becomes of this complex triad. It is quite literally a relationship like no other.

3)  A Darker Rendition With Familiar Characters

In case you all weren't aware, Riverdale is dark. Yes, it contains murder, but that isn't the darkest aspect of the series. As Jughead reiterates in the opening minutes of the pilot, Riverdale is a seemingly perfect town but beneath it all lies the truth. Secrets, lies, and affairs litter Riverdale as we get to know a little bit about the characters introduced to us within the 47-minute pilot. Archie isn't as "boy next door-ish" as we've been led to believe, and everyone has skeletons lying in the closet (maybe except Betty -- she can do no wrong). We cannot wait to see the lives of the residents of Riverdale unfold when their secrets surface for the audience to see.

4)  Stellar Music

WE. ABSOLUTELY. LOVE. THE. MUSIC. Like any CW show, Riverdale has music to die for. It fits the dark tone of the series, but also acts as a juxtaposition with lighter, more alternative music choices. More often than not, we found ourselves tempted to Shazam a song playing during a scene instead of listening to what was actually going on. We're already crossing our fingers for a series soundtrack because it's easy to tell that Riverdale will be providing audiences with amazing music.

5)  Gorgeous Cinematography and Opener

The opening sequence is perhaps our favorite scene of the episode. It features such stunning cinematography that it had us wishing we could see the scene once more. Along with Jughead's narrative guiding us through, the backdrop highlighting the town and the introduction to the dark world of Riverdale serve as the perfect opening for the show -- it will hook viewers and leave them wanting more.

Riverdale is set to premiere January 26 on at 9/8c on The CW. Check out the extended trailer below:


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