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Recaps / Spoilers PopWrapped | Recaps

The Flash: 01x15 Out of Time Recap

Chrissy Baclagan | PopWrapped Author

Chrissy Baclagan

03/30/2015 11:33 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Flash: 01x15 Out of Time Recap | The Flash
Media Courtesy of CW
A year ago, brothers Clyde and Mark make their escape from the police, one being Joe, by taking a ride on a plane nearby. Although things may have appeared to be well, it just happened to be the night of the disaster, turning both of them into meta-humans. For those who've been keeping up with the show, we know one died. If there's one thing about family (doesn't have to be blood-related) is that they got your back, even if it means revenge. Conveniently, there's a change of scenery, A very bright-colored one. Barry is taking his girlfriend out on a bowling date, but happened to see Iris and her boo thang there, too. Things quickly turn awkward when the best friends act a bit too comfortable with each other, making their respective dates thinking there's something else behind their behavior. Looks like there will be trouble in paradise. At the morgue, Mark interrogates the doctor as to who killed his family, well, what's left of it that is. Speaking of family, there was a reason why I mentioned that family doesn't have to be blood-related. Sometimes, family can be the people you trust the most, like your friends or a neighbor. For Cisco, it's his S.T.A.R. Labs familia, not his biological family. After being notified about the situation at the morgue, he contacts Barry who quickly leaves the bowling alley. While making his way there, the Flash makes a brief stop at an intersection before heading off in the direction of the crime scene.

This is UBER important.

He soon finds out the coroner is dead due to hail. Joe immediately thinks it's Captain Cold, but thanks to a recording device, it's Mark and he's pretty pissed off at him: Joe killed his brother. Back at the Labs, the squad (Wells, Barry, Joe, Caitlin, and Cisco) re-confirms it's Mark with Cisco dubbing him the 'Weather Wizard.' Additionally, the tech genius has been developing a grounding mechanism since their first encounter with Clyde. The device will take away earth's natural electrical circuit, leaving Mark powerless. As Joe leaves, Barry tells Wells that he saw a reflection of himself  (or was it?) while he was speeding down to the morgue, making him stop briefly. Knowing the cunning mind of Wells, he tries to reassure Barry that it was probably just a 'mirage.' Ho hum. Another thing about families is that they try to protect their loves ones even if they're in danger. This is exactly what Joe does, telling both Eddie and Barry to keep her smiling. Things get weird between her and her boyfriend as he brushes past her when she tried to greet him. As if we didn't know already, it's because of a very obvious issue that's come between them. Ay yai yai, make up your mind, Iris. Yet another thing families do is that they care. Barry plainly shows that he doesn't want his adoptive dad getting involved in the situation with Mark, but he respects his decision as the same time. He also takes the time to ask for relationship advice with Iris, who is Joe's daughter and is currently dating Joe's partner. Talk about complicated. Despite this, Joe tells Barry that unless she tells him that she's feeling the same way, cherish the moments. That father/son bonding moment doesn't last because Mark makes his attack. Luckily, Barry is super fast. While Iris was working on her latest Flash article, Mason asks her to look into Harrison Wells, He showed her a few pictures on the disappearance of Simon Stagg, and how Wells was the last one seen leaving the building. After that, Iris tries to apologize to Linda, but like she says, the real story it usually what isn't told. Linda's wise words are true because: 1) It's pretty obvious that Iris has feelings for him, and 2) Wells is up to no good. Iris tries to see if she could get anything out of Barry concerning Wells, but like the loyal guy he is, he still tells her same thing: Wells is a good person, 'cause he saved my life, and blah, blah, blah. While Barry and most likely Caitlin seem to believe that Wells is truly a good person, Cisco's been developing some doubts since Joe confessed how he suspected him. He even tries to bring that conversation with the detective after dropping off his latest toy. What's surprising about that is that Cisco is probably Wells numero uno believer, and if that doesn't say anything to you, it really should. One thing confuses me the most: why in the hell no one recognized Mark when he was on that escalator? It's not just any escalator; it's the one located at the police department. A lot of things could have been prevented, like the Captain getting badly injured and his fiancé breaking down because of what happened. Remember how Cisco is feeling some very strong doubts about a certain guy lately? He puts those thoughts into action by re-checking the containment system for the Reverse Flash, taking Caitlin along for the ride, planting a mustard seed of doubt. He then asks her to keep Wells out of S.T.A.R. Labs for a little while as he tests out the containment system once more, this time bringing about results. The system is perfectly working, but the Reverse Flash seems to be a hologram at first, crushing Cisco's undying faith in him. In other related news, Caitlin's distraction didn't work; he suddenly appeared at S.T.A.R. Labs without his wheelchair, which means Cisco isn't the only one to realize that Wells isn't what he seems to be. Wells reveals that his name is Eobard Thawne, making him related to Eddie. He also explains that the hologram is like a speed mirage, which explains why he nearly died the night they 'captured' the Reverse Flash. If you think the plot-twists are over, think again. He confesses that he's been 'marooned' in this world since he was trying to kill an adult Barry fifteen years ago, the night where Nora Allen died. He plans on using Barry's speed to return back to his world. Does this remind anyone of Flashpoint Paradox for some reason or is it just me? Before ending Cisco's life, he tells him how he's like a son to him. I officially dislike Wells/Eobard even more now. HOW COULD YOU? On the orders of Joe, Barry visits Iris at her work to find that she wasn't there; she went to go see her dad. However, Mason tells Barry of his theory on Wells, but Barry is stubborn until he mentions that he has evidence on a hard-drive, leaving Barry interested. He returns back home to find her there. She subtly implies that she's interested in him by claiming Linda isn't right for him. Meanwhile, Joe and Eddie investigates an old hideout of the brothers until a huge gust of wind vacuumed Joe out. He soon finds himself chained to a metal bar with a broken leg in another part of the city close to the water. Mark contacts Iris to let her know that he has her father. Both Barry and Iris head out to meet him at the waterfront until a tsunami is about to occur, but Iris felt compelled to tell him of her true feelings for him thinking that this was possibly their last day. In response, he tells her that he's never stopped thinking of her, too. They soon share a kiss before Barry reveals to her that he's secretly the man she's been writing articles about. He speeds off - running back and forth - to prevent the devastation a tsunami can cause. Instead of seeing him save the day as usual, he ends up going back in time, stopping at the same spot the day before. I told you this spot was important. Come back and join me for the next recap of CW's The Flash, Popwrappers!

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