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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

The Flash: 01x19 Who Is Harrison Wells?

Chrissy Baclagan | PopWrapped Author

Chrissy Baclagan

04/27/2015 3:27 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Flash: 01x19 Who Is Harrison Wells? | The Flash
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The great thing about having super speed is that you can get yummy food at a faster rate.

At a group meeting consisting of Joe, Barry, Cisco, Eddie, and Caitlin, they discuss (over pizza, of course) their latest plans concerning the mysterious Dr. Wells. Caitlin is still having a difficult time processing this kind of news, even when asked to lie for Cisco, she is quite upset. This worries Joe who thinks she's 'not on board', but Barry plans of talking to her.

The next day, a woman claims that she didn't steal anything from her workplace even though the surveillance footage shows otherwise. Eddie and Barry think it's a meta-human who is capable of controlling its victims. The two bump into Iris, and things immediately turn awkward between Eddie and Iris again.

At a jewelry store, a man attempts to sell the stolen jewelry. Unfortunately for him, Eddie is nearby, providing enough time for The Flash to arrive and try to save the day. I say try because the 'guy' escapes by transforming into a teenager.

Looks like we got a shape-shifter, Popwrappers.

And that means hands-off the meta-human, Barry.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry suggests that they look up all of the victims to discover when it all began. Like with most meta-humans, it started right after the explosion. The team tracked down a name: Harrison Bates.

Cisco and Joe take a small trip to Starling City in hopes of discovering the true identity of Dr. Wells. They just happen to speak to both Detective Lance and his daughter. Laurel asks for assistance with her sister's sonic device from Cisco after revealing that she's the Black Canary. He has his fanboy moment, though, which is absolutely adorable. I would totally fangirl, too.

Being fed up with lying and pretending, Caitlin tries to get some answers from Wells, but is swept away just before he opened the door. She reveals to Barry that he's been there for her ever since she lost everything. He counters that by using the dad card. They reach a compromise: she waits for Joe and Cisco to come back first before she does anything.

Later on that night, Barry and Eddie investigate Hannibal's grandmother, who just happens to be the shape-shifter. The two chase her down (yes, Barry, run normally), but they lose him all while getting Eddie framed for shooting two police officers. Due to this incident, Eddie is most likely to end up at Iron Heights.

Cisco, Joe, and with the assistance of the detective, they check out the accident site that supposedly 'changed' Wells. Joe and Quentin have a heart-to-heart conversation about the relationships they have with their daughters, in which I suggest the detective should try to e as understanding as Joe is. They soon find out that there are tachyons nearby, indicating the burial site of the original Wells.

At CCPD, Barry tries to help Eddie escape his fate, but he doesn't accept his help saying that he wants to be set free the 'right way'. A home, Barry reassures Iris that he'll do everything he can to help Eddie. However, the cop appears at his door, throwing him off guard. It turns out to be the shape-shifter, but before Barry can do anything about it, he gets knocked out and placed elsewhere just before Caitlin stops by to apologize. She also comes up with a name for the shape-shifter: Everyman.

Not bad, not bad at all, Caitlin.

The 'new' Barry heads off with her to the labs where she explains to him about a serum that can temporarily stop Everyman. Although I am a hardcore shipper of SnowBarry, his smootch with the scientist is Iris comes by to show her findings that Eddie is most-certainly innocent; he's right-handed, and the fake on uses his left-hand. Just before fake Barry does anything, Dr. Wells takes him down. It's not just Eddie who's right-handed apparently. He then tries to bring Everyman to his meta-human prison, but Iris wants to bring him to the police station in hopes of setting her boyfriend free. Caitlin accompanies her, but before they even reach their destination, Everyman transforms into a little girl, causes a ruckus which grabs the attention of nearby construction workers who opens the car door, causing the little girl to run free.

Whew. I gotta say, that was some very quick thinking on Everyman's part.

I can't be the only one, but Caitlin's latest nickname for a meta-human reminds me of a certain Medieval Morality play... Did I mention that the real Barry's back?

Enough of that, Barry is given the green light to place his hands on the meta-human with the addition of more awkward SnowBarry moments. It turns out that Everyman is trying to escape via airplane. Once again, Barry changes into The Flash. He catches up to the meta-human just in time. It's a good thing that the imitator can't attain the attributes (i.e. memories, abilities) of victims because The Flash would have been in a predicament.

Later that night, Eddie is released because of the surveillance tape of The Flash's encounter with Everyman. Because of this incident, Iris and Eddie make up, and he tells her that he's been working with The Flash.

Oh yeah, the velvet speedster got a new fan to his evergrowing fanbase.

Just before Joe and Cisco left Starling City, Joe advises Quentin to rebuild his relationship with his daughter. As for Cisco, in return for the tech genius' help, Laurel secretly hands him a photo of him and her, she wearing her iconic Black Canary suit, of course.

At Barry's lab, Caitlin finally sees the truth on Harrison Wells. In addition, the trio (Barry, Caitlin, and Cisco) located Wells' hidden room.

Meanwhile, Wells has a short chat with Joe at the police station, saying they're a part of an exclusive club.

With this knowledge, what will they do now? Keep up with me for another recap of The Flash!

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