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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

The Flash: 02x22, Invincible

Shae Frierson | PopWrapped Author

Shae Frierson

05/21/2016 12:27 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Flash: 02x22, Invincible | Invincible
Media Courtesy of CW

Welcome back, Speedsters! It's time for another episode of The Flash, and after last week, I'm more than ready to see what's in store for Barry and Co. If you need a refresher, last week our Scarlet Speedster had an eye-opening encounter with the speed force, during which he confronted his issues with his mother, before finally returning to Central City to (hopefully) kick Zoom's ass. Meanwhile, Zoom welcomed a band of Earth-2 metas onto his anti-Flash task force. Now, let's see how Team Flash handles this fun new development. 

We open with a fire fight between the Earth-2 metas and the CCPD—one which the force appears to be losing. Luckily, the Flash shows up and manages to temporarily neutralize what is being called the Metapocalypse. At S.T.A.R. labs, Caitlin finally returns, still terrified and convinced that Zoom will destroy the Earth. Barry tells her that the Universe is on their side, so they can't lose. 

The rest of the team is concerned with Barry's confidence, afraid that his lack of fear will get him hurt. At the same time, Laurel Lance's doppleganger, Black Siren, attacks Mercury Labs, using her voice to topple the building. 

Back at S.T.A.R. labs, Cisco vibes a dead bird, but is unsure of its meaning. Barry gets an alert that Mercury Labs is under attack and heads of to help. He manages to save Dr. Mcgee, who reveals that she's known his identity all along. Once back at the lab, Dr. Mcgee tells Barry about a security fail-safe that could contain security footage of her lab’s attacker and Barry prepares to retrieve it. 

Meanwhile, Wally is doing his best to help the team, vigilante style. In the process of stopping a mugging, he's nearly attacked by a meta, but thankfully Joe shows up to help him. Of course, this help doesn't come free—a fatherly scolding quickly follows. Joe tells him to leave the fighting to the police and the Flash. Wally tells Joe that he needs to prove to the Flash that he was worth saving after every bad thing he's done. 

Back at the lab, Jesse has Caitlin test her DNA for evidence of dark matter effects. Harry tells her to use her brain to help, not her (so-far) nonexistent powers. As Caitlin struggles with post-traumatic stress, Barry returns with the footage and the team sets forth deciphering it. Henry talks to Barry about his excessive optimism, which leads to an argument about Henry not being around. Barry tells Henry not to worry about him. 



Zoom sends a signal from CCPD and Barry races off to meet him. Jay tells Barry that they're more alike than he thinks. He also tells him that his obsession with playing the hero is what will ultimately make him lose in the end. To prove his point, he topples a building and Barry leaves to help, effectively abandoning his chance to kill Zoom. 

At the lab, Barry tells the team that they need to take Zoom down. Naturally, the team is apprehensive, especially considering the army of metas wreaking havoc on the city. Barry suggests that they capitalize on the different frequencies of Earth-2 inhabitants and create a device that will take them all down at once. As the team sets to work building the device, Cisco gets another vibe of creepy dead birds. 

Joe asks Barry to talk to Wally about his playing vigilante. In the cortex, Cisco talks to Caitlin about her Zoom hallucinations. She tells him that she's afraid all the time, and that she's scared that she'll never recover. Cisco promises that she will. The Flash visits Wally and urges him to leave the metas to the police. Wally tells him that Central City is all of theirs to protect. Before Barry can respond, Cisco gets a lock on Black Siren and Barry heads off to confront her.



The team is shocked that she's Laurel's doppleganger, but Barry has bigger issues when she uses her sonic voice to incapacitate him. She nearly takes Barry out when Wally shows up and hilariously hits her with his car. Naturally, he's pretty pleased with himself. Back at the lab, Barry tells Joe that his fight against Wally's heroic tendencies may be futile. Joe, of course, isn't willing to accept this. 

Later, Iris talks to Barry about his lack of fear. She tells him that he's not invincible, and that a little fear is healthy. Elsewhere, Zoom orders Black Siren to knock down more buildings, distracting the team from his mysterious grand plan. Meanwhile, Cisco explains the frequency device, which will use Barry's speed to emit a pulse that will incapacitate anyone from Earth-2. But don't fret- the team also created special headphones (affectionately dubbed "Beats by Wells") to protect the two friendlies on Team Flash. 

The team gets an alert that Black Siren is preparing to topple a highly populated high-rise. In lieu of choosing between taking down the metas and leaving the citizens in the building to die, Cisco devices a plan. He and Caitlin meet with Black Siren, dressed as their respective dopplegangers, Reverb and Killer Frost. They attempt to entice Black Siren into turning on Zoom, but she ultimately discovers that their imposters (dang that pesky dopple-mirror rule).

Cisco manages to get off one fluke defensive shot, but can't seem to repeat it. Thankfully, Barry activates the pulse and Black Siren goes down before she can hurt them. At the lab, Jesse's headphones fail and Harry gives her his own, leaving himself vulnerable to the pulse. Meanwhile, Zoom escapes to Earth-2. 



Once the metas are captured, Caitlin tells the boys that she's finally starting to feel normal again. At CCPD, Singh thanks the Flash for helping the force. Barry tells Joe that he should let Wally become the hero that he's destined to be. At the West house, Iris organizes a dinner to celebrate Henry's homecoming and the meta-free city. As Henry flirts with Dr. Mcgee, Barry tells Iris that he thinks they should give their relationship a shot. Joe tells Wally that he's proud of him for helping the Flash.

Before the team can get too comfortable, Cisco gets another vibe, but this time, he sees Earth-2 splitting in two. As Cisco tells the team what he saw, Zoom comes in and grabs Henry. Barry flashes out behind, finally revealing himself to Wally. At the Allen house, Jay tells Barry that they’re the same and that it's Barry's turn to watch a parent die. He shoves his hand through Henry's heart as Barry looks on in horror. 

I can't... I mean, I just... Seriously? They couldn't let us be happy for two full episodes before they decided to kill someone else? Freaking seriously! Well, there goes Barry's optimism. As you can probably tell, I am very disgruntled right now. The only upside to that horrible ending was the fact that Wally finally knows that Barry is the Flash. I mean, honestly, I don't know how he didn't guess it before then. Like Dr. Mcgee said, it seemed fairly obvious. At the very least, this new (incredibly not-cool) development better spark some serious thirst for vengeance in Barry. I know it sparked something in me!

So, if you're having better luck at processing what the heck just took place, or if you're feeling the need to rage against the writers like me, rant away in the comments! 



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