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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

The Flash: 03x04, The New Rogues

Shae Frierson | PopWrapped Author

Shae Frierson

10/28/2016 3:07 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Flash: 03x04, The New Rogues | Rogues
Media Courtesy of CW

Bienvenidos, Speedsters! It’s time for another episode of The Flash! Last week’s episode saw the return of our beloved Harry and the introduction of Jesse Quick. We also got our first taste of the slew of metas created by Dr. Alchemy. With a meta-creating megalomaniac in town, things are bound to get interesting. So let’s just dive into the craziness, shall we?

Recap: "The New Rogues"

We open with a flashback to three years ago, on the night of the particle accelerator explosion. Two criminals meet up with Leonard Snart (I’m not crying! You’re crying!), who shakes them down for spending their cut of the money they stole before he told them to. Things go south (after several allusions to the duo's future powers -- hello, rogues!), and, before Snart can shoot anyone, the dark matter hits both criminals, sending the man into the mirror. Fast-forward three years, and he emerges, angry and out for Snart’s blood.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, the team reviews the prison footage of Dr. Alchemy killing the Rival. Later, Jesse convinces Harry to let her stay on Earth-1 and train with Barry. During their session, Jesse gets tripped up. Barry channels Oliver and tells her that she has to have precision and preparation in addition to speed.

Jesse and Wally race off to hang out while Cisco and Caitlin ask Harry to stay. Harry tells them that there’s too much wrong on Earth-2 to abandon it but offers to help them find another Harrison Wells to fill their void. Get ready, Speedsters! We’re going Harry fishing!

At CCPD, Joe meets with his DA crush, Cecile, who offers her help on his case. Meanwhile, things heat up between Barry and Iris. Until, that is, Joe walks in and things get very awkward very fast. When Barry races away to keep Joe from seeing them kiss, Iris urges him to talk to Joe to undercut the awkwardness of their situation.

Elsewhere, Scutter visits an old “friend” and shakes him down for Snart’s location. When the man doesn’t know, Scutter launches him through a mirror and out a window, vowing to find Snart some other way. At CCPD, Barry and Joe have the most awkward conversation ever about Barry and Iris’s relationship. Joe tells Barry to do what he has to do before heading off to see Scutter’s girlfriend.

At S.T.A.R. labs, Harry, Caitlin, and Cisco work on catching a new Harry. They send an intricate riddle (sorry, Harry. It’s a riddle.), through a breach as an IQ test for Harry’s doppelgangers. After the usual playful back and forth between Harry and Cisco, complete with Harry using the term “jackwagon”, they send the message through Cisco’s breach and wait for the doppel-responses.

Meanwhile, Wally and Jesse finally talk about their relationship. Although Wally likes Jesse, he tells her that, since she’s going back to Earth-2 soon, they should just be friends. In the cortex, Scutter finally gets his villain name, Mirror Master (thanks Harry), and Cisco reveals the cohort that Scutter’s been looking for -- a vertigo inducing meta named Rosaline Dillon (also known as Top).

Joe visits Rosaline in prison and flirts with Cecile in the process. Scutter shows up to break her out. At S.T.A.R. labs, the team deduces that Scutter can escape through any reflective surface. Joe goes to investigate while the team vets the responses from Harry’s doppelgangers. Barry tells Iris about his conversation with Joe, and she seems satisfied.

In a warehouse, Rosaline catches Scutter up on everything has changed and shows him her powers. Scutter tells her that they can take power now that Snart is gone, but Rosaline warns him that the Flash will stop them if they try.

Back at S.T.A.R. labs, Harry seems wary of every Harry that responded. The only acceptable Harry comes from Earth-19 and seems funny, nice, and smart. Still, Harry doesn’t trust him. He tells them to keep looking.

At the West family movie night, things are still awkward, and Iris confronts Joe and Barry about it. After some pulling, Iris realizes that the awkwardness is stemming from Barry. Thankfully, Barry is saved from responding when he and Joe get word that Scutter and Dillon are robbing a bank. He and Jesse race off to stop them.

At the bank, Scutter escapes through the bank’s window, and Barry races after him, telling Jesse to stay put. Of course, she disobeys and races after Top. But when Top uses her powers against Jesse, Barry has to abandon his own pursuit to keep her from falling off a building. Before fleeing the scene, Scutter launches Barry into a mirror -- essentially trapping him inside.

Back at S.T.A.R. labs, Jesse blames herself for Barry’s ... condition. Meanwhile, the team works to free Barry from the mirror using extreme cold to allow him to phase out. (Something tells me this will involve Caitlin’s secret abilities.) Wally tells Jesse not to blame herself, especially since Barry made mistakes in the beginning, too. He tells her she’s meant to be a speedster and that he doesn’t care if she’s leaving anymore. They kiss, and it’s adorable.

The team continues working on the device to freeze the mirror. Cisco proposes sending it to the other Wells for additional help, but Harry is very against this, feeling very replaced. While he and Cisco argue, their apparently shared brains click, and they figure out the problem together.

Meanwhile, Barry and Iris talk about their relationship. Barry tells her that he’s afraid of losing what he has, because, for once, he has everything. She laughs and tells him that they should discuss it when he’s not trapped in a mirror. Barry gets an idea of how to stop Scutter, just as the team shows up to set him free. Unfortunately, their device fails, and the team gets another meta alert. While they’re gone, Caitlin uses her abilities, and Barry is able to phase out. Using a holographic Snart, they lure the duo to a funhouse, where Jesse manages to defeat Top and Barry traps Scutter in a hall of mirrors.

With the bad guys defeated, Cecile asks out Joe, who stupidly asks for a rain check because he’s nervous. At the S.T.A.R. labs, Earth-19 Harry, better known as HR, arrives on Earth-1. Needless to say, he and Harry are very different. The team and Harry say their goodbyes again. Cisco tells Harry that he shouldn’t worry because he’s irreplaceable (damn straight), and Harry tells him that their device failed, meaning someone else broke Barry out. He and Jesse head back to Earth-2, and HR heads to Big Belly Burger.

At the West house, Barry tells Iris and Joe that he wants to move out, and Joe seems relieved (quite rudely, to be honest). We end at Caitlin’s apartment, where her powers seem to be manifesting heavily. When a strand of hair turns white and her lips turn blue, Caitlin freaks out, cutting the strand out before anyone can see it.

Final Thoughts on "The New Rogues"

Although I enjoyed the villains of this episode (especially that tiny Snart cameo), I think what I liked most about this episode was the dynamic between the different characters. As a hardcore West-Allen shipper, I think Barry and Iris are adorable! Not to mention all of those Harry/Cisco bromance moments. I am a little worried about Caitlin. Hopefully her abilities won’t make her turn evil because I would be incredibly upset.

I think this season is still on track to be pretty incredible, and I’m psyched for next week! Until then, Speedsters, tweet us your responses and predictions!


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