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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

The Flash: 03x07, Killer Frost

Shae Frierson | PopWrapped Author

Shae Frierson

11/29/2016 4:40 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Flash: 03x07, Killer Frost | Killer Frost
Media Courtesy of CW

Welcome back, Speedsters! Is anyone else pumped to meet Killer Frost on this week’s episode of The Flash? I thought so! Last week, we saw Caitlin struggling even more to control her powers and finally revealing them to Cisco, who vibed her turning into Killer Frost. Meanwhile, Dr. Alchemy pursued Wally, and we also learned that he was just the tip of the evil iceberg, as Barry came face to face with an even bigger foe. Now, let’s see how this hot mess turns out!

We open right where we left off, with Wally entombed and Barry battling out with a villain named Savitar that only he can see. Savitar drags Barry around the city, moving faster than the team thought possible. When Barry almost gets his ass handed to him, Cisco vibes himself and Caitlin to the waterfront, where Caitlin uses her powers to freeze Savitar, so that Cisco can land a blow. Savitar runs off and Barry thanks Caitlin and Cisco for their help.

Back at S.T.A.R. labs, Caitlin runs tests on Wally while quietly struggling with her powers. JR reveals that Savitar is the Hindu God of Motion, which explains his unprecedented speed. Caitlin tells the team that Wally is alive but that they shouldn’t remove him from the tomb because she’s unsure how it might affect him. Joe takes off, angry that they don’t know anything.

Iris tells Barry that Wally’s accident isn’t his fault but, being Barry, he shoulders the blame. At the precinct, Wally interrogates Alchemy’s flunky, who is unwilling to give up any information other than pro-Alchemy ranting. Before Joe can make any real progress, Caitlin shows up to tell Joe that Wally is out of the tomb. She sends him off to S.T.A.R. labs, staying behind to probe the flunky for information on Alchemy—and going full on Killer Frost mode in the process.

After some less than friendly tactics cause a ruckus, Caitlin sneaks out before the police can catch her. Unfortunately for him, Julian catches her and gets taken along for her crazy, Killer Frost ride. Joe arrives at S.T.A.R. labs to find Wally still in his cocoon and Barry realizes what Caitlin is up to.

At the precinct, Patterson tells Barry about Julian’s kidnapping and vows to get him back. Thankfully, they don’t know that Caitlin is to blame. Elsewhere, Caitlin forces Julian to create an algorithm to find anyone who has searched for Savitar so that she can weed out Alchemy’s followers.

Killer Frost


In the cortex, the team works to find Caitlin. JR suggests that they use the same tactic they used to catch Captain Cold (*tear*), tracking cold signatures via satellite. They track Caitlin to a frozen food warehouse and Barry races off to find her. Julian tracks two of Alchemy’s flunky’s and Caitlin prepares to go. When Julian uses the laptop to call the police, Caitlin gets angry. The Flash shows up to confront her, knocking out Julian so that they can talk. She tells Barry that she wants Alchemy to take away her power and Barry begs her to let him help her.

But in Killer Frost mode, Caitlin is unwilling to cooperate. She tells Cisco that Barry caused Dante’s death. Before anyone can respond, the cops show up and Barry saves Caitlin from being shot. Totally ungrateful, Caitlin slices Barry’s leg so that he can’t follow her, before leaving to find Alchemy’s henchman.

At S.T.A.R. labs, Cisco is justifiably upset. They agree to find Caitlin and figure the rest out later. They track Caitlin to two possible locations ( both the homes of Alchemy’s followers) and the team splits to investigate them. Barry and Iris stay behind with Wally. Joe and JR have a heart to heart about Barry and his endless optimism. Joe, unlike Barry, doesn’t see everything working out in the long-run.

Back at the lab, Barry finds Caitlin’s real location, the house that Cisco is watching. At the house, Caitlin demands answers from Alchemy’s follower but he doesn’t seem to know anything. He tells her that Alchemy has no real power and that they both serve Savitar. He also reveals that Savitar has special plans for Killer Frost.

Cisco confronts Caitlin in the street and the two duke it out, with Caitlin not holding back. Before she can hurt Cisco, Barry shows up to help. He knocks her down but before he can capture her, she kisses him, using he frost to freeze him. Cisco knocks her away before she can kill Barry and they take her in.

Down it the pipeline, Caitlin tries to feign innocence but the team doesn’t buy it. Barry vows to help her, telling her that her powers are changing her. They lock her in the pipeline and Barry refuses to give up on saving her. In the infirmary, Joe and JR break Wally out of his cocoon while Barry battles his own guilt. Iris tells him that he can’t dwell on the things he changed when he came back and tells him to be strong.

Meanwhile, Wally is free but doesn’t appear to be all there. Judging by his body’s vibrations, Kid Flash is back but he races off before anyone can talk to him. Cisco tries to track Wally while Barry visits Caitlin in the pipeline, seeking her expertise to help Wally once they catch him. He offers to let her go but tells her that in order to leave, she’ll have to kill him. Thankfully, the good in Caitlin is stronger than the bad and when she’s unable to kill her friend, she returns to normal and goes to help with the Wally problem.

Caitlin develops a serum to help stabilize Wally and Joe realizes that Wally is in Keystone at this mother’s old house. Joe and Barry find Wally and the house and the serum brings him back to normal. Well… as normal as a speedster can be. At the lab, Wally plays with is newfound speed and Caitlin apologizes for her Killer Frost behavior. Caitlin agrees to run tests on Wally and Barry heads off to talk to Cisco.

Killer Frost


Unfortunately, Cisco tells Barry that he’s not sure where they stand after learning the news about Dante. At the hospital, Barry asks Julian not to turn Caitlin in. After some pushing, Julian agrees but on the condition that Barry quit his job, calling him unfit to be a CSI. Of course, Barry, being Barry, agrees to this bullshit deal and Julian holds up his end of the bargain. Barry tells Joe and Iris about his deal, and they’re impressed that he continues to find new ways to be a hero.

We end with Julian being visited and pursued by Savitar, who reveals that Julian has been Alchemy the entire time.

Well, that episode was a bit of a doozy! I am extremely glad that they dealt with the Killer Frost story line without having to get rid of Caitlin’s powers! Hopefully she stays sane but can still use her abilities for good. I have to say, Julian being Alchemy wasn’t much of a surprise to me. Not to say that I guessed it, but his demeanor kind of fits for some reason. Also, can we please just take a moment to celebrate the return of Kid Flash? I was going to be very sad if that storyline remained in the Flashpoint past! All of these developments just make me even more pumped for next weeks Super Awesome Four-Way Crossover (not the real name, but it’s definitely appropriate).

Until next week, Speedsters! Don’t forget to tweet us your responses!


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