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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

The Flash: 03x03, Magenta

Shae Frierson | PopWrapped Author

Shae Frierson

10/22/2016 1:42 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Flash: 03x03, Magenta | Magenta
Media Courtesy of Fansided

It’s that time again, Speedsters! Who’s ready for another episode of The Flash? Me too! If you missed last week’s episode, a quick recap: Barry dealt with the consequences of screwing with the timeline and vowed never to do it again. Also, Caitlin might be Killer Frost ... so things should get interesting! Let’s just dive on in.

We open at CCPD, where Barry is still annoying Draco ... er, I mean Julian. Finally, Barry heads off on his first date with Iris, where she makes him promise to be human during their date, no Flash talk! Of course, the much anticipated date is super awkward. Unfortunately (read: Thankfully), the date gets interrupted when Cisco calls them in.

At S.T.A.R. labs, a breach has been opened, and the team is freaking out. Thankfully, it's Harry (HARRY!), and he’s not alone. Jesse is a speedster, and no one really seems to know what to do about it. Harry asks the team to run some tests. When he learns about Barry’s misdeeds, naturally, Harry can’t resist scolding him (oh, how I’ve missed him!).

As the team runs their tests, Wally seems sad that he didn’t get powers like Jesse. Barry tells Joe to look out for Wally, especially with Alchemy giving people powers. Elsewhere, a young girl named Frankie is being berated by her foster father when she reveals that she has powers. I say "reveals", but I really mean that she uses her powers to crush her foster dad with a streetlamp. Details.

Back at CCPD, Barry and Iris talk about their awkward date. They both agree that one bad date shouldn’t end their ... thing. They decide to focus on work now and think about the dating thing later.

Joe interviews Frankie, who claims she doesn’t remember the attack on her foster father. She tells Joe that she gets blackouts and that she had one during the attack. Barry tells Joe that a meta had to have attacked John, but Julian disagrees with the idea that it was a strong man (using lots of science talk to back up this theory). Seeing Frankie, Julian believes that her blackout may have something to do with her foster father’s "accident". Joe tells Barry to keep an eye on Julian, as he investigates, while he talks to Wally.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, the team thinks Jesse is fine, but Harry isn’t convinced, playing the overprotective father to keep Jesse from becoming a superhero. Caitlin and Cisco disagree with his plan to keep her from using her powers. Meanwhile, Joe talks to Wally about getting powers. Wally clearly wants powers, but Joe tells him that he might never get speed, despite being hit by the dark matter. Joe tells Wally that he can help people without powers if he sets his mind to it. He tells him to use his mind instead.

Later, Julian tests Frankie’s DNA against a unique element found in the husks. When he finds a match, Julian confronts Frankie about her foster father’s accident, which triggers a blackout, bringing her murderous alter-ego out to play. Barry steps in to save Julian from being crushed in her attack, then races off to talk to Frankie’s alter-ego, Magenta. He tells her that he can help her, but she says it’s too late for that. Frankie uses a cop as a distraction for Barry and manages to escape.

Back at S.T.A.R. labs, Cisco seems hilariously unimpressed by Magenta's villain name. In more important news, they realize that Magenta and Frankie are two different personalities. Barry tells them that Alchemy gave Magenta her powers, prompting another scolding from Harry. Jesse is more than eager to help catch Magenta (cue sad-faced Wally, breaking my heart), and Caitlin finally agrees to talk to her.

Barry asks Joe about his talk with Wally. Joe seems to think it went well despite Wally’s lingering disappointment. He also tells Barry that he’s like a second daughter in that he tends to over-share his feelings. Naturally, this doesn’t sit well with our Scarlet Speedster. Meanwhile, Caitlin talks to Jesse about her powers. She tells Jesse to take it slow with her abilities, and Jesse realizes that Harry is butting in -- yet again. She confronts Harry, who tells her that he just wants her to be safe. Pissed off at his lack of faith, Harry lets Wally talk to her.

Elsewhere, creepy ass Doctor Alchemy meets with Magenta, who is pissed that Frankie is still hanging around. He tells her to show that Magenta is in control and Frankie will let go. Wally and Jesse discuss her powers. She says that she was hoping he’d get powers, too. She tells him about how she jumpstarted her powers by almost being hit by a car. Of course, this prompts him to try it for himself. Before he can be hit, Jesse saves him.

Naturally, Barry is pissed about Wally putting himself in danger. And, apparently, conflict is contagious because Jesse and Harry have a similar argument. After Jesse storms off, the arguments continue, as Harry snaps at Caitlin over her conversation with Jesse. Caitlin tells him to help his daughter instead of forcing her to not use her powers.

In the practice room (another post-flashpoint side effect), Harry and Barry talk about their good-intentioned mistakes. Harry tells Barry that he needs to forgive himself for what he did. Meanwhile, Iris visits Frankie’s foster dad, John, to learn more about Frankie. When John threatens Frankie, Iris realizes that Magenta is going to strike again to stop his abuse. Right on cue, Magenta’s prepares to launch another attack. Iris helps the hospital staff get John and the other patients out, while Iris discreetly alerts the team to her distress (shout out to new-timeline Cisco for those handy panic buttons). The team realizes that Magenta plans to launch a tanker into the hospital and Barry races off to help.

With Iris still inside, Barry runs in an effort to create a wind funnel strong enough to keep the tanker from crushing the hospital. But, with Barry preoccupied, Harry must set aside his personal feelings and sends Jesse to keep up the funnel so that Barry can stop Magenta. Barry speaks to Frankie and urges her to not let John make her a bad person. His pep talk works, and Magenta stops her attack. Now in control, Frankie apologizes for everything Magenta did.

At S.T.A.R. labs, Joe tells Frankie that she’ll be safe from John once he’s in jail. Barry asks Frankie how she got her powers, and she tells him about dreaming her memories from flashpoint before Alchemy offered to give her Magenta’s abilities. Barry tells her to face her darkness in order to let the good side win. He tells her to fight Magenta and stay herself. Wally, on the one hand, seems to realize that he had powers in flashpoint (definitely not good).

Harry finally calls Jesse her superhero name, Jesse Quick. She thanks him for believing in her, and he apologizes for taking so long to do so. They share a heartfelt moment and decide to stay a little longer on Earth-1. He also gives her the Jesse Quick uniform and tells her that it's time for him to let her be the hero she always has been.

Later, Barry and Iris attempt a date do-over. Barry tells her that them ignoring the Flash was part of the problem on their first date. Instead, they should embrace it. He speeds them off to a romantic boat, and the magic of West-Allen is back! Of course, this date is short-lived, too, when Joe calls Barry to the station. Thankfully, Iris seems to understand (and there’s lots of kissing before Barry leaves).

At the station, Joe shows Julian and Barry the Rival’s death at Iron Heights. Julian, for his part, somehow just seems super suspicious of Barry again, despite zero evidence against him. Joe asks if Alchemy is a part of the Flashpoint timeline, and Barry says he thinks a lot of things are these days.

Final Thoughts

This season just keeps rolling in good directions. I really enjoyed the addition of Jesse Quick, although I think her slight cockiness is going to definitely get her into trouble. This episode also pretty much ensured that Wally will seek out Alchemy to get his powers. As much as I do want Kid Flash in the new timeline, I really hope he doesn’t do the stupid thing ... but, let’s be real, he’s going to do the thing.

Magenta was an interesting villain, but I’m obviously glad that Frankie won out in the end. Is it wrong that I was slightly disappointed that her foster dad didn’t, you know, die, though? Finally, I’m really glad that Barry and Iris worked their crap out, because, frankly, I’m sick of the back and forth. Here’s to more crazy adventures, hopefully involving Dr. Alchemy next episode! And, dammit, Berlanti, don’t take Harry away again! We miss him too much!

Until next week, Speedsters! And don’t forget to tweet us your reactions to tonight’s episode!


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