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The Following 3x12 & 3x13: The Edge and A Simple Trade

Amrita Aulakh | PopWrapped Author

Amrita Aulakh

05/13/2015 7:03 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Following 3x12 & 3x13: The Edge and A Simple Trade | The Following
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Things are getting intense and building up for an emotional and explosive two-hour finale which airs next Monday, but first lets go over what happened and which major players died in tonight’s heart-pounding and heart-stopping episodes “The Edge” and “A Simple Trade". Theo and Penny, reluctantly, team-up with Daisy and Mark though its clear Theo is willing to dispose of them at any given second. The only reason Theo even agreed to the idea of a team-up is because Daisy lets him know someone from the FBI was watching Max through Daisy’s laptop. The troublesome foursome head back to Theo’s apartment to discuss a plan. Theo mentions that he can track whoever’s watching Max only if that person accesses the cameras from a different computer; soon after Theo is contacted by Eliza to meet up. Theo, along with Mark and Daisy, head off to meet Eliza only to get targeted by her goons. Eliza clearly wanted to test and probably kill Theo yet she failed to correctly estimate Theo’s abilities (plus he had Daisy and Mark to help him out). Theo more or less questions one of the guards and demands he contact Eliza; before Theo shoots him, he lets him know that Eliza’s contact information is heavily encrypted. Ryan is waiting for Gwen at her workplace and begs for another chance with Gwen, finally relenting and saying maybe she’ll let him back into her life. I’m not exactly fond of Gwen’s character and this episode certainly didn’t help her likeability factor. Mike attempts to have one of his personal talks with Ryan only to have Ryan shut him down like he usually does. Mike brings Max and Gwen’s safety into question yet Ryan remains bull-headed and takes his alcohol filled flask with him to work. Tom shows up at Max’s apartment looking relatively guilt-free which is odd since he did just accidentally killed Salone the night before. Tom attempts to get rid of the cameras implanted in Max’s apartment, but he doesn’t have room to do much considering it is Max’s apartment and she’s just a couple feet away. It goes without saying that Tom is well and truly screwed. The question remains: who’s going to bust Tom first, the FBI or will Theo get his conniving hands on him first? This question is answered pretty quickly. Theo manages to identify him as the peeping Tom in matter of minutes. With Tom’s secret out in the open, Theo lays his terms out to Mark and Daisy: help him get access into the FBI servers and they can get all the revenge they want. At first Mark refuses, but he finally gives in after some coaxing from Daisy. Theo hands them a flash-drive and asks them to deliver it to Tom, who’ll be the one to plug it into the servers.
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Max and Ryan discuss Sophia (aka Penny) and find that there aren’t any digital records on Penny however; they are able to find a hardcopy file on her which indicates she died at the age of 16. Ryan is able to deduce Theo more than likely faked her death so the two could start anew. Max searches Penny’s prints through the databases and it links them to New Jersey at the drug-den where Theo murdered Penny’s drugged up boyfriend and “rescued” Penny just days earlier. Mike informs them of Salone’s disappearance and decides to investigate while Max heads to Jersey with Ryan. Ryan and Max arrive at the scene of the crime and Ryan is attacked by a homeless druggie who Ryan quickly disarms by throwing him out a window. The perp admits to having seen Penny before and that he knows where her usual drug-stop is. Tom’s day (and his life really) is getting worse with each passing minute after Mike questions him about Salone. Once Tom heads home to check on Salone’s body, which he’s placed in his tub, he’s cornered by Mark and Daisy who are clearly amused by Tom’s troubling decision-making skills. They hand him the flash drive and head-out, confident that Tom will do their bidding. Tom manages to plug-in Theo’s flash-drive to the FBI servers and Theo uses this as a way to decrypt Eliza’s cell phone and find her location. Theo heads off to Eliza’s and Penny, predictably, goes to get herself some drugs. Ryan has a brief talk with Gwen on the phone where she calls him obsessed, tortured and demands he leave the FBI. Its times like these where I truly miss Claire and even Carrie. He had genuine chemistry and affection for them yet I can’t understand how Ryan fell for Gwen. I understand that Ryan is acting crazy right now and that he’s made choices that scare her, but how has she done anything to help him? She comments that now she’s getting to see the real Ryan and I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. So she wasn’t aware that hunting Joe Carroll and having such a prolific serial killer obsessing over you can mess with your head and emotions? Ryan told her a couple of episodes ago he almost blew up and yet she was more upset that he embarrassed her in front of her boss. Really? This is the character that’s meant to be Ryan’s love interest. I’m sorry, but I don’t buy it and I can’t bring myself to like her. Ryan’s talk with Gwen is cut short when he spots Penny, leading to a brief chase with Penny “seemingly” disappearing. Salone’s body is found in the trunk of a car and Mike informs Max which leads to Max leaving Ryan to go to the scene of the crime. With Max gone, it’s revealed Ryan had Penny tied up all-along. Ryan drags Penny to his apartment, duck tapes her and proceeds to start his investigation. Penny makes it clear (due to all she’s experienced at her foster homes) that there’s nothing Ryan can do to her that can scare her. Oh boy, what a wrong choice of words Penny! Ryan starts to drink while Joe’s ghost is whispering encouraging words of darkness and destruction to him. Max calls to check-in on Ryan and see if he’s found Penny to which Ryan obviously lies and asks Max to keep him posted on Salone’s killer. Speaking of Tom, Mark calls Tom and asks him to deliver Mike Weston to him. Theo, who is unaware of his sisters kidnapping, meets up with Eliza and tells her he wants him and Penny to disappear and lead a peaceful life free of the FBI and any other agency hunting them down. Eliza agrees to help him out only if her name is kept from being revealed; it’s a demand that Theo readily agrees to. As Theo is leaving he’s notified via his handy-dandy phone that Penny’s picture which has been digitally aged has been flagged. He tries to warn her, but she’s not picking up her cell.
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Ryan is done playing nice with Penny and he utilizes her fear of water against her, which leads to her admitting Mark and Daisy are helping Theo out. Theo learns through cameras that Penny has been taken by Ryan. Theo’s rage is hardly controllable as he proceeds to pummel the wall. Theo is in full-on rage mode while Ryan is spiraling further and further down the rabbit hole, who will come out of this alive? Penny’s chances aren’t looking too good. Max discovers Tom’s truth after looking through the headquarters security cameras however her revelation comes a bit late because Tom has already taken Mike to Mark and Daisy. Mike and Mark have their highly anticipated reunion which was quite amusing, mostly because Mike calls Mark a scared little bitch. Tom meets his end through a dose of acid to the face and a bullet through the head. Theo arrives before Mark can finish Mike off because he can use him as leverage to get Penny back. Ryan is getting nowhere with Penny and due to phantom Joe’s influence, Ryan is quickly losing his mind and his patience. Penny is spared for the moment due to Ryan receiving a phone-call from Theo, letting him know he has Mike. Both have someone the other wants, who will win in this deadly trade-off? Theo forces Mark to back down and pacifies him with the promise that once he gets Penny back, Mark can deal with Mike however he wants. Max discovers Ryan has kidnapped Penny and Ryan lets her know it’s up to just the two of them to rescue Mike. Max asks Ryan to stop drinking so he can be at his best. Ryan dumps the vodka in his flask and in the bottle down the sink before telling Max the game plan: steal tech equipment from the FBI so Theo won’t be able to tell through the logs. Mike attempts to negotiate with Daisy which leads to her gagging him and taping his mouth shut. Mike escapes for a couple minutes after he head-butts Daisy and cuts himself loose. Theo and Mark arrive home around that time and the three proceed to look for Mike. Mark is particularly hungry for Mike’s blood and is oozing dangerous intent. Mark holds Mike at gunpoint and is pretty close to killing him until Daisy shoots at him. Mark flees from the house and Daisy has ultimately chosen Theo’s side simply in fear of him. After Ryan manages to steal some equipment from the FBI, he gets a call from Theo asking him to meet him at Herlitz Theatre. Ryan arrives there with Penny and he proceeds to jam the cameras around the theatre, levelling out the playing field. Daisy asks Theo to rethink his plan, but Theo moves forward with the planned exchange. By the end of the night, he was probably wishing he hadn’t. Theo manages to get Penny and Max successfully warns Ryan of Daisy, who was perched up top and ready to kill Ryan and Mike. That’s pretty much all Max does because Daisy, once again, overpowers Max and escapes. Plus side is, Max reunites with Mike who has managed to escape unscathed for now; Mark is still out there. Penny tries to kill Ryan because of the torture he inflicted on her, but Ryan guns Penny down; officially killing the only person Theo has ever loved. Theo escapes with Daisy in tow while rage burns brighter and brighter in his eyes. Ryan better keep tabs on Gwen, after all an eye for an eye right? Lisa (Ryan’s colleague from the episode before whose name I could have sworn was Jill) questions Ryan and calls him a liar and a drunk. Since Donovan has put her in charge of the case, she wants to make sure Ryan gets suspended for his actions but at this point that wouldn’t make a difference because FBI agent or not, Theo is coming for Ryan with everything he’s got. Meanwhile, Daisy tries to have small-talk with Theo and not-so-subtly asks him to let her leave to which Theo responds that she had her chance to disappear and now he’s going to keep her by his side till he doesn’t need her any longer. Ryan runs into Gwen at his apartment and he confesses to pushing her away and hopes he can become a better man. Gwen reveals she’s pregnant (finally) and this revelation seems to flip off Ryan’s crazy switch. Gwen says she knows underneath that darkness lays a good and better man; she just needs to see him come out if he wants to be a part of his child’s life. Ryan attends an AA meeting and I felt as though this meeting was Ryan’s goodbye to phantom Joe. After Ryan declares he wants to get better, he gazes at Joe who nods his head and disappears.
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Mike finally gets his shit together and properly apologizes to Max for leaving her and the two proceed to kiss and get together. Max gets in her car and kisses Mike once more when suddenly Max spots Mark a second too late. Mark stabs Mike in the back three times before dragging Max out of the car and attempting to kill her as well. Mike manages to shoot Mark, finally achieving his never-ending goal of putting Mark down. Mike’s fate is left up in the air as Max calls for help thus concluding the two-parter episode. The two-hour series finale shows Mike hospitalized which might not necessarily be a good thing, but at least he’s not dead. I can hardly wait for the finale and as far as my expectations/predications go, the one thing I truly want is for Ryan, Max and Mike to get a happy ending. With the shows unfortunate cancellation, I don’t think the ending will be a cliff-hanger. I still think Theo will get Ryan back for killing Penny, but I’m not sure if he’ll do that by killing Ryan himself or killing someone close to Ryan. Either way, it’s going to be one hell of a finale and I’ll be sad to see The Following go especially with a season this strong and with a storyline that could have continued on for another season. Theo and Ryan’s rivalry gave so much more room for new and exciting storylines! Oh well, looks like I’ll be sticking to fanfiction unless someone (Hulu?) rescues The Following. What are your predictions for next week’s finale? How do you think things will end for Ryan Hardy? Let us know in the comments below!

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