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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Forever: 01x16 Memories Of Murder

Shannon Beaty | PopWrapped Author

Shannon Beaty

03/11/2015 9:21 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Forever: 01x16 Memories Of Murder | forever
Media Courtesy of ABC
Hello, dear Foreverists! I apologize for my lack of posting... I've been really lame lately. However, I hope you've been enjoying the series, as I find more reasons to love it each week. And remember - if you love it, be sure to let them know! Get on Twitter and hit up Matt Miller (who is the showrunner) as well as the official Forever Twitter page. Show them you want more of this show, guys. Let me just preface this recap with a simple declaration: I LOVE EVERYTHING VINTAGE. A girl gets ready for a hot date, listening to some disco on her record player inside of her swanky 1970's pad... but suddenly her iPhone goes off. What? What decade are we in? She berates the caller to leave her alone. The door to her apartment opens and she apologizes to the mystery guest. Oh, look, she's dead next to the river. Jo and Hanson are checking the crime scene out and find an awesome Polaroid photo of the girl. She's straight out of Saturday Night Fever, which we find out was Hanson's first R-rated movie. A good choice, if you ask me! At the antique shop, Abe is cleaning up after a pipe burst, digging through a now moldy box. Henry pulls out Abe's baby bronze booties, grinning from ear to ear. Also inside - Abby's cookbook. For a moment Henry is sad, but reflects that there is no day but today (*hums* "Seasons Of Love"). In the lab, the dead girl's hair smells like hairspray that was banned - but readily available in the 1970's. This girl, from head to toe, is a walking disco museum and I envy her outfit and jewelry like none other. Her name was Sarah Clancy, and happened to be a junior at NYU. Looking at her photo though, Jo reflects that it's hard to believe it's even the same girl. Jo and Henry head off to talk to Sarah's roommate, Jennifer, who felt very close to Sarah as they shared a common background pre-college. They're the best of friends and yet, the roommate doesn't know the simplest of details. Henry digs around as per usual and finds more (AWESOME) vintage clothing, and Jennifer explains that Sarah was indeed changing. She had been changing so much so that she dropped all of her classes except for one... Oh my. Hello again, Iona. Mistress of the office whips and chains extravaganza, I adore thee. Iona is the professor of the one class Sarah didn't drop, and it was all about sexual fantasies. Henry lays eyes on Iona and starts to drool a bit. Man, that lusty look he lays on her made my toes curl a little bit. Jo and Henry speak with Iona, who was also close to Sarah as they also shared a common upbringing. Sarah explained to Iona that she was in a role playing relationship and had a feeling it wasn't exactly normal, even though she felt safe. Hanson and Lucas are digging out in the crime scene and find mail with blood splattered on it. Jo and Henry head to the apartment the bloody mail is addressed to. They open the door and see it's a 1970's utopia, as if time itself was frozen in only that spot. The magazines on the table are all from the same year and month, every single detail is from the late 1970's... minus one odd carpet. The carpet is actually a wall hanging, which happens to be covering up a large pool of blood. Jo finds another Polaroid, which looks like it was actually taken back in the disco era itself and is identical to the one found at the crime scene. Sarah was posing as another woman. Abe gives Henry some crap, as he has a new scarf and is clearly out to impress the panties off of Iona (literally, I'd imagine). Henry might have been a bachelor for a while now, but he has that 'immortal charm' that can win over any woman. Henry flashes back and we see him applying grey to his hair. Abby is definitely older, and very concerned that people will judge that she's an older woman with a younger man. It's hard to watch this, as we haven't seen Abby outside of her extremely youthful glow and overflowing confidence; you can't help but know in the back of your mind Henry has to live on without her. This flashback is so very important in so many ways, showing that Henry goes on, but everything around him must eventually come to an end. I think my heart cracked a little bit. Henry asks permission to use Iona's help in the case but Jo shuts it down. Hanson shows them a video of Sarah talking to the camera, dressed up in her 1970's garb. It's like she's talking to her lover, calling them dear and discussing her day with them. She explains to the camera that she's interested in the offer, and can't wait to 'play together'. Jo realizes that they DO need Iona, and the duo heads off to speak with Miss Dominatrix. The fantasy Sarah is engaging a mystery man with isn't about sex, it's about time duplication. It's about being sent back in time to relive a moment that means everything. In 1979 there was a large subway construction project, which Sarah references in the video. Now the question is - who was the tenant of that glorious apartment in that very year? They find the man (Mr. Neville) who lived there, who happens to have a weird-ass telescope in his high-rise office. Suspicious, much? He doesn't recognize the Polaroid of Sarah, but he hesitates when he sees the Polaroid from the 70's. Henry starts to fold it, causing the man to be a little upset. We find out that woman was his wife Caitlin, who died of breast cancer in 1981. The photo was taken just a couple weeks before she was diagnosed - a much happier time, no doubt. He was at the apartment with Sarah on the night she died and admits he thinks he killed her. Neville saw Sarah and immediately thought that it was his dead wife. He took back his apartment and transformed it into the disco shack it is now. Neville and Sarah recreate the moment from the photo - right after his wife said she was pregnant. It was the happiest moment of his life before the utter downfall of breast cancer taking over. The moment was broken though as Sarah's cell phone rang. He admits to stabbing her, and shows how he did it. This of course, ruffles Henry's feathers and tells Jo that Neville is lying for someone. Jo tells him to let it go - he has a new scarf and needs to tie Iona's hands up with it. Well, not that exactly, but I'm allowed to interpret this! Henry remembers Abby freaking out about how people in public responded to their age differences. Henry calms her down and tells her to close her eyes and remember - they're dancing together years ago at a ball and Glenn Miller is playing. The romantic in me squeals in delight at this... oh, Forever writers, you get me. Iona and Henry are on a date and the tension is hot and palpable. Henry brings up the case and Iona is all gung-ho about discussing murder over a glass of wine. I like how these two roll. She notices that it's odd Neville chose to hold Sarah down after he stabbed her to watch her die. Her 'expert opinion' is that in order to understand someone's fantasy, you must live it a bit. And this is where I squeal even more. Henry and Iona play house, pretending they're the happily married Mr. and Mrs. Neville. Henry hams it up a bit and Iona steals a kiss from him. She explains that the Mrs. would probably slip into something more comfortable but Iona can't do that.... as she's wearing no lingerie. Sweet. Holy. Hotstuff. GET IT GIRL! Henry carries on, sitting on the couch, inviting Iona to take a seat on his lap. I don't know what kind of weird yet awesome date this is but for network television, my TV screen is steaming up a bit. Even as Iona nuzzles into Henry's neck (YAAAAS), he stops the show to notice there's a drink stain that smells funny. To the lab! Another ingredient was in Neville's drink, a drug that would make him think he was the one who killed Sarah. Iona once again comes onto Henry and... I'm sorry, my mind just went kaput. Henry tells Jo, Hanson and Lucas that he and Iona went on a date to the apartment and morgue. Lucas is wanting the dirty details, but Henry denies them. It's okay, cause the viewers know and that's lovely. The Chief shows up wondering why she's there when the case is closed. It's time to talk to Neville again. Neville explains he had his usual Manhattan to drink that night. Jo and Hanson tell him he was drugged, and he immediately knew what the drug was. He insists that HE killed Sarah, which is sketchy as hell. Hanson and Jo look at the case and see that the night in the 1970's was the pregnancy night - so maybe Neville is covering up for his child? Neville had a daughter who has had run ins with the drug that was used on her father. Jo and Henry visit her and she could care less about her father. She explains he pretty much gave up after Mrs. Neville died, making a father-daughter rift. She has an alibi, so it's not her. The daughter explains that she found out about the mistress because she walked by on the street in her mother's coat. Jo shows the daughter the photo of Sarah - is this her? NOPE. IT ISN'T. THEN WHOOOO?! Iona is teaching and look who is in her class - the roommate, Jennifer. And what is Jennifer wearing? The vintage coat that used to be on two now-dead women. Jennifer goes to speak privately with Iona. SHE CRAY, GET OUT IONA! Jo and Henry put the pieces together and figure out Jennifer is the suspect to find. Jennifer and Iona are having a heart-to-heart and then suddenly it changes as they start to talk about Sarah. Iona tries to get Jennifer to leave, as the creep factor multiplies by a zillion. Jennifer leaves and Iona dials for Henry at NYPD - but Lucas picks up. BAM! Jennifer sneaks back in and whacks Iona in the head. Lucas calls Henry to say he got prank called at the office and it was traced to the NYU Psych department. Henry finds Jennifer's class schedule and sees the only class she's still in is the one Iona teaches. Jennifer has gone full batshit crazy as Iona tries to talk her down, wielding a pretty sharp pair of scissors. Iona is explaining that while fantasies are great, reality is better. Henry shows up and calls out for Iona, prompting Jennifer to run over and cover Iona's mouth while slowly... jabbing... the... scissors... in her neck. OH my goodness gracious please don't let Iona die!! Henry and Jo break in, getting Jennifer away and putting pressure on Iona's stab wound. The look of sheer, unfiltered terror on Henry's face makes my heart drop to my toes. Please. Please don't let Iona die. She whispers to him "My hero..." which nearly sends me into a crying fit. At the hospital, Henry is a stone statue, feeling scared and vulnerable. Jo tries to comfort him as the nurse shows up - Iona lost a lot of blood, but she should recover just fine. OH THANK YOU. Henry goes into see her after Jo pulls a badge flash to get past the nurse. Iona smiles at her hero. And my heart GREW THREE SIZES THAT DAY. She's been harboring a damsel in distress fantasy, which Henry clearly carried out for her. I ship this. So hard. All day long do I ship this and hear me now, Forever writers, make this a permanent thing!!! Henry opens his heart and tells Iona he's got legitimate, wonderful feelings for her, which she recognizes is a huge deal for him. His Abby wounds haven't healed just yet but maybe Iona is the perfect nurse to help bandage them up. Abe whipped up dinner according to Abby's old cookbook, and he nails it on the head. There is NOTHING like mom's cooking, undoubtedly. Henry reminisces to a time where he danced around the dinner table with Abby when shes young - and then as she's older. It's the music that gets to me - so romantic, so classic. Congratulations, Forever... you've defrosted my cold heart. See you next time, Foreverists!

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