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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Forever Drops Episode Two: "Look Before You Leap"

Shannon Beaty | PopWrapped Author

Shannon Beaty

09/24/2014 11:44 am
PopWrapped | Television
Forever Drops Episode Two:
Media Courtesy of ABC
How would you feel about an axe to the face? Probably not much, I'd guess, as I'd be highly surprised if you lived to tell the tale. We come back to Henry and company around a body with a hatchet buried in the dead man's skull. Once again, Henry goes all Sherlockian and explains how no, this wasn't a murder. (Ladder + roof + hatchet) - ladder + gravity = hatchet in skull. Math! We suddenly see a very frantic woman in a taxi, dialing her phone like her life depends on it, begging for someone to pick up. As the taxi crosses the bridge she sees something and begs to get out, practically pulling a 'tuck and roll' maneuver out of the taxi. She runs to the edge and climbs over. No. She doesn't jump. We can see the bridge in the night, the sound of traffic soaring by. She didn't jump, what is going on!? Suddenly a scream pierces the night as we see her descent into the dark waters. And the taxi driver saw it all. Henry doesn't do confrontation. It's easier to remain outside of emotion, especially when getting attached to someone always results in heartbreak for him. The girl who jumped from the bridge, Vicky, is on the table and, of course, the cops say it's suicide. Henry suggests quite the opposite. Vicky's parents visit to see her, and gather her things. Lucas is basically like 'ummm hey bro I know you don't like talking to family members of the deceased buuuuut....' I swear you could almost see the 'I will bitch slap you for this' glint in Henry's eyes towards Lucas since he is now forced to talk to the family. The father asks what really happened. You can tell Henry struggles, he wants so badly to be like 'foul play, stay tuned for details' but remains a professional, referring the couple to the cops. The banter between Abe and Henry is wonderful. They seem like they really have known each other their whole lives and aren't just co-stars; it flows so smoothly. There is a flashback to when Abe was a baby, and Abigail is still alive. She flirts with him, talking babies and commitment and I SWEAR it was at that point Henry mentally bought her an engagement ring. Hook, line and sinker. Interesting note? Abe has a tattoo on his arm of 6 numbers... which makes me believe he was rescued from being a victim of the Holocaust. Back to the current situation which consists of Abe expecting a date to arrive at any moment. He totally plugs eHarmony as his guide to the ladies and the photo he put on the website is a little...dated. It's okay Abe, many people put their best photo online and then hope and pray nobody notices. I WON'T JUDGE YOU! Because I adore you. And your "father." Henry is restless as usual and heads to the bridge. At this point, I'm already mentally tallying up his next death. He climbs over the edge of the rail and sees scratch marks. While he's adventuring along the bridge, he's telling us in a voice over just HOW PAINFUL it would be to fall from the bridge. You travel at 70 mph and hit the water, which is like hitting cement. You basically turn into Stretch Armstrong. So um, let's avoid bridges, shall we? Then being the daredevil he can be, the climb along the bridge continues where he finds a hook used in climbing. Peculiar. All is well, right? NOPE. GRAVITY WANTS HENRY DEAD. He slips and barely hangs onto the bridge as well as the hook. I pee my pants a little because, while I know he'll come back to life, I really don't want to see him fall. He channels his inner Hulk though and pulls himself up and over the rail. Before grabbing his bicycle (so earth-friendly, I loves him!), he drops the hook he found. Oh lookie there -  A TRUCK IS COMING AT YOUR FACE. Ladies and gents: death #4 - box truck vs. the immortal. It was funny seeing the driver come out of the truck and see no body. I'd be confused as hell too, buddy. "That was the 22nd worst way to die." Oh, you. Back at the lab, Lucas and Henry find some skin under Vicky's cold, dead nails. Lucas starts wishing Henry a happy birthday and then happy anniversary.... because there's a present on his desk. Creepo immortal stalker buddy hath returned, with a warning message. Abe checks out the paper the message is on, saying it's old, like from WWII times. Cue the head scratching. Jo pops in: victim Vicky was about to fly to Paris. So the duo make a visit to her college. She was an awesome girl, loved by all, so why would she jump? Henry talks with her parents again and notices that on her laptop is a photo of Vicky climbing some sheer-faced cliff. Peculiar, methinks. Even more peculiar? She broke up with her boyfriend 6 months ago. So where's this dude at!? Martinez & Morgan (I am making M&M a thing. IT WILL HAPPEN) head over to Vicky's professor, seeing what's up there. TL;DR - professor was in Vicky's pants. While they were working on a paper about love codes in ancient Egypt. The professor was so sad when he heard the news of her was super duper sad, especially since he heard while at the opera with his wife. *throws shade* Puh-lease. Jo gets after Henry about being eternally perky about cases, saying not all get solved. His reply? "I got time." HA. I just... this man.... *fans self.* He of course whips out a pen that the Prof was chewing on... it's just dripping with DNA. Lo and behold, the DNA matches the skin found under Vicky's nails. Busted. M&M then visit the Professor's wife. Ice queen extraordinaire also gets busted - she KNEW her hubby and Vicky were having an affair. Decoding her living room in about .5 seconds, Henry is like "Don't play stupid, darling." They get her to confess: no, the hubs wasn't at the opera with her. The professor is now at the police station, and comes clean about the affair. They're about to go apeshit on him when Henry notices that Prof has a skin condition - one that wasn't found on the skin under Vicky's nails. DUN DUN DUNNNN! Flashback to 1945. Henry is writing on a piece of paper that the creepy man wrote on - the link is established. It's a 'good bye, I love you, but I'm immortal so.... yeah.' Note to Abigail, who is asleep in the bed behind him. Henry takes off, she busts him and is basically like "There is no life without you, I choose you, also I'm not wearing panties." They kiss and makeup and begin again their splendid love that redefines love itself. I've got a feeling they're going to make some waterworks happen. Back to 2014. Henry gets a bug up his ass and pops Vicky's cold dead mouth open - there's a piece of flesh between her teeth. That girl didn't go down without a fight! But wait, there's a murder so we can't look into it just yet. And who's dead now? The professor. Henry figures out that no, it wasn't a suicide, despite the note. Too much blood, cut from the wrong angle, the note had the wrong writing. I really, really like how they handle Henry's deduction skills. It's in the vein of Sherlock, but not entirely stealing it. ANYWAY - M&M check the video to see the Prof's wife coming in. Henry wanders around the building, an additional bug up his ass...and comes upon a student. The shifty-eyed student is up to no good. Henry catches him in the act of trying to basically steal the paper Vicky and the Prof were working on. Damn jealousy, you strike hard! The student is injured, clearly from ya know, murdering someone. A fight commences as the student holds Henry by the throat with a conveniently placed box cutter nearby. Now while this usually isn't an issue (immortality for the win), it's a bit complicated as there are cameras watching. Henry isn't afraid of dying... he's afraid of getting caught. In the nick of time, though, Jo and the other cops see Henry being held hostage. About 5 minutes of screaming at each other and a ton of tension later...student gets shot by Jo. Henry lives...might be one of the first times in a very long time he's happy to have lived. The secret stays hidden...for now. Henry deals with some closure with Vicky's parents. It's nice so early in the show to see him grow. He clearly didn't like confrontation and avoids emotion if he can, but came to realize if he is to grow, he must face the things that make him less human than others. Wounds heal over time, but scars are forever. And you know what - maybe that's a good thing. Then that DAMN PHONE RINGS. CHANGE YOUR PHONE NUMBER OH  MY GOD. The stalker asshat returns to taunt Henry. It's so "I know what you did last summer" but now it's more like "I know what  you did 200 years ago, and every day since then." What's his name? Oh, he's had a few. Cheeky bastard. Well okay, how did stalker man guy person find out about the hotel with Abigail? Google, pretty much. Neat, so why do you care about everything in Henry's life? Oh, because he's still a child. The first 100 years, they're NOTHING. "How long have you been..." "I'm 2000 years old." Holy. Shit. What? "You can call me Adam. I've pretty much been here since the beginning." WHAT?! ARE YOU IMPLYING THAT...WHAT?! No. No way. Oh hey there, Adam. I see you in that phonebox. Across the street from Henry's home. Staring at him. And the phone conversation ends. *click* Now if you'll excuse me, I think I need to go find some blood pressure pills. Be here next Tuesday, darlings. I've got a good feeling about this crazy little thing called Forever.

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