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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

'Forever' Episode 3: Youth. Vitality. Vigor. And A Skateboard.

Shannon Beaty | PopWrapped Author

Shannon Beaty

10/02/2014 2:18 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
'Forever' Episode 3: Youth. Vitality. Vigor. And A Skateboard. | Forever
Media Courtesy of Celebrity Dirty Laundry
Welcome back to New York, city of the gorgeous undead. Oh goodness, Abraham sees a youngin' out in front of the shop on a skateboard, full of youth and presumably, crazy hormones... now suddenly Abe wants to be a sk8r boi. Youth evades us all, dearest Abe. Henry has been down in his man cave playing with his toys, trying to figure out how to die. Wait. Episode 3 and he's found a way to die?! NO! He explains that depending on how he dies, his death lasts longer, that the times between death and his watery 'rebirth' vary. Peculiar. He's fascinated with the thought and then Abe asks..... if you can figure it out, would you really do it? He wants to age like Abe, get grey hair, grow old. A conundrum arises: if you were immortal, what would you do, Abe? "Everything." Cut to a dark night on a sketchy road. Kid steals a briefcase from old guy and a valiant chase and fight ensures. Old guy (who is insanely agile for his age) suddenly croaks and kid runs off with his briefcase. This is a case for M&M! In the lab we see Henry and Lucas picking at the deceased elderly gent, noting there was a large amount of grape slushie on his shirt. Can you blame him? Who doesn't love grape - seriously? Lo and behold though, the chest of the dead man looks like he's a damn Ken doll, sculpted to weird perfection. Lucas once again has lines that are priceless, making me adore him more each time I see him: "He's 67 and looks like me.... after my morning crunches." And the ever ironic: "You can never tell how old someone is by looking at them." HERE'S LOOKING AT YOU, HENRY. Suddenly Henry is holding a brain like it's PlayDoh and he's about to sculpt the coolest castle ever. Kid at heart, ancient man in brain. Jo gives him a nice bit of "wtf are you holding and why" side-eye; these two have wonderful chemistry! After the son identifies the body, he explains that while this is his dad, it also isn't. He hasn't been the same since the death of his wife, explaining the youth kick the older man was on. M&M ask the guy if they can open his father's briefcase and he apparently gives less than equal to 1 crap..... and inside they find normal things. Kinda. A business card with a unique pattern is there.... Youth. Vitality. Vigor. Calling card of the immortal, and those who are afraid to age. Oh, and there was also a boatload of cash, but no biggie there. Riiiiight. While out investigating, we see again that Henry has complete disregard for life as he strolls into traffic like the cars aren't even there. Jo is like "WHOA THERE EAGER BEAVER". Note: he wears a scarf. Like Sherlock Holmes. Mystery woman on street leads them to door with symbol on it from the card. Inside? Luxury and youth and a bunch of older people. The drug of choice called "Aterna" and reeks of pure creep. We see that it's 'just' a high end supplement that has changed aging. It's the performance enhancing drug of the elderly. But hey, they're safe! M&M have to know, what's in it? They find the head doctor of the clinic and start to work their mighty duo magic. 'Well hi, we're cops and we need a sample.' 'LUL nope, get a warrant.' Jerkface. Henry notices that the doc has had some plastic surgery... so vain for a man peddling youth. Henry makes a friend at the lab (who happens to be the mystery woman they met outside), flirts up a storm with her, does the ole 'oopsie I bumped into you, let me pick up some of your things' and ends up snatching some of her drug. And Jo? She got some of the doc's prints after getting her flirt on. Slick mo fos, I love them. We for a moment see a flashback to a simpler time where someones trying to sell 'magic' water. Henry does not approve. Abe finds Henry in the laboratory, where he's picking apart Aterna. Medical stuff, big words and chemicals fly out of the tv and my eyes cross trying to comprehend. Meanwhile back at the morgue, Lucas is freaking out because a couple bodies have come up missing. How does that even happen!? Henry rattles off the chemicals in Aterna to Jo (shes like wut?).... she says the doctor isn't a doctor at all. His real name is Harold Price, a man who happened to have clinic in Miami that was shut down due to mysterious deaths. And where is the 'doc' now? The Hamptons, of course. Hello party central! The truth bomb drops on the 'doctor' as they find him, saying his real name and sordid past. Henry is basically like 'Yeah I believe you didn't kill the people in Miami, you're too much of a dope to do it.' Burn. While still at the Hamptons soiree Henry and Jo run into the lady from the Aterna clinic, the one whose pants Henry was 'trying' to get into (as if that'd be difficult). She's drunk, but then explains that no, she hasn't had a drink. The glass in her hand actually contains sparkling water, so why is she acting like she's on a bender? Suddenly there's a big thump upstairs. Oh look, the 'doc' now has a nice sized hole in his chest! The wound is very precise, as if the murderer knew what they were doing. Henry pulls out the end to a scalpel, so it was someone with medical training. They look at Harold's brain, which was turning to Swiss cheese like the buff old guy's brain. Henry loves his brains, let me tell you! We flashback to someone getting electrocuted. His friend James is willingly being electrocuted and it honestly reminded me of the weird-ass audit instruments they use in Scientology. No thanks. James explains he's there to try to find a way to live longer, just before he coughs up a ton of blood, showing a symptom of his tuberculosis. He explains to the unbelieving Henry "We are men of science Henry, until it fails us." Sometimes the writing in this show make the hamsters in my brain run a bit faster, contemplating things I normally don't. For that, I give big kudos to the writers...  you've got your audience both enthralled and yet, thinking outside of the box. After remembering this moment with James, suddenly an imaginary light bulb pops up over Henrys head! In Aterna, there's.... human brains. Diseases infiltrate and turn your brain to nothing, which is what is killing those who use the 'supplement.' Lucas is still in hardcore panic mode as Henry barges in and busts him. 12 bodies, it has now been found, have been missing from morgues in the city over the last year. Lucas is asked to recall recent events, maybe he had an interaction with the body thief. Lucas has a nice little moment, more of which I'd love to see. Lo and behold, Anton the EMS guy gave him some donuts as a way to distract him from Anton's ulterior motive. Oh buddy. Anton gets busted by Jo and in the back of the ambulance he was just driving.... a body with the top of the head missing and brain missing. So THAT'S what the interior of a skull looks like. Anton is asked why he's snatching pituitary glands: '"They didn't need them anymore". Smartass. Jo shrugs it off and explains that the cops are pressing charges, including murder of Harold Price... we found your kit missing the scalpel. So now, bud, tell us who was making Aterna with Price and maybe we'll work with you.... or we will sick immigration on you, and go back to Ukraine. Suddenly Anton spills the beans. Henry gets all perky and has Jo ask a weird question. "When you extracted the complex peptide from pituitary gland, did you use the Rebowski Method?" Anton tries to sound smooth and say yes he did when... *BANG BANG BANG* on window.  Henry explains that it's not Anton who's in charge as the Rebowski Method is not real.  Another light bulb pops over Henry's head... oh shit, did Abe drink this?! His name was on list of patients. Running back to the pawn shop like a madman, he finds that luckily Abe didn't take it, he was just merely there for a consultation. Abe admits he went to visit the Aternia lab because he worries about what will happen to Henry once Abe is gone. Abe talks about the chemist at the lab... turns out to be the lady who was on Harold's arm at the Hamptons. She's the younger chemist sister of the Anton... he's taking the blame for her. Abe sees the chemist sister, Sasha, crying by the train. He calls Henry to be like "ummmm the chemist is here." DO NOT FOLLOW HER, DUMMY. But Abe follows her anyway because plot. Henry knows Abe's routine and therefore knows what stop he's going to get off the train at. It's funny as Abe tries to place call while doors are open, but fails. He tries again but this time chemist notices him, prompting her to depart at the next stop. Abe, we gotta work on your stealth skillz. He follows her and tries to get  a cop to help. "She's a chemist who makes shakes out of human brains." Yeah, sure, bud. Henry and Jo catch up to follow Sasha. She goes to wait for another train, knowing she's in deep trouble. Henry sees her and explains that he's not a cop, just wants to help. He knows she's been making the Aterna. In tears, she explains that she didn't know it was hurting people. Desperation is swiftly taking this girl over. She's slowly moving towards the edge of the platform and a train is coming. No, please don't jump. She's standing on the warning line. As expected, she tries to jump and Henry pulls her back. "You're too young to die." You brave, noble, kind man. We see Jo and Henry have a tender moment about finding 'the one'... she already did, and he's gone now. The heartbreak is palpable, and even more so because Jo can't even begin to comprehend the loss that Henry has suffered. "Life is precious because its finite." I cannot explain how much I love the writing on this show thus far. It makes me think, which is a wonderful feeling to have while watching the boob tube, the piece of electronic that is suppose to suck thinking away from you. It has quite the opposite effect on Forever. We have one final flashback to Henry taking care of James, who is on death's doorstep.  Henry tells him to not give up. "I'm not. I'm giving in. Seeing it as it should be. The duo enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, taking a moment to absorb it all in one of life's brief moments. We come back to Abe still on his 'young and crazy' kick and he's not about to let Henry mope around. So what do they do? They go to a park. OMG. ABE IS SKATING. ON A RAMP. A BIG RAMP. "You only live once." And away Abe goes, becoming a man 1/4th his age. He's living life the way it's meant to be lived. There were no random deaths for Henry this evening. Life finally won for once, and it definitely left me with warm, happy feelings. What did you guys think!? Let us know in the comments. I'll see you all  next week! Twitter 


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