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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Forever Recap: Jack The Ripper Lands In NYC?

Shannon Beaty | PopWrapped Author

Shannon Beaty

10/23/2014 8:41 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Forever Recap: Jack The Ripper Lands In NYC? | forever
Media Courtesy of ABC
Mary (who is wearing an incredible dress) gives a man $100 on her way out of a hotel. Some creep is watching her from the other side of the street. And then suddenly, she's snatched into the shadows. Henry and Lucas are picking a man apart at the lab and Lucas isn't satisfied. He wants adventure, excitement, an alien busting out of chest cavities! I'm with you Lucas, I am also pro-graphic novel. Jo calls...there is a random package at the station. Oh, and it's bleeding. The black ribbon on the box is a nice touch. Inside - a human heart...which makes Lucas' heart go pitter-patter. Henry reflects on how murderers are basically psychopaths as he picks and prods at a heart. He finds that the heart was still beating as it was cut out of the body - eesh. They search missing women in the last 3 days and Henry picks them apart one by one. One girl fits the bill and Laurie Pettyfore is her name... but her alias is Mary Kelly. Ring any bells? You history buffs will catch this immediately, a nice nod to what is coming in the episode. They go back to the hotel and talk to the dude who tipped her $100. He spills the beans once he knows he won't get busted for buying some tail. Henry takes off and notices a creepy little hidey-hole in view of the hotel. He finds some dress sparkles and gets this thinking cap on tight. He takes off down the street and notices a butchery owned by the Dorset Brothers. This killer isn't taking people at random. He chose a prostitute, and one who goes by the name Mary Kelly. This killer is copying...  yes, you guessed it: Jack the Ripper. Flashback to 1888 in London with OMG MUSTACHE reappearing on Henry's face. He's investigating and sporting a dapper hat. I am a fan of this hat, let me tell you. There's been a body found and it's um, pretty gnarly. Are you telling me it was HENRY who was the man to investigate the Ripper murders? Back to reality we find poor Mary Kelly (Laurie Pettyfore) disemboweled. So much blood. The person who did this was extremely detailed, every bit of her body mirrors what Jack did back in the day. Jo hands Henry a phone...... CREEPY STALKER MAN (Adam) RETURNETH. I wondered where you were, pal. He sounds nostalgic over the current murder, even though the press hasn't gotten a hold of it. Adam wishes Henry luck in solving this Ripper case just as Henry finds the disposable phone of the super stalker. The killer used a listo knife apparently (DEDUCTION SKILLZ). It's rare and old, almost like a *ahem* antique. Henry sucks up to Abe to go talk to some weird Frenchman who loves his antiques and Abe pretty  much tells Henry to talk to the hand. But since Abe is awesomesauce, he agrees to talk to the Frenchman anyway. Back in 1888 Henry looks at the dead prostitute, wanting to study it. He explains to the detective that you can't move the body yet, the room is 'littered with clues.' Henry's enthusiasm keeps the body there, impressing the detective. In the lab they analyze Laurie's body - the killer was insanely perfect. Henry compares the Ripper notes to the body currently on his table; every cut is exact, every bruise and broken bone is exact, even this mark on her wrist is exa..... wait. No. *FLASHBACK* The wrist of the 1888 prostitute had a half moon on it. Modern prostitute? Her wrist has a star. Henry says (to himself but also to Jo because he zoned the hell out) that no, this isn't Jack the Ripper. Jo is basically like 'derp, it's 2014, that bro is dead.' Sometimes I just expect Jo to smack Henry in the forehead. Make this happen, writers! Henry waves Laurie's arm around like a pool noodle. Imagine that the next time you go swimming. M&M head to the library to see who checked out the Ripper book. The name in the registry is a fake, one that belonged to the inspector in the original Ripper case. Henry points out the horrible handwriting for the fake name and that it matches another registry line - they checked something else out and haven't returned it yet. The crazy muder person is in there! The hunt is afoot! They see a weird guy reading who takes off running. He drops his bag and Henry finds the biggest damn knife I've seen in my life inside the bag. Who calls? Adam. Buzz off, we got policework to do. He tells Henry that he missed something at the crime scene... Adam is taking a nice stroll through it as they speak. Adam tells Henry that the man behind all this isn't just copying the Ripper, but he likes to copy other murderers. Up next? The Black Dahlia. Abe goes to talk to the Frenchman, who is actually a woman. She hits on Abe with some kinky looking handcuffs. I like her. She had a listo knife (am I spelling this right? I'm guessing not...) but she sold it two weeks ago. She gives him a nice dominatrix pat on the cheek as a goodbye, but not before Abe snatches her clientele list. Jo is at the station with the guy from the library. He isn't a murderer, just a writer for a graphic novel called SoulSlasher - his whole last series was based on Jack the Ripper. So why the bone saw in the purse? Oh, I like carrying super weird trinkets around with me so I can get in the mindset of a killer. Yeah. That's normal. And who owns SoulSlasher? Our wonderful Lucas, of course. The comics are practically a step-by-step guide on how to copy Jack the Ripper. Did a fan do this? Well, you can get more clues, as there's another body. And the body is cut in half, just like The Black Dahlia. There's no blood, but something odd in the girl's mouth. A nylon? Another infamous murder from the 1960's would strangle his victims and then stuff the stocking into them. Lucas is like "again, homies, read Soul Slasher comics, issue 37." Henry wanders off again and sees a boot print that are really quite deep. Not only that but a leaf from the ginko biloba tree is there. The killer can only be located in Brooklyn. Abe is looking through the Frenchman's book and it's all in code, even though it looks like it's in Japanese. Henry gets a call from Jo, who explains the SoulSlasher website has a fanbase that is going nuts over the Black Dahlia murder. 20 people claim they were involved - time is ticking, get to work! One of the fans lives in Brooklyn and they send out the SWAT team. They break into this guy's home, scaring the hell out of a man. They rip him off his computer.... but the person on the website is still typing. Upstairs, behind closed doors is the most disturbing upper middle class teenager I've ever seen. He turns to Hanson, who can clearly see the teenager is on the website and says "What the hell do you want?" with a calm, smooth clarity of someone who really needs to be in a padded room. At the station, this kid lays on the sarcasm like melted butter on bread, causing me to want to punch my TV because YOUTHS. *shakes fist* Damn them. Jo reminds him that prison sucks and he may be headed there. He only cares that when word gets out he was hauled in for the murders, his Soul Slasher cred is going to bounce through the roof, yo. Jo pulls up his posts on the website which are him explaining that he left a big smile on the Black Dahlia's face. He gets snarky again (and I now have a fist-sized hole in my wall... YOUTHS) saying that oh ho ho, don't you need DNA and stuffs, pig? Outside the room, the mother and father are trying to get in and break out into a fight. Henry drops the mic, saying that yes, the father is to blame for taking his son to scary movies and buying him the creeptastic comic books... but the mother is also to blame, as the people targeted are women, meaning a woman in the killer's life did something traumatic to them. Nobody wins, except Henry. The parents shut the lip and say they are leaving, you don't have evidence, sir Henry the noble knight of the dead whips out the Frenchman's ledger and is basically like "if we can match this knife bought from this antique store to your son, you best get a damn good lawyer." And Jo's face? "COME AT ME, BRO." She immediately grills Henry about the book... Abe 'borrowed' it. Ha. Borrowed. Jo gets pissed, explaining that this won't fly in court. She tells him to stay put as she gets into the elevator... and Henry sneaks out the stairwell. Listening skills: needs improvement. Showing up to the Frenchman's shop with a puppy dog face on, Henry gives the book back. He explains it might be included in a police investigation, so if you could not mention that, he'd be ever so grateful. She says she'll stay quiet, which is oh so kind of her. She goes on to explain that no, it wasn't a teenager in here buying the knife but a grown man who loves his Dockers and looked like he had a sick up his ass. Henry runs outside and right onto a knife - one that the father is holding. So much pain. Jo gets Abe to spill the beans about where the Frenchman is. Back at the stop, Henry gets back inside, where the husband is killing the Frenchman but strangling her. A struggle ensues, with the two men tumbling down a staircase. Jo arrives just in the nick of time - will she see Henry's dead body!? She gets inside... and some person is watching from across the street. The husband  gets up, and steps on Henry's back, as it is broken. Asshole. Jo sees the husband and pumps him full of lead after  he reaches for a gun. Might I add, she has hella good accuracy in the heart region. The door to the basement opens. Henry is lying on the floor. Holy shit is it Jo?! Nope. It's Adam. We hear Jo upstairs comforting the Frenchman, calling the cops. Adam slits Henry's throat saying 'You can thank me later.' Did he just kill Henry to save him? Yes, he did. How incredibly twisted. DEATH #5! Abe and Henry talk about Adam. He's so cold and calculated and Henry starts to worry for Abe. If he knows all about Henry, he simply must know about Abe. Abe talks him down out of it, which he's so good at. Back at the station, the chief congratulates Jo on saving the Frenchman, but wants to know how she is after having to kill someone. She seems fine, but time will tell. "Everyone has the capacity to kill. The real question is how you live with yourself afterward." Some food for thought, without a doubt. Jo gets angry with Henry about going behind her back and investigating without telling her. "You could have been killed." HAR. She starts to open up, that she had no other option but to kill the man, the first she's ever had to kill. Henry's phone starts to buzz, and Adam is there to tease. Adam finds murdering easy, it's a part of life, it's like breathing. Henry tells him to suck it and tosses his newly acquired phone in the river. Peace out, Adam... Henry is one man you can't change.

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