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This Week's 'Forever' Has A Sad Story With A Happy Ending

Shannon Beaty | PopWrapped Author

Shannon Beaty

10/09/2014 3:44 pm
PopWrapped | Television
This Week's 'Forever' Has A Sad Story With A Happy Ending | Forever
Media Courtesy of ABC
Our favorite 'student of death' is back! The 4th episode opens up in a glamorous hall, full of money, I mean... people. Some sassy older lady shuts down her jerk of a son, paving the way to being my new favorite insult queen. Next she goes after the mayor, and then a critic. This woman has a verbal hitlist! As she passes by another sack of money in a dress, she hears the woman say "If only it was her funeral." The insult queen gives her the icy stare of a lady who gives zero fucks and keeps on her way. I have a bad feeling about this. The insult queen is being eyeballed by a man named Lance, who shoves something back into his pocket. Hello, sketchy man. Her highness escapes the glamor, walking with her cane down a lonely, dark hall. While we hear the tapping of her cane, the speech 'celebrating her kindness' goes on in the a shadow passes behind her. And BOOM - next thing we see is a bloodied up insult queen. RIP, my muse. Jo and company show up to the crime scene. Bad news: Henry couldn't make we have Lucas. I love Lucas. Jo rips into him cause she's super stressed out but he's like an eager puppy. "Would you like to hear my initial report?" "*sigh* Yeah, okay. Let's have it." "Well... to begin with... she's dead." OH LUCAS. Meanwhile Henry is back at the lab, reminiscing about the victim, Gloria Carlyle. Lucas brings the dead queen of snark into the lab..Henry apparently owes this lady. We find that she basically got the shit kicked out of her, broken bones galore, big bruises and cuts. Jo barges in all pissed off, wanting to know why Henry didn't show, to which he replies he doesn't go to that particular museum. Somethings afoot. "Did you know her?" *Has flashback* "No." LIAR! Lucas goes to get some much needed coffee and a pretty girl is in there, asking questions about the deceased lady. She gets up to leave, and he tries to buy her something. Sadly, Lucas is not suave. Even more sad is the fact the girl works for the New York Post - she got the scoop; it's a murder. The most hated blue-blood in the city is dead! Henry knew her, saying she wasn't always that way. The evil son barges into the police station complaining about the negative press coverage. Lucas shows up all fidgety as Henry knows he's the source. "Was she pretty?" "Yes." Henry knows the way of a man's brain. Henry goes in to apologize for the news leak, but cranky son wants him off the case. Henry notices a shake in the son's hand. Jo takes pity and brings Henry along on another that will take him to the museum. She notices his hesitation, which is quite weird. She asks and he just says his aversion is from old memories. Go figure, right? We flashback to Henry and the love of his life, Abigail, being turned away from the museum. Not being on the guest list and being pushy gets them in anyway. Cutting  back to reality, Henry goes on that he knows a bit about women's shoes...a man who knows his shoes can steal any woman's heart. Markings on the floor indicate that she crawled to her final resting place. Going back to a staircase he figures out that she was pushed, as the trauma was too serious for a normal fall. Jo doesn't buy his theory, and then gets a call..."there was someone else." Back at the station Det. Hanson explains that there was this shady cat named Lance who was spotted on surveillance footage. "Do not gloat, Henry." No, gloat, you gorgeous genius. Lance is being interrogated and he says he didn't kill her, he's in love with her granddaughter. He was asking Gloria to ask for her granddaughter's hand in marriage. He stole a ring, worth 3 million. "Gloria gave me the ring and then she mumbled something about following your heart..." Jo and Hanson are calling him out on his shit. From the other side of the glass, Jo gets a call from Henry. "Why was Gloria mumbling? Did she lean on her cane?" Jo hangs up on Henry and he bangs on the window enough to move it. Him being the ghost outside the interrogation room is quickly becoming one of my favorite ways to scene this show. Henry explains her brain was normal, she must have been poisoned. He goes to get a biopsy on her liver, and her body is gone. Lucas, sweetie, your let's-keep-a-dead-body record is not good. Jo asks the granddaughter about her meds, what she was on. The granddaughter doesn't care, explaining her family is a bunch of assholes. Henry flashbacks to him and Abigail meeting Gloria. She does some serious deducing and apparently is not a drinker. And smooth as hell. "I'm not the right man for Abigail." "If you have a chance at love, take it." Then she calls him out on crashing the party. Slick as ice. Jo tells Henry that there is an estate sale going on, thanks to the son. He calls Abe, who's at the sale being the badass sneak that he is. Take a photo of Gloria's meds? Are you kidding? Oh, and format it in a .jpeg format, dearest son. Abe follows a woman upstairs, while two of his antique competitors watch. Abe sneaks past the lady and does some photography skills. Jo busts Henry on his secret - he's a modern art guy. Yeah, that's it. You're spot on. She tries to get him to open up but Abe gets his photos through just in time for a distraction. The medication she has wouldn't have caused her what now? There are two attorneys in the office, along with the douche bag son...whose hand is still shaking. He has epilepsy! Henry is like 'what do you take for your epilepsy?' The son gets all cranky and refuses to answer. Henry bursts out a drug's name and the son says yes, that's the one. It also happens to be what killed Gloria. DUN DUN DUNNNN. The son explains he and his mother weren't on good terms and he was written out of the will. "Of all the people who wanted her to live, I had the most to gain." Henry flashes back to the museum and Gloria again, who explains her main squeeze wasn't there. Suddenly her son runs up saying daddy wants to go who is the other man? Jo and Henry catch Lucas, who really needs to work on his poker face. Lucas...where did you go? He snuck to the funeral home and did a biopsy on Gloria's liver. So while Jo is chewing Lucas's ass up, Henry is like GAMEFACE IS ON, LUCAS YOU CRAFTY BASTARD. The nurse was there with Gloria 3 hours before death - and suddenly the newspaper shows who is the beneficiary of the will. Who else but the nurse? The nurse said Gloria was cold and she wanted a fire. Henry and Jo go back to the lady's apartment...the fire wasn't for the cold but because she burnt some documents. A glass is missing from the inventory - but Gloria never drank. Henry calls Hanson, who is still interrogating the nurse. "Don't call me again, Henry." Yeah HA, fat freaking chance of that happening. The cranky son shows up and asserts his testosterone deficiency. In the garage is a gorgeous old Rolls Royce and inside it, the missing glass as well as the drug that killed  her. Whoever was in the car with her did it... Gloria did it. She had months to live, she planned her death. The night, how long it would take, how to get rid of every love note. The party was her suicide note. She did it because she was in love with a man she couldn't have. Jo talks about her husband. She gets Henry to say Abigail's name, which Jo takes as a major victory. Henry takes one last moment in the museum, remembering how Abigail was basically everything he lived for. He proposed in that museum... but then the damn show cuts away. DID SHE SAY YES?! DID SHE!? YOU'RE JUST GONNA LEAVE ME HERE WONDERING FOR AT LEAST A WEEK!? You bastards. Stop by next week for the 5th episode of Forever. P.S. He didn't die, once again. I'm starting to wonder when it'll happen next.
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