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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Forever Season Finale Gives The Crew An Emotional Swansong

Shannon Beaty | PopWrapped Author

Shannon Beaty

05/11/2015 12:28 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Forever Season Finale Gives The Crew An Emotional Swansong | forever
Media Courtesy of Fashion Style

This is it, Forever fans. As of me publishing this, the show has officially been cancelled, which is very frustrating. I, for one, was very happy with the season (and potentially series) finale, even if the dark cloud of cancellation loomed overhead. But, no more doom and gloom - let's get into "The Last Death of Henry Morgan".

A woman sorts through a box of old stuff, cutting herself on an ancient-looking dagger. Suddenly we cut to her dead body on the ground, Jo and Hanson doing their detective thing to figure out what happened to this poor girl.

*I'll tell you what happened - it was ADAM!* Wait, I'm sorry, you'll have to excuse me... I'm just yelling at my TV.

Lucas strolls up, with a scarf on (HA), saying that he has a theory about 40 times. Clearly he's excited as all get out and more than likely jacked up on a little bit of caffeine. He's a tad wrong, but damn is it funny to watch him go. Jo says they should just wait for Henry but Lucas explains that he's at a funeral for Abe's mother. Jo is a little hurt that she wasn't in on the info, but Lucas was.

Abe and Henry stand by a river with an urn, mourning Abigail. They both pay heartfelt respects to the 'angel' that was Abigail, with Henry regretting being unable to save her, even though she basically saved him. We flashback to Henry and Abigail in bed as she see his chest wound - he tells her it was just an injury in the war. She doesn't know yet! Abigail has a cigarette burn on the back of her neck and Henry gets very defensive - who did this to you? In our times, they pour Abigail's ashes into the river. Henry gets pissed off thinking about how her last moments were with Adam - he is going to make that man pay. Abe tells him there's no point, he can't die and there's no need for revenge. "Revenge is a long game, Abraham. All I have is time." I like angry Henry!

Henry and Lucas go over the dead girl's body and find a weird speck embedded in her neck wound. The girl's finger wound from the knife has a very, very old iron in it. While we KNOW that it was Adam's dagger, Henry has just been given his first clue of what is to come.

Henry and Jo visit the museum of the dead girl, Blaire. She was working on objects from the Roman era. Henry uses a blacklight to find Blaire's blood on the table, and then on the box the dagger was in. He finds the cloth the dagger was wrapped in - another piece of the puzzle is revealed to him. He knows Adam is involved, that this is his dagger and maybe the way to exact his deadly revenge on him. Henry rushes out of the museum... and Adam looks on from the 2nd story. Shiza.

Henry and Abe discuss the two objects that could end two very distinct immortal's lives. Abe hides Henry's death pistol in the safe - he can't go testing a theory on himself if it's locked away. Abe is worried about Henry, as he won't be around forever. Find someone to share your secret with - As we cut to Jo. TELL JO ALREADY. She's at the station with Hanson and the Lieutenant. Blaire called a number of a man who is an expert on daggers.

Jo and Hanson visit Mr. Griffin (OMG JOHN NOBLE) who explained that Blaire visited often to verify artifacts. Griffin explains that the dagger was from 44 BC - March 15th to be exact. Beware the ides of March - the day that Julius Caesar was murdered. The dagger was one of the weapons used on that man; was Adam one of Caesar's  murderers?! Griffin explains that the dagger very well may be cursed, something Jo doesn't believe in but Henry gets all wide-eyed about. Blaire left Griffin to go have dinner with her fiance, Duane, who is now a guest at the station. They grill him and he cracks open about it - she told him about the dagger and how it might be valuable. He took a photo of it and posted it online to sell it for a little bit of cash for the wedding. He had his friend Xander fake a mugging to get the dagger. He didn't do it - he left Blaire in good shape. But Xander is missing.

They find Xander tied to a chair in a warehouse, beaten to a pulp... but still alive. Guess. Who. Is. There. Motherfucking Adam. He tortured him to find the dagger, and Xander didn't have it. Adam threatens Henry as Jo walks back in the room. Oh no, you better not cut Jo. She walks towards the room Adam is in, wielding a barber's shaving blade. Henry runs in front of her as Adam cuts his throat to escape. Jo chews Henry's ass out - she cares for you!

Abe and Henry scheme together: save Jo and don't kill Adam. "A killer you are not," - is Abe right? We cut back to the 1940's as Henry goes after the douchebag that abused Abigail. They get into a fight and the man pulls out a knife, stabbing Henry. Abigail is in pieces, watching him die, but all he can say is "You won't understand, I'm sorry." He's about to reveal his secret to her - how will she react?! Henry dies, we see his life flash back... and an Abigail in the middle of a street with no body in her arms. That must have been trippy.

Henry strolls into the station, trying to throw everyone off the scent of the dagger. Everyone thinks he's crazy (and he kind of is, let's be honest), and almost has them convinced that Blaire's body and Xander aren't connection. Then Lucas strolls in - "Doc, I found a connection between the two bodies, Xander and Blaire." Henry bristles, as if the only thought in his head is something along the lines of 'damnit, Lucas.' It's hysterical. The two bodies have the same kind of bruising as well as the same powder from the museum. Jo runs off to the museum, Henry very reluctant to go.

Henry and Jo are at the museum and he's paranoid as hell, noticing a man with Adam's cap on his head. Luckily, it isn't Private Psychopants. Henry however also notices a guard taking gloves off - gloves that have powder on them. Henry goes for a stroll down a dark corridor... the guard comes up behind him and beats the crap out of Henry with a nightstick. Jo saves his immortal tush once again and let me tell you... she is PISSED. She wants the truth, Henry. TELL HER. How many times do I have to type it in caps before you'll do it, sir?!

At the station, the guard is stoic, barely blinking. The guard's hands are shaking, which means he has a kidney disease. Hanson then delivers the line of the night, "I love the silent treatment. You know what this moron doesn't realize that I got nowhere to go but home and I never want to go there." While Hanson is cracking me up, Henry pours a cup of coffee with a ton of antacid in it, before handing it off to Jo. The guard drinks the coffee. Jo interrogates him gently, but he suddenly falls off the chair. Jo runs to get him medical help as Henry explains he's having a heart attack. Henry leans in and whispers that he knows he's dying, to tell him where the dagger is. Once he knows the secret, and explains that everything is fine with the man, Henry runs off very suspiciously. Jo busts his ass on the station video and goes on a chase after him.

Henry visits Griffin again, who has the dagger, but also has possession of Josef Mengele's Nazi diary. Mengele was the sadistic bastard who tortured people at Auschwitz (which is unfortunately a horribly real thing), and one of those people was Adam. This diary proves the existence of immortality and Griffin believes that the Caesar dagger is the missing key. Death doesn't follow the dagger; death follows this man. Griffin WANTS Adam to find him - he wants answers. A door opens outside of the study they're in and there are footsteps... Henry readies himself at the door, dagger raised high over his head.

It's Jo. And again, she is not happy. The trust is gone.

Jo takes Henry home in her car, but doesn't let him out before getting answers from him. Here it comes, guys... she's about to finally get it out.

"What am I to you?"

"You're my friend, my partner, someone I care very deeply about."

"But not enough to trust, huh?" Ouch. "Here's what you've been to me: you're someone who has frustrated me and confused me and made me look at life a different way. Most importantly, you have made me feel again. For that, I will always be grateful. Get out, Henry."

She spills it. She has a moment of weakness and caps it off with her badass, no-nonsense attitude. I love Jo, I really do.

Henry comes home to Abe passed out in the chair downstairs, holding a shotgun and guarding the safe. Henry is worried that Adam will come and hurt Jo... "All of this would be so much easier if I didn't..." What, LOVE HER!? "You're emoting Henry - continue." Ha. He has to protect her from Adam at all costs, even if it ends their friendship.

Henry strolls into the lab and asks Lucas for evidence and he flat out refuses. Jo put the lock-down on Lucas, threatening job loss and prosecution if he lets Henry have the dagger. Lucas puts his foot down - go do your paperwork, Doc. Now. Immediately. Go!

Well lookie there, a certain dagger is buried underneath all that paperwork. Lucas is willing to sacrifice his job for Henry. He tells Henry that he's changed his view, that he is a witness to Henry's greatness. It's like this cute little bro exchange between them. The writing at this point in the show starts to reflect on the finality attitude. I truly appreciate that the writers took it into consideration to tie up things as best as they could in case of cancellation, but leaving them open enough if ABC didn't have their heads up their asses. Unfortunately as we know, it's the former scenario that has played out.

Henry is in the subway, and more than likely up to no good. Who happens to be following him? Jo. This could be either really fantastic or a horrible decision. Henry sneaks down into the subway tunnels, and Jo loses sight of him.


Henry contacted the psychopath, who explains that he was once decent but has been warped into what he is after 2000 years. Henry pulls out Adam's dagger and throws it on the ground. Adam doesn't like it and snarls about the last moments of Abigail's life, holding up a photo she had on her when she died. Then he pulls out Henry's gun - and sends me into panic mode. He fires a warning shot - "I can make you play, Henry" - which Jo hears echo beneath her feet.

Henry derails at the thought of Adam having his gun. He isn't afraid of death - he is afraid that people will learn his secret. And then it happens... the moment we've all been curious about, but dreading...

Adam shoots Henry square in the chest with his own gun.

Henry is lying on the ground, choking on his blood as Adam circles over his body. He leans in to hear Henry whisper, and he simply can't get the words out. Suddenly Henry grabs a syringe from his coat, telling Adam "I'm not a killer... I'm a doctor." and he stabs him in the neck with the syringe. What did Henry just do to Adam?!?

Jo is coming down the staircase. Is she going to see him disappear? Will she find out!? Will he even disappear?!!? Someone give me a bottle of wine, already.

Henry's life flashes before his eyes - all 200 years of it. He lets out his final breath, which is terrifying to hear for the first time in the series.

Abe is standing by the river, hoping and praying that Henry will pop up naked. He waits. And waits. I'm starting to panic, they can't kill him.

Jo comes into the room, and looks down, "Henry..." It isn't his body - it's his pocketwatch.

Henry emerges in the river, naked as the day he was born, breathing air back into his lungs, and the lungs of viewers everywhere.

Adam stumbles upstairs to the platform and collapses, unable to move. What did Henry stick into that crazy man's neck?!

"He suffers from a condition called Locked-In Syndrome. Complete paralysis of his body and muscle functions, but his brain is still active."

Henry freakin' paralyzed Adam to save Jo, and possibly the rest of humanity from this murderer. Henry looks at Adam, who can clearly see and hear him, with this look like "gotcha, bitch" on his face and I want to high-five the TV. Henry leans in, "Don't worry, we'll find a way out of this. We've got eternity together." YAS.

forever Courtesy of Giphy

We cut back to the 1940's, to Henry kissing baby Abe and saying his goodbyes. Just as he's about to sneak away, Abigail he's him standing there. He's alive, sweetheart... you've been dating an immortal all this time. Henry prepares for the worst, for her freaking out. She embraces him, and gently whispers, "You poor man." There truly is no better woman out there than Abigail.

Henry and Abe are playing a game of chess in the antique's shop, enjoying life, as it seems without danger for the moment.

Jo knocks on the door and Henry asks if she has a new mystery for him to solve.

She holds his pocketwatch and he plays it off that it was stolen, and he was about to call the cops. Luckily, she's there to save the day. Again.

Jo is all like "nice try, dude" and whips out the 1940's photo of Henry, Abigail and baby Abe... the one that Adam used as a manipulative tool in the subway.

"I was hoping you could explain it to me."

Abe pushes Henry - "Tell her."

Hold on, I need my Kleenex.

Henry smiles, "It's a long story..."

UGH. The end. The finale. The final moment of the finale tosses my heart into my throat. I want to know the story, damnit! I want to know everything! Uncancel the show, ABC!

forever Courtesy of Photobucket

Fans are rallying behind the show, not giving up on Forever. Here's to hoping that the show can be shopped on another network, but if not, I'll raise a glass to a wonderful season. See you on the flip side, darlings!

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