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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Friendships And Romances Are Rekindled As A Chapter Closes On "Glee"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/25/2014 11:14 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Friendships And Romances Are Rekindled As A Chapter Closes On

Christa Tintelnot

Staff Writer


Like all Gleeks, I was so ready for part 2 of the 100th episode, and it didn't disappoint. What happened between Puck and Quinn? What about Rachel and Santana? Most importantly, where does Brittana stand? April Rhodes and Holly Holiday start us off by playing everyone's favorite game, "Kill, Marry, or Bone," as April calls it, when Principal Sue interrupts. We find out Sue and Holly auditioned for The Amazing Race and are best friends. Holly uses her influence to try to bring some type of music to McKinley now that Glee Club has been disbanded. Tina is next seen walking down the hall, contemplating her lack of college acceptance letters. She walks into the choir room to find Artie, Rachel and Sam packing away their trophies. Blaine and Kurt burst in at this point, announcing Blaine was accepted to NYADA. Unfortunately during the celebrations, Sam knocks Tina out with a trophy. Enter Tina's dream sequence where all of the glee-yorkers are acting as if they are on Friends. Even Mike Chang, Mercedes, Brittany, and Puck make an appearance in this dream. Fortunately she wakes up, and we next see Mercedes and Kurt making a speech about making memories. The speech goes on about how horrible it is to see two people you adore fighting with each other. (Rachel and Santana, anyone?)  They then sing a song..."I Am Changing" from Dreamgirls. Did that make an impact? When we return from commercial, Santana is standing in front of a mirror applying makeup when Rachel walks in. Rachel tries to talk, but Santana cuts her off. As usual, Rachel definitely is the voice of reason here (and I LOVE Santana). She offers to give Santana 10 shows of Funny Girl to star in so her family can some see her on Broadway. Santana says no because she wants them all. Next it’s Holly in one of her great costumes as animal rights activist, Temple Grandin. She breaks into "Party All the Time" by Eddie Murphy, and she presents at the Animal Husbandry Club. She is eventually joined by the (ex) New Directions. (There is something very hot about 80s-Will, too.)
Photo courtesy Fox Photo courtesy Fox
My heart is jumping for joy as the next scene begins because we see Santana walking into the choir room to see Brittany surrounded by lilies. According to her, they are the "lesbians of flowers." She also bought Santana tickets to Lesbos Island, but they are one way. Brittany believes that once they arrive to this girl-on-girl paradise, they will never want to leave. Now Santana brings the voice of reason and explains that running away with her and living on a lesbian island is not what Brittany really wants. She actually doesn't want to go back to MIT because that isn't her dream. Brit says she doesn't want to run away just to run away: she wants to run away with Santana. Brit continues to try to convince Santana to go with her, and Santana ambiguously cuddles up to her. Tina comes into the choir room, and something is certainly wrong. She was rejected from her only New York school and feels like a loser. Cue "Loser Like Me," which was first done in the episode "Original Song." This time it has taken a new, ballad-like identity. Ultimately, Tina decides she will move to NYC, college acceptance or not. Now back to Rachel and Santana again. Rachel is reading lines, and Santana comes into the room. Santana seems to have had a change of heart and has resigned from the show. In true Santana fashion, she says she did this for herself, not Rachel. Rachel suggests, now that they are "friends" again, maybe they can sing a song together. We then see Sue talk to Holly and Will about the complaints received because of the "offensive" performance of "Party All the Time" that was done with the Animal Husbandry Club. Sue says no more music at McKinley. Will apologizes and walks out. Something is certainly wrong with him. He has accepted that Glee Club is over. Artie is at his locker when Holly comes to him. Though there is a bit of a mix-up about why she's there, she ultimately needs Artie to bring his camera equipment to the Spanish Room. Switch to the choir room. Puck and Quinn are center stage singing "Just Give Me a Reason" by P!nk feat. Nate Ruess. They kiss at the end and announce that they are officially dating. Santana and I both approve. Will announces that their song is the last song that will ever be sung in Glee Club.
Photo courtesy Fox Photo courtesy Fox
When we return from commercial, Mr. Schue is reading an invitation that invites him to the auditorium. He walks in and sees a sign that says "Press Me." He presses it, and a TV turns on with Kurt and Rachel on the screen. It is a video for Wemma's baby. All of the New Directions (plus Sue and Holly) are featured in the touching video.  All of a sudden the music of "Don't Stop Believing" is played in the background, and Rachel comes out singing, soon to be joined by Kurt, then Mercedes, Artie, and Tina. Eventually, they all make their way out. Now, my friends, we have come full circle. *tear* Back from commercial we see Artie, Blaine, Tina, Sam, and Becky graduate. Tina announces that she got into Brown University, which is not in New York. There is another announcement: Brittany is also getting her diploma. After the ceremony is over, Santana talks with Brittany and tells her that she has made a mistake.  She has planned an entire vacation for them that includes Lesbos Island, and Santana asks Brit to go to New York with her. Brit says yes, and millions of Britanna fans screech for joy. We then see Will and Sue in the choir room. Sue offers Will a drink and there is certainly some hard feelings there, but Will admits defeat. Sue, however, tells him that she sees him as a worthy adversary, and that she got him an interview as coach of Vocal Adrenaline. Final scene. Will is sitting alone in an empty choir room, thinking about things that were said to him over the years. He turns off the lights and walks out the door. Wipe your tears away, Gleeks. Glee is still all new next week, and the recent grads take on NYC!

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