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From Loki To Vamp: Tom Hiddleston Shares Insight On Latest Projects

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


09/09/2013 10:05 pm
From Loki To Vamp: Tom Hiddleston Shares Insight On Latest Projects


Erika Rivera

Senior Editor

It is safe to say, without a doubt, Loki from the Marvel movies Thor and The Avengers has become quite the sensation. Who would have guessed that the villain from those two films respectively has become something close to a household name and even has a following of loyal fans to boot. This speaks volumes of the actor behind the villain, Tom Hiddleston.

The actor is at the Toronto International Film Festival currently promoting his latest project, Jim Jarmusch’s  Only Lovers Left Alive. In the film, Hiddleston’s Adam is a very sad vampire who spends his days moping around Detroit and being snobby about music. 

Although the actor is currently supporting that film at the moment, Hiddleston did sit down with The Huffington Post  to discuss the much buzzed about post-Comic-Con additions to Thor: The Dark World, which he says adds a lot more Loki to the film, including one thing that the actor apparently pitched himself. 

”I realized that something special had happened when we were on the press tour for “Avengers,” Hiddleston said about when it first hit him that Loki was a hit. “I mean, the thing is, the first “Thor” movie was wonderful — and I think a lot of people were just surprised by the whole film. I think people were very sort of snobbish in anticipation of it. They thought it was going to be some very stupid kind of crash-bang-wallop, not very interesting piece of work. But I think Kenneth Branagh and Chris Hemsworth did something amazing with it,” the actor recalls.

Hiddleston also praised his co-star Chris Hemsworth and spoke off his much talked about Hall H moment at this year’s Comic Con. “Chris is amazing. It was a big deal for him and he’s just so loose and so light and so funny — and that surprised people. And then we went straight into “Avengers,” so I didn’t really have time to process what it was. It was only really the “Avengers” press tour where it’s going to different cities and seeing the responses. And going to Moscow and Rome and London. I was like, “OK, this is a thing.” But nothing could have prepared me for Comic-Con,” Hiddleston said.

As for the craziness that became one of the most talked about moments at the convention, Hiddleston shared that Kevin Feige, one of the Marvel heads, was the mastermind behind it all. “I sort of said, “Well, look, if I’m going to do it, I’ve got to go to the whole hog. I can’t go halfway.” And then I wrote this little monologue which is really a kind of pastiche of other things I’d done in Avengers. And then I just sort of improvised it. I’ve got to be honest; I was waiting backstage and I just heard that every single X-Men who has ever walked the earth had been on stage before and I was a little nervous. And I thought Well, hopefully if I just commit to it, it’ll go well. And I thought, I could always get them to chant my name if it doesn’t work. And I walked out, and the very first thing they started doing was chant my name,” Hiddleston said

As for the rumors that the appearance led Marvel to add more Loki to the Thor sequel, Hiddleston said, “I don’t know if that’s why, but I’m in the film more than I was,” confirming the added scenes. "I don’t know quite how the decision was made, but we weren’t redoing things we’d done before. We were adding new stuff. So that was fun for me. And some of the things were scenes I’d actually pitched for a long time ago."

According to the actor, the scene he pitched to the higher ups involves “new iterations of the relationship between Thor and Loki.” Hiddleston said, “Kevin was really open to that. I remember as we were conceiving of the shape of the film, Kevin and [director] Alan Taylor were really open to it, especially because they always talk about the connective aspect of the Marvel universal.”

It’s not all about Loki for Hiddleston though; the actor did share in his interview details about his Lestat-esque role in Only Lovers Left Alive. According to Hiddleston, Adam (his character), is “enamored of the pre-digital age, where making music was making music and it wasn’t punching things into computers,” which makes him a bit of vampire snob.

The biggest difference between his latest roles, though, all boils down to attitudes, as Hiddleston explains that Adam is no Loki with his sad outlook of the world. “He’s sad because of his appreciation for music. That’s the thing. It’s not like he’s morose or dark, it’s actually that he has such an appreciation for real beauty — like mathematical beauty and music and astronomy,” Hiddleston said.

That sadness has made Adam a bit of a snob shares the actor.”He’s a snob about it, yeah. But he’s depressed by the course of human activity — the world is going to the dogs. But if you’ve been alive for four-odd centuries, you’re going to have seen a few things and think, well, is this time better than before? In his eyes, it’s not,” Hiddleston explains.

Hiddleston will have his plate full for the next few months. The Hollow Crown will be making its US debut on PBS later on this month, Only Lovers Left Alive will be making its rounds in the film festival circuit as well, and Thor: The Dark World will hit theaters in late October for the UK and November for the US.

To end his year of fun, Hiddleston is returning to his theatre roots in in the Shakespearian tragedy Coriolanus, with the production opening in December on the West End and to be broadcasted to cinemas in January to a worldwide audience.


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