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Game Of Thrones 05x04 "The Sons Of The Harpy"

Rain Varela | PopWrapped Author

Rain Varela

Staff Writer
05/05/2015 5:03 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Game Of Thrones 05x04
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In this week's Game of Thrones, we finally get to meet one of the most highly anticipated characters of the series. But more on that later, as we venture out to the waters where the Lannister brothers are journeying on opposites sides of the world. Jaime Lannister is on his way to Dorne with Bronn, while in Volantis Ser Jorah Mormont seizes a boat and boards with his captive, Tyrion. Back in King's Landing, Cersei is busy managing the small council as they discuss the crown's debt to the Iron Bank. Lord Tyrell offers a loan to pay the debt. Not wanting anything more from the family, Cersei shoots the idea down. Instead she decides to send the clueless nobleman on a mission to Braavos to speak with the Iron Bank. Maester Pycelle points out the small council continues to shrink. Cersei shoots back, "Not small enough." Cersei is next seen in a meeting with the High Sparrow, who now occupies the position of High Septon, the spiritual leader of most of Westeros. She restores the old army of the faith, which was abolished two centuries ago. She bids him to punish the wicked, and tells him of a sinner among the powerful. And thus the tea party of Westeros goes on a rampage. The Faith Militant is seen arresting and punishing those they deemed "sinners". Prostitutes are dragged from the brothels , and gay men caught in the act are executed. Those in high positions are not spared, and Ser Loras Tyrell is apprehended (Queen Margaery's brother). Queen Margaery is livid of course. She confronts her husband, the young King. Tommen was unaware of his mother's scheme and promises to help his wife. Tommen in turn speaks with his mother and asks her to free Ser Loras because it was she after all who armed the Faith Militant. Cersei tells him that she is not holding Loras and that he as King should speak with the High Septon. Tommen does this, but as he prepares to enter the Sept of Baelor, he is blocked by the Faith Militant. The King's Guard are prepared to clear the square. But as a crowd scream expletives at the king for being an 'abomination' and a 'child of sin', Tommen is hesitant to incite violence. He retreats and speaks with his wife. Margaery is not too pleased, and she says she will send word to her formidable grandmother, the Lady Olenna Tyrell, the only one in Westeros who could probably match the late Tywin Lannister's wealth, as well as go toe to toe with him in political machinations. Which is good news, I've missed the imperious Matriarch of the Tyrell clan. Anyway back to the episode-- Far North. Stannis and Melisandre discuss future plans on his march to Winterfell. The Red Priestess tells the would-be-king that she only wishes to serve her Lord. How this service will come about is made apparent later, as she enters Jon Snow's study and tries to seduce the new Lord Commander, telling him there is power within him. Of course, we all know what happens whenever Melisandre does the deed with a man of King's blood. Jon is the brother of the fallen king of the North and a descendant of the Kings of Winter. For some reason, Melisandre can conjure up curses , or birth shadow demons from the seeds of these men. Jon Snow refuses her. So I guess we won't be getting a magical smoke monster, curse, earthquake or snowstorm from Jon Snow's orgasm anytime soon. Melisandre seems to respect his decision, since Jon made it clear that he still loves the fallen Ygritte. But as the Red Priestess is about to leave, she turns back and utters Ygritte's infamous line "You know nothing, Jon Snow"...which creeps the hell out of Lord Commander Snow's face. In another part of Castle Black, we see a more tender side of Game of Thrones. Stannis tells his daughter how much he loves her, even if she has grayscale (and we learn her condition is his fault!). A little further south at Winterfell, Sansa is lighting candles for her family at the catacombs in the bottom of the Castle. There she is found by Lord Petyr Baelish, who tells her about her Aunt Lyanna and the former Prince of Dragonstone, Rhaegar Targaryen. Baelish bids her goodbye as he is about to journey south to speak with Cersei, and to keep her from discovering his true intentions. He instructs Sansa on how to go about her way, to manipulate events and people as things happen... and surprisingly they share a kiss. Meanwhile Jamie and Bronn have arrived in Dorne. In the morning, they encounter a few warriors on horseback. After defeating them with the help of Jaime's solid gold hand, they bury the men, and accost the horses too make their way to the Water Gardens where Prince Doran is holding court, and where Princess Myrcella is currently living. Not too far, Ellaria Sand is riding on horseback to meet three of the most hotly anticipated characters of this season. The Sand Snakes, who are the bastard daughters of Oberyn, and one of which is Ellaria's daughter. Each one is as deadly as their father, and they all adored him, even though they were all born out of wedlock. Oberyn always took care of his own. But Ellaria brings bad news, telling the daughters that Doran refuses to go to war. It is then that the Sand Snakes, with a flourish of a whip, reveal a man, whose body is buried in sand with only his head visible. They tell her that this is a Captain who brought Jaime Lannister to Dorne. Ellaria guesses correctly that he is there to rescue Myrcella. She tells them of her plan to use the Princess to incite war and the Sand Snakes agree. One daughter throws a spear at the man's head, killing him and proving that she is prepared to do what she must. Far to the east, Ser Barristan regales Queen Daenerys with tales of her older brother Rhaegar. She is delighted with this connection to the family she never met. Her enjoyment is cut short as Daario tells her of an audience with Hizdahr. Daenerys takes her audience in the throne room where Hizdahr asks her to reopen the fighting pits. At the same time, unrest erupts in the city, as the Sons of the Harpy assault a brothel, killing the patrons. The Unsullied react, and the whores who are aligned with Sons point them toward a trap. Most of the Unsullied are killed, and only Greyworm who is among them is able to stand. Ser Barristan who is passing nearby hears the violence and is able to rescue Greyworm. They are able to dispatch their foes, but they in turn are badly injured. They lie on the ground and we sadly have to wait for next week to know their fate. Do you think they'll survive? Tell us what you think!

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