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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Game Of Thrones: 06x08, No One

Rain Varela | PopWrapped Author

Rain Varela

Staff Writer
06/21/2016 9:26 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Game Of Thrones: 06x08, No One | No One
Media Courtesy of HBO

Last week we were left with the cliff hanger of Arya wandering the streets of Braavos clutching at her wound.

This week's episode opens with her finding refuge at Lady Crane's backstage wardrobe. Thankfully the actress is fond of our young hero since, after all, she did sort of save her life.

Lady Crane brings Arya back to her chambers, wraps her wounds and feeds her. And, as a nice touch, she drugs her with milk of the poppy to allow her to sleep.

Lucky Arya.

Back in Westeros, Arya's once erstwhile companion in her journey up North, Gregor 'The Hound' Clegane, is still on a rampage, killing the men who murdered the people building the Sept. He encounters a group of them in a campsite, and proceeds to use his ax on them. But still their leader is not with them.

He finds him later, with a few of his men ready to be hanged by Ser Beric Dondarrion, Thoros of Myr, and other members of the Brotherhood Without Banners.

Beric explains to the Hound that these were former members who became marauders and have given the group a bad name. He says they are to be hanged for attacking a Sept. The Hound says he was one of those who helped in building that Sept and that his friends were killed, thus he had every right to execute the marauders himself.

Ser Beric says he can have one of them, but the Hound counter offers with two. The Knight allows this, but just as The Hound is about to use his ax on the men, Ser Beric tells him that they are not butchers and these men are to be hanged.

The Hound grudgingly obliges. Later when things have settled down and they go to a campsite to eat (without chicken, much to The Hound's chagrin), Ser Beric offers Ser Gregor a place among them since they plan to go North. It is unclear whether he accepts this.

Meanwhile in Mereen, Varys bids goodbye to Tyrion, as he is about to leave on an expedition to gather ships for Daenerys and perhaps vouch for support in Westeros, leaving poor Tyrion alone to mind the city.

Tyrion tries to find solace by drinking with Greyworm and Missandei, who are both utterly serious. He chides them into joining him in partaking of the wine, and the two relax a bit as the trio awkwardly exchange jokes. But then warning bells are heard. They go to see what is going on and, from the balcony, they see a war fleet about to attack Mereen.

The ships use their catapults to rain fire on Mereen. Tyrion is apologetic since the Masters are behind the attack, and thus the deal he made with them was all for nothing. Greyworm berates him and tells him to stay clear of military matters. Then, all of a sudden, a noise is heard. The unsullied guards move their lances to face the door. But when it opens they bow down. Daenerys has arrived, from behind her we see Drogon flying away. Apparently, she landed on the roof of the pyramid just in time to lend aid to her city. Let's hope the Dothraki army is not far behind, or that Drogon could raze that fleet!

In Westeros, at King's Landing in the Red Keep, Queen Cersei is informed by Maester Qyburn that the Faith Militant has entered the residence. She moves out together with Qyburn and her reanimated giant zombie bodyguard. Outside, she encounters members of the Faith Militant led by her cousin, Lancell.

He tells her that the High Septon has summoned her to Sept of Baelor. She refuses to leave and says that the religious leader had promised she could remain in the Red Keep until her trial. But Lancell is adamant and says that if she chooses to resist, there will be violence.

The Queen then steps back and says 'I choose violence'. Her bodyguard then steps up as one of the Faith Militant wields his mace at him. It barely makes a difference. The Giant Zombie then grabs him by the throat and, as the others watch, he rips off the man's head. Cersei smirks and leaves.

But her joy is short-lived; later, she steps into the Hall of the Keep, where a royal announcement is to be made. She tries to go to her son at the Iron Throne but her Uncle Kevan blocks her way and tells her that she should watch from the gallery, which she begrudgingly does.

Tommen then takes his seat on his throne and announces the date of Cersei and Loras' trial in the Sept of Baelor. In a twist, he dictates that trial by combat will no longer be allowed in the Seven Kingdoms. This will effectively cause Cersei to be at the High Sparrow's mercy. She looks on as her son then exits the hall surrounded by his guards. She is a terrible character and, like many, I loathe her. But in this instance I'm on her side. Game of Thrones is a rare show where you can hate and cheer for the vilest people around.

In Riverrun, Brienne, together with Pod, arrives to speak with Ser Jaimie. She asks for permission to speak with the Blackfish. She proposes that in exchange for surrendering the castle, the Tully forces will be allowed to go North to aid Sansa and Jon.

Jaimie allows this. Brienne then hands the sword that Jaimie lent to her back to him. But Jaimie tells her that it belongs in her hands.

Later Brienne meets with the Blackfish within Riverrun. The old warrior refuses to budge, though, and wants to defend his home. Brienne then turns to her squire , Pod, and tells him to find the Maester a castle to send Sansa a message that she has failed.

Outside things take a dark turn as Jaimie talks to Lord Edmure. He threatens the Lord's young son and everything he holds dear if he doesn't do what he says.

This results in Edmure getting dressed and cleaned and walking up to the Castle's entrance to demand entry. The Blackfish does not want him in, but the commander of the castle defenders argues that Edmure is the true lord of Riverrun, thus he is the one to be obeyed. The Blackfish says that Jaimie is manipulating Edmure. But the men won't listen and Edmure is allowed in.

And just as the Blackfish feared, Edmure's first move is to order the surrender of the castle and that the Blackfish be given to the Freys.

The drawbridge is brought down, and with one move that did not cost a single man, the Lannister army takes Riverrun.

Meanwhile Brienne and Pod go to a boat to escape. The Blackfish is there and she pleads that he escape with them. The Blackfish, though, chooses to go down fighting and goes back up.

Jaimie, now standing in the castle parapets facing the river, is informed of the death of the Blackfish, who, as he intended, did die with a sword in hand. Jaimie is then left alone as he looks to the river, where he spots the boat of Brienne and Pod. He waves them off and Brienne responds in kind. Which makes one wonder if we're gonna see an epic love triangle involving Brienne, Jaime and Tormund ( or maybe even Cersei?).

In Braavos, Arya's beauty sleep is disturbed by a noise. She moves out of the room and finds the Lady Crane impaled in a chair, with the Waif standing besides the corpse.

Her former companion gives her a menacin smile and she flees, jumping out of the window. She runs across the street, but the Waif catches up to her at every turn. At one point she stumbles down a long flight of stone steps causing the wounds that Lady Crane had mended to open.

Desperate, Arya goes to her hiding place, an end chamber in a windowless tunnel. The Waif catches up to her and Arya brings out Needle. Her former companion taunts her, saying that will not help her.

Arya then goes to her old water dancer stance and snuffs out the only candle in the room with her sword, plunging the room into darkness.

Meanwhile in the Temple of the Many-Faced God, Jaqen finds a trail of blood. He follows it and it leads him to the Hall of Faces. There among the niches he finds a new face added to the collection. It is the face of the Waif.

Arya then steps out from behind, wielding her sword Needle to confront her former mentor. "You told her to kill me," Arya says, but the man replies, "Yes, but you are here and she is there," and in a manner that seems to congratulate her , he says, "Finally a girl is no one".

For some reason her training still does not make sense.

Arya then refutes him. "A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell," she proudly says, then she adds, "I'm going home."

She then turns her back and, like a boss, exits the Hall of Faces.

What did you think of this week's episode? Let us know in the comments! 


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