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Game Of Thrones: 05x09 The Dance Of Dragons

Rain Varela | PopWrapped Author

Rain Varela

Staff Writer
06/08/2015 11:05 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Game Of Thrones: 05x09 The Dance Of Dragons | game of thrones
Media Courtesy of HBO

ast week's episode of Game of Thrones was epic in scope. It was so great in fact that anything that comes afterward will pale in comparison as a result. So how do you top or at least come up to the level of an army of frozen zombies? Well, with dragon fire of course....

But before we get to that, things start off in the army camp of Stannis Baratheon en route to Winterfell. The Red Priestess Melisandre feels that there is something wrong in the air, she steps out of her tent to survey the place, when fires start erupting all over the camp.

The next morning the aftermath is clear, someone had entered the camp and had burned all the food stores. Davos estimates that it may be twenty men or so which infers that it was Ramsay Bolton. Who in last week's episode asked his father for twenty men on some mission against Stannis.

Meanwhile further North in the Wall. Jon Snow is leading the group of refugees he had saved from the White walker attack in Hardhome to the edge of the great ice barrier. Ser Alliser watches from the top surveying the crowd. Jon steps forward to be seen, and Ser Alliser orders the gates to be opened. Jon Snow breathes a sigh of relief as he sees the gate goes up. The Wildlings pass through Castle Black , as every other brother of the Night's watch watches on and adapts the Jon-Snow-sullen-look. As for Jon himself he attempts to smile at the young boy Olly, who scowls back at his master. Jon reverts back to his sullen look joining his men, now everyone is grumpy at good old Castle Black, except for Sam what with Gilly taking care of him and all.

Back in Stannis' camp. The King is looking forlorn and lost, he orders his trusted side kick Ser Davos to head back to Castle Black and get some food. Davos is reluctant to leave his King's side but Stannis admonishes him.

Davos obeys his master, and steps out of the tent to speak with his friend Shireen in her tent. There the Princess is busy reading an epic tale known as 'The Dance of Dragons'. Davos gives her a wooden toy stag as a gift and bids goodbye.

Further south, in Dorne. Jaime is invited to speak with Prince Doran. They sit together in a lavish salon within the ruler of Dorne's palace. Also in attendance is Princess Myrcella , Prince Trystane and Ellaria Sand. Doran seems amicable enough and proposes a toast to King Tommen, everyone drinks to it, but Ellaria pour her wine cup to the ground.Ignoring her, Doran says that he will return Myrcella to King's Landing with Jamie if that is what the King wishes , but on the condition that Trystane accompany her, and that he takes up his fallen uncle's seat within the governing small council. Jamie agrees but asks for the life of his companion Bronn. Doran states since that he had hit Trystane, then it should be Trystane's decision whether to spare the life of Bronn.

Thankfully, the young prince is merciful. He agrees to free Bronn but on one condition. At that moment, Bronn is released from the Dungeons and brought before the assembled nobles in the salon. There he is told he has been freed with one condition, with one fell swoop, Doran's captain of the guards hit him in the same exact way he ha hit Prince Trystane in the garden.

In Braavos, Arya is finally playing the part she visualised with Jaqen. She is holding a cart pretending to be a seller of oysters. She nears her target, who being fond of oysters would most probably buy from her. And as if on cue he does beckon to her. But Arya is distracted near the wharf she sees a familiar face.

She ignores the man calling for oysters, and sees a boat approaching carrying men from Westeros. Aboard is Lord Mace Tyrell, accompanied by Ser Meryn who is on Arya's kill list. She observes the party from a distance, as Lord Tyrell is welcomed by representatives of the Iron Bank.

She hovers in the background, and later at nightfall follows Ser Meryn who is accompanied by a couple of guards to a nearby brothel. Arya follows in, still pretending to sell oysters. She is almost shooed out. But a whore takes interest in what she is selling and states it is an aphrodisiac. She later approaches the room nearby where Ser Meryn is selecting a whore to take to bed. The Knight states that the women brought to him are all too old, so the madame brings him a very young serving girl and Ser Meryn takes an interest. Arya is spotted and she is told to go out.

She then proceeds back to the House of Black and White, inside she tells Jaqen that her target was not hungry and that she will try again tomorrow.

Back in Dorne, Prince Doran tells Ellaria that her rebellion has ended , and that she must submit or face death. She kisses Doran's hand for mercy. Later she enters Jamie's chambers, and tells him that Myrcella is an innocent in all that has transpired and maybe Jamie is too.

In Stannis' army camp. Things take a grimmer turn as the would-be-king speaks to his daughter and asks for forgiveness for what he is about to do. Shireen none the wiser, still not knowing what her father meant is led outside to a pyre where Melisandre waits. The little girl is frightened, but Melisandre proceeds with the sacrifice that would give her the strength to conjure up a victory for Stannis.

Game Of Thrones Courtesy of HBO

At first, Stannis' wife agrees to this. But later screams out for the sacrifice to stop. She is held by the guards as Stannis looks on at his daughter burning and his wife crying.

Further east, to the City of Mereen. We finally set eyes on the Colosseum like fighting pit. Daenerys presides over the gladiatorial battles. As Tyrion and her husband by convenience Hizdaqh argue politics. Later in the main fight Ser Jorah makes an appearance. He wins the battle and surprisingly picks up a spear that he launches at the dais where Daenerys is sitting.

The spear finds it mark but it not the Queen. A Son of The Harpy was about to strike at Daenerys when the weapon found him. Immediately it becomes apparent that there are more in the stands, they proceed to kill the Queen's unsullied guards. Daario fights back and in the mayhem Hizdaqh is killed. Jorah joins the fray and tries to lead Daenerys and her party out. But all exits are blocked.

They are cornered in the middle of the fighting pit as an army of the Sons of The Harpy surround them. One by one Daenerys' remaining guards fall. She closes her eyes preparing for the inevitable when a familiar sound is heard. At that point, Daenerys' black dragon, Drogon arrives just in time to save his mother. Drogon kills the Sons of the Harpy with fire. But they are still many and they fight back , throwing spears at the dragon. Daenerys approaches her dragon, and pulls one of the spears out.

Drogon growls at her, but in the end does remember her. Still though, spears still kept hurtling at the dragon. Daenerys then clambers on to Drogon and then in Valyrian orders him to fly. The Dragon obeys and like a goddess that we know her to be, Daenerys flies out of the fighting pit into safety. As Tyrion, Jorah, Daario and her handmaiden Missandei looks on... Now that's how you make an exit!

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