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Game Of Thrones: 06x01, The Red Woman

Rain Varela | PopWrapped Author

Rain Varela

Staff Writer
04/27/2016 7:17 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Game Of Thrones: 06x01, The Red Woman | Red woman
Media Courtesy of Ooyuz

Last season's Game Of Thrones ended with a climatic cliffhanger. It proved so compelling that all sorts of fan-made conspiracy theories arose, and poor Kit Harington (Jon Snow) was stalked by the entire world. Even the leader of the free world wanted to know, and not even he could get a direct answer.

This season chose not to beat around the bush, and they have decided to begin with Jon lying motionless in the snow on the empty courtyard of Castle Black. It seems the conspirators have left him there. It is Ser Davos who finds him, probably drawn to the whining of Ghost, who as it turns out was locked up. Jon's most loyal friends follow soon after, and they carry him inside to one of the rooms and lay him on the table.

They speculate correctly that it is Thorne who is behind the misdeed. They are disturbed by a light knock in the door, they draw their swords, but, when it opened, the Red Priestess Melisandre enters, and audiences worldwide wonder if she will start using the resurrection magic employed by Thoros of Myr. But this is Game Of Thrones, so obviously they have to drag this on and leave us guessing. Melisandre even states, "I saw him in the flames, fighting in Winterfell" -- words that were obviously concocted to both frustrate and delight everyone watching.

At the same time, in the great hall of Castle Black, the rest of the Night's Watch have assembled. Ser Alliser Thorne announces the death of the former Lord Commander. The men ask questions, and he readily admits that he, together with other officers, murdered Jon. He tries to justify it, but the hall still erupts in argument.

Back in the room where Jon Snow lies, his friends have released Ghost, and the direwolf is mourning his master. Melisandre seems to have gone out. Jon's loyal friends wants to avenge him, but Ser Davos stays their hand, saying that they don't have the numbers and may die in the process. They are adamant. Ser Davos, then, has an inkling, and he says that there are others who owe their life to Jon. Eddison Tollet understands immediately and he leaves to find help.

Not too far to the south in Winterfell, Ramsay mourns the death of his former lover. He promises vengeance, but, when he is asked if he wants the body buried or burnt, he answers, "It's good meat, feed it to the dogs". Now that's the Ramsay we known and love.

He proceeds out to speak with his father Lord Roose, who chides him for losing Sansa. His father says that, without Sansa, they won't have the full strength of the North behind him. He also points out that, without her, there is no heir. Lord Roose makes a veiled threat concerning Ramsay's place as his heir: "Let's hope the Maester arrives, and Lady Walder is carrying a boy." 

Outside of Winterfell, Theon and Sansa are being pursued by guards who have hounds to track them. They cross a freezing river to steer clear of the scent, and a frightened Sansa hesitates. Theon encourages her, and they proceed; when they have crossed, they take shelter on the roots of a fallen tree. They soon hear hounds approaching. Theon says he will draw them away, and Sansa must flee to Castle Black, since they do not know that Jon is dead and still believe that he is the Lord Commander.

Despite Theon facing the approaching guards, the hounds cannot be fooled, and they quickly sniff out Sansa. All seems lost until Brienne arrives with Podrick. They fend off the guards, with a little help from Theon, who saves Pod.

With the fighting done. Brienne bows to Sansa and, once again, offers her sword and service. Sansa accepts the offer this time.

In King's Landing, the ship from Dorne arrives. Cersei, who believes that she will be reunited with Myrcella once again, rushes to the castle's beach. She is distraught when the landing boat reveals only Jaime and a body covered with a drape.

They sojourn in the Red Keep, and Jamie tries to comfort his twin, who is upset about Myrcella's demise, promising her that he will avenge all the wrong that has been done to them.

In another part of the city, beneath the Sept of Baelor, Septa Unella is taunting Margaery and urging her to confess. The Queen, though, asks for her brother. The Septa won't have it and says that she is a sinner. They are interrupted when the High Sparrow enters, he dismisses the Septa and speaks with Margeary. He tells her that her husband, the King, misses her a lot and that she should confess. Margaery is adamant that she has done nothing wrong, but the High Sparrow asks her if she truly believes that she is pure and without sin. The Queen does not answer, and the old man nods and says that she is on the right track but has a long way to go. Will we have another walk of shame?

In Dorne, Prince Doran Martell is being accompanied in the garden by Ellaria Sand. They are interrupted by a messenger who brings a letter. Doran reads it and finds out about Myrcella's death. Before he can speculate about her death, Ellaria stabs him, and her daughter who was standing by kills the Chief of the Guards and the messenger. The other guards stand their ground and chose not to help. Ellaria says that his people no longer believe in him because he allowed the Lannisters to get away with the death of Elia. Doran, nearing death, asks about his son, but Ellaria says he will not succeed to Doran's throne.

Prince Trystane, who is in the ship with Jamie now anchored in King's Landing, is dispatched and killed by the rest of the Sand Snakes who had managed to go on board.

To the east in Mereen, Varys and Tyrion walk the streets of the city unguarded. Tyrion says they are dressed as merchants and, therefore, will walk unhindered. They discuss who could be behind the attack of the Sons of the Harpy. Vary assures Tyrion that his "little birds" -- his word for his spies -- are already gathering information, and they will know who this mysterious leader is. Their talk though is interrupted by ringing bells, and they rush to where the commotion seems to be and find that all the ships in the harbor of Mereen have been torched.

In the steppes away from the city, Ser Jorah and Daario are still searching for Daenerys. They find the path that a Dothraki Horde had passed by. Ser Jorah investigates the grounds and finds a ring belonging to the Queen. "They have her," he tells Daario.

Not too far away, Daenerys is marching with a Dothraki horde. She is held captive and is taunted by men who watch her. She doesn't let on that she knows their language. Later, when they make camp, she is summoned to the presence of their leader, Khal Moro.

He eyes her and plans on taking her clothes off, but, when he attempts to rip of her dress, Daenerys speaks in Dothraki. She reveals who she is and proceeds to narrate her numerous long-winded titles. The Khal is unimpressed and tells Daenerys that he will lie with her this night, but the Queen stands her grounds and says that she is the wife of Khal Drogo.

Khal Moro immediately apologizes and frees her and says that it is forbidden to lie with a Khal's widow. Seeing an opportunity, Daenerys asks to be escorted back to Mereen where she will reward the horde with a thousand horses as thanks. Moro refutes her, saying that there is only one place for a Khal's widow such as her and that is in Vaes Dothrak.

In Braavos, Arya is now blind and begging in the streets of the city. She is then taunted by her former companion in the temple who challenges her to a staff fight. She protests that she is blind, but the other girl is merciless, as she beats and hits Arya with her staff. As Arya lays gasping on the ground, her former companion says, "see you again tomorrow," then promptly leaves.

Back in Castle Black there is a standoff. Ser Alliser seems to have taken control of the Night's Watch, except for Jon's friends, who are hiding in one of the rooms with the body of the former Lord Commander. Ser Alliser knocks in their door. He talks to the closed door, offers the men behind it amnesty, and, for Ser Davos, safe passage to leave Castle Black.

Ser Davos answers back that he will need mutton for the journey, Ser Alliser agrees to supply him with food and tells them that the offer stands until nightfall. Ser Davos replies that they will need time to think. Ser Alliser walks away.

In the room, though, Ser Davos tells the other men that they couldn't trust Ser Alliser and need to find another way; he suggests that they seek the help of Melisandre and her sorcery.

In another chamber, Melisandre seems lost and despondent. She stares at herself in the mirror and removes her robe, standing naked except for her choker. She removes that, too, and, in her place, now stands an old woman, revealing that her youthful features were nothing more but an illusion. She goes to bed alone.


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