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Game Of Thrones: 06x07, The Broken Man

Rain Varela | PopWrapped Author

Rain Varela

Staff Writer
06/10/2016 1:54 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Game Of Thrones: 06x07, The Broken Man | The Broken Man
Media Courtesy of HBO

At last we finally find out where the Hound is, and no he is not working at KFC. This season seems to be all about bringing back characters. Who shall we see next, Gendry?

Anyway, Sandor like many warriors on screen who have almost met his death, finds himself in an idyllic commune far away from civilization. He is building a Sept (which is the equivalent of a Church in Westeros), together with common folk. To add to the cliche, as it turns out he was found near death by a kindly old man who is a Sept (a priest of the Faith of the Seven). For a series that churns out surprises, this part of the episode seems to be full of tropes. You can already smell what story arc the Hound will get into, so let's get into it. The common folk are harassed by the Brotherhood without Banners, the Hound says they should defend themselves, but the kindly old Septon who is a former warrior himself abhors violence. What happens next is, Hound is conveniently away, so everyone gets slain. He finds all of them including the Old Septon hanging from the unfinished Sept, cue the broken hero tries to get revenge music..

Now on to more important things. In King's Landing, Margaery seems to be taking on the role of pious Queen to the tee. If the Faith of the Seven had, saints she'd be in line to be one. She meets with the High Sparrow and the two talk about religious babble and finding yourself. Of course the old man is quite happy with his new minion/convert.

But like all religious fanatics and cult leaders, he is not satisfied with just nabbing the Queen. He drops a veiled threat that Margaery's grandmother, the Lady Olenna should also repent for the sake of her body and soul. But of course, the prospect of a Walk of Shame by the Matriarch of House Tyrell would be daunting. Can you imagine? Game of Thrones ratings would probably drop!

For the sake of the eyes of the viewing public of the show and the citizens of King's Landing, Queen Margaery warns her grandmother in secret. The Queen is being watched by Septa Ulenna like a hawk, so she urges her grandmother to leave and at the same time slips a piece of paper to her hand.

Lady Olenna then moves away, opens the paper and sees a drawing of a rose, which is the sigil of House Tyrell. She smiles, trusting her granddaughter's formidable guile.

Later, Dowager Queen Cersei goes to meet Lady Olenna with her giant-zombie bodyguard watching over her. She tries to urge the Tyrell Matriarch to remain so that they can join forces in protecting Tommen and Margaery. But Olenna is not having it, she berates Cersei for being responsible for all of this. The Dowager Queen admits her mistake, but still Olenna is unconvinced. She tells Cersei she will leave.

In the North, Jon Snow is having little luck in gathering a sizable force. The Wildlings are convinced to join him, but the only House that gives support is House Mormont of Bear Island which is led by the very young Lady Lyanna. She is named after Ned's sister, you know, the one kidnapped by Prince Rhaegar. This could be a hint. Jon Snow meeting her can't be a coincidence, right?

She grants him sixty two warriors, hardly an army, but if there is one thing we know about Bear Island, it's that they're are handy in a fight. Jon and Sansa also visit House Glover, but they are rebuked and the door is slammed in their face.

They return to camp, and Sansa finds the numbers lacking, so she sneakily writes a letter for aid (presumably to Lord Baelish) and sends it off by Raven.

Meanwhile in Riverrun, the Lannister forces have arrived led by Jaime and Bronn. They witness a standoff wherein the Freys threaten to hang Edmure Tully in front of the castle. But the Blackfish taunts them. He shouts back from the safety of the parapets for them to "hang him!" and he walks away. The Freys don't kill Edmure though. 

Jaime then insults the Freys inability to go on with the threat. He takes control of the siege and orders that Edmure be fed and bathed. He then sends out a message to parley with the Blackfish.

Later on, the two leaders meet at the entrance of Riverrun. Jaime urges him to surrender, promising to spare his men, but the Blackfish says he will never surrender. He tells Jaime that they have two years provision to hold out a siege, and taunts him that he hasn't got two years to spare. The Blackfish then walks back into Riverrun like a boss.

In the east, the Ironborn fleet has arrived in Volantis, and their first stop? A whorehouse. Yara and her men enjoy canoodling with the half naked prostitutes, but Theon, who used to enjoy such activity, sits sullenly. Yara, who is in the embrace of a naked woman, jokes to him about this. Theon's face goes Jon Snow sullen, snd Yara feels sorry for him. She dismisses the prostitute and tries to cheer up her brother. She tells him that she would do nothing to hurt him, but she needs the old Theon back; the tough one! She urges him to grow a spine, and with her words of encouragement and ale, he slowly wakes up from his dour mood. Yara is happy with the effect and reveals plans to go to Mereen to meet with Daenerys. I guess now it is a race with Euron, and Dany will have her fleet either way.

In Braavos, Arya overhears a Westerosi captain talk about the presence of the Iron Fleet in Slaver's Bay. She approaches him and asks for passage back to Westeros. She shows him money and he seems inclined. Arya walks away happily, having made plans to see the Captain on sunrise. She walks over the bridge to admire the passage home and an old woman approaches her. She greets Arya and then stabs her multiple times in the abdomen. The old woman as it turns out, is the waif, her old companion in the temple of the many faced god. Desperate to survive, Arya jumps into the water, and her old companion looks on. Arya does not emerge. The Waif is satisfied and walks away. Arya emerges seconds later though, and she walks through the street clutching her wound, desperate for aid.

Hope she survives.


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