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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Game Of Thrones: 06x09, Battle Of The Bastards

Rain Varela | PopWrapped Author

Rain Varela

Staff Writer
06/24/2016 12:22 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Game Of Thrones: 06x09, Battle Of The Bastards | Battle of the Bastards
Media Courtesy of Ooyuz

We are near the closing chapters of this season of Game Of Thrones, and it is sad to think that there will only be one episode left after this one.

But fret not, if there is one thing we know about this series is that it always end things with a bang. And it looks like they are delivering the goods just as we are about to wrap up.

Last week, Daenerys finally made her way back to Mereen. But her return isn't as joyous as she liked since she lands in the middle of her city under siege. She of course scolds her adviser, Tyrion for the mess he made of things.

He asks her what she plans to do, and she threatens to kill all her enemies and burn their cities to the ground. Tyrion for all the mistakes he did then gave her a word of caution, and tells her that this is how her mad father Aerys may have reacted. Daenerys argues that it not the same thing, or is it as Tyrions postulates. The Queen seems to see the wisdom in this and thus chooses to see the Masters.

Later outside of the Pyramid, Daenerys together with Tyrion, Missandei and Greyworm entreats with the Masters. They mock her and the slaves, and says that the translator and the Unsullied will be sold off once again, while the Queen exiled barefoot to walk away.

But Daenerys counters him, saying that she is not negotiating their surrender but theirs. The Masters laughed at her and tells her that her "reign is over". But soon a sound is heard, and Drogon flies down to his mother. Mocking them Daenerys says that her "reign is only beginning". She then rides on the Dragon's back and flies off. As she sweeps in the air, the two other dragons within the great pyramid, step out. They join their mother and brethren in the skies above Mereen.

Outside, the Sons of the Harpy are causing mayhem, slaughtering people. But soon enough the Dothraki horde arrive led by Daario and they kill the insurgent group.

Meanwhile Daenerys and her dragons fly over the Master's fleet and started burning some of the ships.

At the beach, Greyworm gives the guards of the Masters a choice to flee or die. They choose the former and they drop their weapons and run.

Tyrion then chides the Masters for breaking their deal, and Missandei tells them that for this, they must choose one of them to die. The two select the one in the middle saying that he is of low birth and not one of them. Greyworm then steps forward and slashes the throat of the two who made the selection. Tyrion then tells the survivor to spread word of what he has seen and what happens to those who oppose Daenerys Stormborn.

In the North, Jon Snow, Sansa with Tormund, Davos and the Lady Lyanna finally meet to entreat with Ramsay. Jon proposes a one on one duel but Ramsay only mocks him for this and reminds them that he has Rickon. But steely eyed Sansa asks for proof, so the head of shaggydog is thrown on their feet. Sansa is unperturbed and tells her "husband" that he will die the next day.

Later that night, Jon is in a council of war with Davos and Tormund. The former Lord Commander is finding it hard to explain battle tactics to the wildling leader who takes things too literally. Soon they leave and Sansa stays behind. She chides Jon for not knowing what kind of man he is facing the next day. She tells him that Ramsay may use Rickon as a tool to unnerve him. The two argue a little and in the end she tells him, "if Ramsay wins I'm not going back there alive". Jon assures her that he will protect her no matter what happens.

After the meeting Jon goes to see Melisandre, and tells her, "if I fall don't bring me back". But the Red Witch says she only follow what her god says and she will only do his bidding. I guess that means keeping Jon alive.

But outside trouble is brewing for the Priestess as Davos seems to have put two and two together. He encounters wood burned outside the perimeters of the camp. And there he finds the toy stag he carved for Princess Shireen. Noting the wood and knowing full well Melisandre's propensity to burn those of King's blood as a sacrifice, it dawns on the Knight what could have hapened to Stannis' daughter.

Back in Mereen, Theon and Yara have finally made their way to an audience with Daenerys. Tyrion is standing by her side and he questions the siblings. They explain their circumstance and that they plan to give the service of their fleet and in exchange Daenerys will support Yara's claim to the throne of the Iron Islands.

Daenerys agrees but says that there must be no more raping and pillaging from them, she also sweetens the deal by saying that she may also kill their uncle for them. Yara says it's a deal, Daenerys then turns to Tyrion and he nods his assent. How about that a Greyjoy-Targaryen alliance!

In Winterfell the next day, battle lines are now drawn and Ramsay is up to his old tricks as he brings out Rickon to the field. He parades the young Stark leading him by a rope to the front. He makes a show of it, as a bewildered Jon watches from the distant. Surprisingly Ramsay raises his sword and cuts Rickon's bonds. He whispers to the boy that they will play a game and that he should run to his brother.

Rickon moves forward with hesitation but immediately runs when he sees a bow and arrow being handed to the psychopath. It is now clear what his intention is. Jon, seeing this, takes to horse leaving his army behind to save his younger brother.

Ramsay plays around and shoots one arrow after the other. And it is only at the moment that Jon is near that an arrow pierces Rickon's heart. Jon watches as his brother is drained of life, enraged he attacks forward on his own.

Davos then takes lead, he orders the army to join their commander and they surge forward. Ramsay smiles and order the archers to loose their arrows. The resulting volley strikes at Jon's horse and the animal falls. Ramsay then orders the cavalry forward. Jon now has to face the incoming men on horseback, he draws his sword.

But thankfully his own cavalry make it just in time to meet the onslaught. Ramsay then orders another volley from the archers, not caring at all that his own men are mixed in the melee with that of Jon's. Davos though holds back their archers for fear of hitting their own men.

The Bolton archers then keep on releasing volley after volley. Davos, seeing that they are left doing nothing, orders his men forward to join the rest. Ramsay smiles as his plans come to fruition.

He then orders his infantry forward. They surround Jon's army and in a circle they interlock their shields forming an impenetrable barrier.

The Boltons then point forward their pikes, and slowly tighten the circle. Jon's army is panicked and they try their best to break the circle, even Wun Wun the giant is having trouble.

The wildlings then flee back to retreat towards the mountain of corpses in the middle. Jon is caught by the crowd and is trampled upon and nearly suffocates from having all the men in such close quarters. But then a horn sounds, and in the horizon, the banners of House Arryn flies as the Knights of the Vale comes to rescue Jon's beleaguered army.

Lord Baelish and Sansa watches from horseback as the Knights break the circle and free the men from the trap. Jon then eyes Ramsay, daring him to a fight. But the former bastard of Bolton turns around and rides back to the safety of Winterfell.

On foot, Jon, Wun-wun and Tormund give chase. Ramsay makes it inside the castle and is sure that it will hold out of a prolong siege. But as soon as he spoke, noise is heard from the entrance gate.

Wun-wun uses his enormous strength to pommel gates open,but to great cost. As the doors crash down the giant is exhausted from being peppered with arrows and he kneels down to rest. The wildlings march in with Jon and he looks on in pity at his big friend.

And then an arrow hits the giant's eye and he dies. Jon looks at who had loosed the arrow and sees Ramsay. He mocks Jon that he may be now ready for a one on one fight. The Wildlings draw their own bows but Jon chooses to charge his fellow bastard on his own.

With a shield he covers himself from the arrows that Ramsay looses on him. He gets near enough to hit him. And pommels the man with punches. He only stops when he sees Sansa standing over him, knowin full well that revenge belongs to his sister.

Soon enough, the banners of House Stark once again hang in Winterfell as it has for the past eight thousand years. Melisandre watches it all, as Davos eyes her menacingly from behind.

Meanwhile the body of Rickon is brought to Jon, he orders that it be buried in the crypt besides their father. At that point Sansa then asks Jon where he put Ramsay.

Sansa then goes to see her former tormentor in the dungeons. All bloodied, tied up and behind bars he still mocks her, taunting her. But Sansa's eyes are steel, she looks at Ramsay and tells him that he, his house, and all he has done will be forgotten. Then a growl is heard as Ramsay's hounds enter the inner part of the dungeon.

They circle their master, and Ramsay says that they are loyal. But Sansa reminds him that he hasn't feed this beasts in seven days with the intent of feeding those he think would lose the battle to them.

One of them smells the blood on Ramsay's face, sensing meat, the Hound pounces and the rest follow suit. Sansa watches, then walks out leaving Ramsay screaming behind.


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