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Game of Thrones: 05x06 Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken Recap

Rain Varela | PopWrapped Author

Rain Varela

Staff Writer
05/19/2015 8:34 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Game of Thrones: 05x06 Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken Recap | Game Of Thrones
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This week's Game of Thrones offers a lot of surprises , even for those who have read the books. It is nice that the writers have taken the core of the story and provided their own twist that makes the show extra special. In the mysterious House of Black and White, Arya is getting tired of the monotony of the chores without learning anything. She cleans corpses the best she can, but still has no idea what happens to them afterwards. As she is still riddled with games that she had no idea she was playing, she attempts to go through the door where the corpses are taken, but is stopped. Later that night, Jaqen whispers "who are you" in her sleep. She awakens and tells her tale the way she remembers it. Jaqen whips her every time she tells something untrue, even those that she believes herself. It is here that we find out that she actually really cared for the Hound after all. Eventually Arya proves herself with one small act: while scrubbing the floors, a man brings a girl to the well where people come to die. He speaks with Arya and tells her that he has tried to find the best healers in the world but to no avail and the girl is still suffering. Arya in pity , goes to the girl, and grants her a drink in the well, as Jaqen watches from the shadows. Later when Arya is with the corpse of the girl, Jaqen opens the secret door and leads Arya down below. There, he reveals a great hall , magnificent in size and with large columns , with hundreds of niches where a thousand faces are stored. So that's what they do with corpses, and explains the mysterious ability of the faceless men. "Is the girl ready?", Jaqen asks and then adds "The girl is not ready to be no one, but she is ready to become someone else". And thus Arya's training to be a face-changing assassin may soon begin, finally! Meanwhile , still in the East, Jorah and Tyrion are making their way to Mereen. The two exchange stories and Jorah discovers the death of his father in the mutiny, in the North of the Wall. They later spot a slave ship and are captured. But using his sly tongue, Tyrion is able to not only persuade the slavers no to kill him, but to bring them to Mereen as well, by pointing out that Ser Jorah is a great warrior who can prove to be useful fighting man in the newly reopened fighting pits. In King's Landing, Lord Petyr Baelish has arrived. But knowing full-well that he is the owner of Westeros' premier Brothel that the religious fanatics had earlier shut down, he is blocked in the streets by the Faith Militant, led by Lancell Lannister. Lord Baelish is able to talk his way out, by using Queen Cersei Lannister's name. Later, he speaks with Cersei and in what may be a genius move in political maneuvering, he tells the Queen that Sansa Stark is in Winterfell and about to marry Ramsay Bolton. He pins the idea on the Boltons and Cersei of course is livid. And knowing that the Lannisters will not commit to troops in the North, he convinces her to send another army in the North to take Winterfell, because after all there is an impending confrontation between the Boltons and Stannis and whoever wins will be weakened. She agrees, and the army that is going to be sent are the troops of the Vale, which is under the control of Lord Baelish. He also makes the Queen promise to make him 'Warden of the North' when he succeeds - oh what a sly fox that man is. Meanwhile in the South at Dorne, Jamie and Bronn finally arrive at the Water Gardens. Coincidentally at that moment, Ellaria Sands and the Sand Snakes are about to make their move. They utter the motto of House Martell "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken" and then proceed to kidnap Princess Myrcella Lannister. Luckily, Jamie and Bronn in disguise of Dorne soldiers, make it to her first. She is with Trystane Martell her betrothed, and the young woman seemed besotted by her intended. Tystane is suspicious of Jamie and draws his sword, but he is knocked unconcious, and the Princess is mad. As Jamie is about to take her, a whip curls in his hand. The Sand Snakes have arrived. A scuffle ensues and Myrcella is nearly taken, but the guards of Dorne arrive in time and the two groups are captured. Ellaria is later seen to be captured as well. Back in King's Landing, the Queen of Thorns has come back and she consults with her grand daughter Queen Margaery first, before proceeding to confront Cersei. The Queen Mother is unperturbed by the formidable matriarch of House Tyrell. Even with the not so veiled threat of pulling out the provisions and the wealth her family has provided for the crown,  Cersei merely informs her that there is a holy inquest that will be led by the High Septon/High Sparrow over Loras' fate. Later in the inquest where Ser Loras, Queen Margaery, Lady Olenna, Queen Mother Cersei and King Tommen are in attendance, things take a dark turn when a witness that has got laid with Loras before is able to bring proof of the young Lord's preference for men. And to make it worse, Queen Margaery is also apprehended for lying under oath over her brother's sexual preference. As her grandchildren are taken away, Lady Olenna gives Cersei a hard stare, promising retribution for what transpired. First round goes to Cersei! At Winterfell, Miranda, Ramsay's lover tries to frighten Sansa Stark away from her impending marriage, by telling her of Ramsay's former lovers and some of his sadistic antics. Sansa though catches on and turns the tables on the young woman, telling her "I am Sansa Stark and I will not be frightened". Later, she gets married to Ramsay in the Godswood in Winterfell, where Theon gives her away. Theon then escorts the newlyweds to their chamber. There, Ramsay shows off his sadistic side and orders Sansa to strip away her clothes. As Theon is about to leave, Ramsay orders him to stay and watch. Ramsay then rips off Sansa's clothes and has his way with her as the young Lady screams in pain. Theon, who grew up with Sansa and she's almost as a sister to him, tears up as the whole sordid spectacle unveils before his eyes. Maybe this will finally awaken his senses and bring back his allegiance to the family who loved him and he in turn betrayed.... Hopefully, we'll see Lady Olenna and Sansa starting to use their maneuvering skills to turn the tables on their rivals, next week on Game Of Thrones.

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