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Game Of Thrones: 05x08 Hardhome

Rain Varela | PopWrapped Author

Rain Varela

Staff Writer
06/05/2015 2:37 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Game Of Thrones: 05x08 Hardhome | Hardhome
Media Courtesy of Tumblr

There is little in the way of political maneuvering, and plots in this weeks Game of Thrones, as this week they decide to provide us with one of its finest episode, as the series suddenly transitions from Medieval-like drama to one of true Gothic horror!

First, let us address the aftermath of the meeting between two of the most pivotal characters in the series. After being presented as 'the gift,' last week, Tyrion, together with Ser Jorah, now stands before Daenerys Targaryen in her throne room within the pyramid. With his usual gallant tongue, Tyrion talks his way out of another mess. Daenerys asks what she is to do with Ser Jorah and Tyrion shows his political skill, as he tells the Queen that it is not wise to kill those who are devoted to her, but since he did betray her, he must not be by her side. Daenerys chooses to listen and exiles Ser Jorah once more.

Meanwhile in Braavos, Arya is being schooled by J'aqen visualizing a scenario as part of her training to be a face changing assassin or "faceless man." She is taught to believe in the role she plays. Later, though, J'aqen tells her that the end part of the story she visualized is part truth and that she must conduct the mission in reality. Arya proceeds to do so.

Back in King's Landing, Cersei is languishing in her cell. A Septa urges her to confess as she tantalizingly hovers a drink of water over the Queen. Cersei is adamant not to give in. She is later visited by the Maester who is loyal to her and informs her of what is happening in court. Apparently Grand Master Pycelle has summoned her uncle Kevan Lannister to act as Hand of The King, and he is now in charge of the government in Cersei's absence. The Queen appeals to see her son, but her Maester informs her that Tommen will not come out of his chamber. He urges her that there is only one way to go out, and that is to confess. Cersei dismisses it, and the Maester leaves, and she is left once again with the Septa.

Hardhome Tumblr

Later, the Septa, growing tired of Cersei's threats, drops her daily water ration on the floor. When she leaves, the proud Queen sips the puddle from the floor.

Up north, Theon serves Sansa food in her chamber. The angry young woman confronts Theon with all of his betrayals. Within the course of the arguments, Sansa learns that Bran and Rickon are alive as Theon confessed to faking their deaths.

In another part of Winterfell, Lord Roose Bolton is presiding over a battle council. He tells everyone that they should remain safe within the walls of Winterfell, and wait for Stannis to come to them. With the cold and the high walls of the castle, they could not fall, he argues. Ramsay disagrees and tells his father that they should strike first. Roose is unwilling to send out an army out into this kind of weather. But Ramsay tells him that he won't need an army, just twenty good men.

Back in the east, Daenerys speaks with Tyrion. They swap stories of their fathers and the political reality of Westeros. The Queen decides to spare Tyrion's life and makes him her new advisor. The finest political mind in Westeros, allied with a powerful Queen with Dragons: what could stand in their way?

Not too far away, the exiled Ser Jorah speaks with his former slavemaster and negotiates to fight in the fighting pits of Mereen, in front of his beloved Daenerys.

In Castle Black, Gilly is still healing Sam, when Olly knocks to bring him some food. Gilly promptly leaves as the two speak. Olly asks Sam why Jon is trying to save the wildlings. Sam tells the boy that they are people too, they are good and bad among them, but the white walkers are coming and that they'll need every ally they can get. It is unclear whether Olly accepts this, but Sam tells him not to worry about Jon, 'He always comes back,' he says.

Far to the North in Hardhome, Jon Snow has arrived with the fleet of ships. He disembarks with Tormund, and they speak with Rattleshirt, the lord of bones. Tormund urges him to gather the Elders for a meeting, but Rattleshirt insults him, so Tormund strikes his former ally and kills him. Then tells the other wildlings to gather the Elders.

The Elders hold a meeting with Jon Snow and Tormund, together with the giant Wun-wun. Jon Snow offers them dragonglass, and shelter in the lands south of the Wall. One Lady Elder does not trust Jon, but she trusts Tormund, and tells him that if he vouches for the Lord Commander, they will join. Tormund vouches for Jon, but the leader of the Thenns is unconvinced and angrily leaves.

Later, those who wish to join are slowly boarded on boats to go to the ships. A strange wind is heard and felt. The Wildlings nervously glance at the surrounding cliffs. A strange avalanche is seen moving down. Those who are camped outside of Hardhome run to the gates and attempt to make it through before they are trapped on the wrong side.

Hurriedly, as white mist gushes down, the gates are closed and many are left inside. And it is within this moment that Game of Thrones shows us a frightening version of a medieval zombie apocalypse. Those who are left inside become property of the dead and are turned into ice zombies who attack the walls.

Panic ensues, and the wildlings clamber for the boats. Those who are brave enough go back to fight. Archers draw their bows, and rain arrows against the undead. The Night's Watch and the Lady Elder urge Jon Snow to retreat, but he chooses to stand and fight. Remembering the dragonglass, he tries to get to the cottage of the Elders where it was left, together with the Leader of the Thenns.

Hardhome Tumblr

But when he gets there, a white walker warrior faces them. The Thenn Leader tries to hold off the White Walker, but he is no match against him. Jon Snow tries to grab for dragonglass, but the white walker is able to grab him and beats him down. As he is thrown outside, he fumbles for his Valyrian steel sword. And this proves useful against the white walker. The White Walker Warrior shatters into a million pieces as the King of the Night watches from the clifftop.

Hardhome Tumblr
Hardhome Tumblr
Hardhome Tumblr
Hardhome Tumblr

Many fall, including the Lady Elder. And more undead pour down. Jon Snow retreats with those who remain, as Wun Wun (the giant) uses his great strength to cover their escape. They are able to reach the boat, and Wun Wun strides out to the ships. As Jon Snow watches, the King of The Night arrives, and reawakens all those who have died. Jon Snow surveys the landscape and sees that the White walkers had just added thousands more to their massive zombie army. Let us hope Daenerys can bring her Dragons to Westeros soon, they'll need their fire to battle the ice.

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