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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Game Of Thrones: 05x10, Mother's Mercy

Rain Varela | PopWrapped Author

Rain Varela

Staff Writer
06/16/2015 12:48 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Game Of Thrones: 05x10, Mother's Mercy | game of thrones
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So, we have come to the end. Once again, Game Of Thrones will be closing another season and we will have to wait another year to open the next chapter. It is a sad episode, and many of us who have read the books have been dreading this for long, although let us just say that there is still a tiny glimmer of hope .

Last episode, we were all horrified with the demise of Shireen. But of course it may be horrible but it is for a good cause, after all we have seen what Melisandre can do with King's blood, and with the amount that was burned it could probably help in toppling the Boltons, right? Well initially this appears to be the case , as Melisandre sees that the snow has melted . And so off she goes to tell the King that the Red God has answered his prayers and will be delivering Winterfell soon.

But alas, bad news soon arrives, Stannis is told that half the men had left during the night. Melisandre, for the first time, looked unsure. The King is then asked to go somewhere of importance, he hurries only to find his wife hanging by a tree, dead. As he orders that she be cut down, he receives word that Melisandre had ridden out of the camp. I guess King's blood type of magic only works with leeches and kinky bondage sex. Stannis begrudgingly orders the march to Winterfell.

Meanwhile, at Castle Black, Jon Snow and Sam, probably his last friend among the brothers of the Night's Watch, are exchanging stories. Sam asks for permission to journey to Old Town with Gilly and the baby to train as a Maester to replace Aemon. Jon agrees with much sadness in losing his pal. Funny enough, in the course of their conversation, Jon guessed that Sam had lost his virginity with Gilly.

Later, a very sullen Jon Snow watches as his friend leaves.

At the same time, Stannis arrives in Winterfell. As the Boltons prepares for battle, Sansa uses the corkscrew she had stolen to release her lock. She flees out to the tower with the intention of lighting her candle at the window.

Meanwhile, outside, Podrick spots Stannis' army and he runs to Brienne who is keeping watch for Sansa's signal. The Knight is torn between two duties , to protect Sansa or to avenge Renly. She chooses the latter and leaves , just as the window in the highest tower lights up with Sansa's candle.

Stannis' army faces an ambush of a much larger force composed of cavalry. Stannis' army is crushed and the King stands alone in a forest, able to fend off two men but is badly injured. As he lies dying, Brienne finds him, and states that she will execute him in Renly's name for using dark magic to assassinate her former master. Stannis tells her to go on. She swings her sword, it is left ambiguous on whether it found its mark.

Back within the walls of Winterfell, Sansa is caught on top of a parapet by Myranda and Theon with the woman aiming a bow and arrow at her. Myranda taunts her and even seems to try to let loose an arrow at her. But in a seeming change of heart, Theon stops her and throws her down to her death. He grabs Sansa's arm and they try to make a run for it. But at that moment, the army of the Boltons return and they are trapped on top. Theon and Sansa then sees the pile of snow outside the walls, they silently agree to jump off to their freedom. Hopefully that snow pile will break their fall.

In Braavos , Ser Meryn is still at the brothel. He has three young girls with him he hits for his own pleasure. Two scream but one seems defiant. He pays attention to her as the two other flee. As he moves to strike, the girl shows her true form, it is Arya in disguise. She attacks, gouges out his eyes and tortures him before finally killing him.

She later goes back to the House of Black and White to return the face she had used. But as she puts it back J'aqen together with the other girl-acolyte catches her. He tells her that she has killed the wrong man and that for death, another death must be done in payment. As the acolyte holds her, Jaqen brings out a vial of the poisoned water. Arya thinks it is for her, but J'aqen drinks it and dies. Arya is devastated , but as it turns out it's not J'aqen at all .

In a freaky scene, the girl transforms into J'aqen and Arya is left pulling out faces on the corpse in front of her. When she pulls out the last face, her own is shown. It is then that by some form of magic, she is struck blind.

In Dorne, things seemed amicable as Prince Doran waves Jaime, Bronn, Trystane and Princess Myrcella off from the docks. Even Ellaria who had incited trouble before, now seemed pacified. She is actually pleasant to Myrcella, kissing her as a goodbye.

The group then leaves for a ship. Aboard, Jaime has a one-on-one talk with the Princess, where he struggles to finally tell her that he is her father. But Myrcella reveals that she already guessed the truth and the two share a warm embrace. But then Myrcella's nose bleeds, as she collapses.

Back in the docks, it is shown that Ellaria's nose is bleeding as well. But instead of collapsing, she wipes her lips and takes out a vial from her bosom. She drinks its contents , her bleeding is gone and she seemed well. With a smug look , she leaves the docks with the Sand Snakes.

Far to the east in Mereen, Daario, Tyrion and Jorah are at the stairs of Daenerys' throne when Grey worm with Missandei arrives. It is then that Daario decides that he and Jorah should search for the missing Queen. While Tyrion governs the city with the support of Greyworm and Missandei.

Later, as Tyrion watches the two ride off, Lord Varys arrives. He slyly offers his service to Tyrion and the dwarf acknowledges it.

Meanwhile, Daenerys is alone in a mountaintop with Drogon. She tries to get the Dragon to take her back to Mereen but to no avail. An exasperated Daenerys wanders off in search of food. But instead of finding sustenance she encounters a Dothraki horde, who immediately surround her.

In King's Landing, Cersei finally succumbs and confesses to the High Sparrow. She only confirms one sin, that is that she slept with her cousin Lancell. The High Sparrow agrees that she could return to the Red Keep if she performed one-atonement.

Cersei is then washed and her head is shaved. She is then put in front of a crowd, where she is stripped naked and forced to walk to the Red Keep with an escort of Faith Militants and a Septa who cries 'Shame' ever so often. The crowd throw things and shout abuse. In tears, she arrives at the gate of the Red Keep. Where she is met by Maester Pycelle and her uncle , Kevan. But it is only her faithful servant Qyburn who clothes her. He tells her of a new Kingsguard who seemed different somehow and may be the product of the secret experiment that has succeeded. This Kingsguard approaches and carries the humiliated Queen in his arms.

In Castle Black, Ser Davos is trying to convince Jon Snow to aid Stannis , when Melisandre arrives. They ask for news, but the Red Priestess seemed shocked and says nothing.

Later that night, Jon Snow is at his desk when Olly walks in. He tells him that there is a wildling waiting outside, with news of his Uncle Benjen. Jon rises up and follows the boy , and Ser Aliser meets him. He is led to a group of Brothers and as they part, a wooden board is revealed with the words 'Traitor' written on it.

Ser Alliser then stabs him, and each man takes a turn doing the same. As he staggers, they part, to reveal Olly. Jon whimpers out 'Olly'. But the boy still stabs him, saying 'For the watch'.

Jon Snow then lies down on the floor, as the blood bathes the snow around him , his king's blood, which Melisandre had said had so much power in it. How wasteful for it to just seep out like that.

That is it then... until next year.

Can you wait? What did you think?

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