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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Game Of Thrones: 06x03, Oathbreaker

Rain Varela | PopWrapped Author

Rain Varela

Staff Writer
05/10/2016 5:01 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Game Of Thrones: 06x03, Oathbreaker | oathbreaker
Media Courtesy of Ooyuz

This week, Game Of Thrones picks up exactly where it left off. Previously, the last thing we saw was Jon Snow gasping for air, just as everyone had already left the room.

Well apparently for some reason Ser Davos came back, and he witnesses the young Lord Commander rising from his stupor. Jon is disoriented and he is in shock and Se Davos moves to clothe him with his robe . Melisandre then enters the room, she goes near to Jon and asks him where he went when he died. The young man only says "nothing". But Melisandre's faith is unshaken, she tells Jon that the Lord of Light brought him back for a reason and she is convinced that he is the "Prince that was promised" and she was wrong to think it was Stannis.

Jon is unresponsive. Seeing this, Davos asks Melisandre to give him and the Lord Commander a moment to talk, so the Red Priestess withdraws. Ser Davos then consoles Jon, who shakes his head and says that he has failed. But the onion knight tells him "good, now go fail again", he says. It seems to work so Jon gets up.

The Lord Commander dresses up and meets the assembled Wildlings and members of the Night's Watch in the courtyard. They are in awe at seeing him alive. Tormund meets him and says, "they think you are some kind of god -that is for rising from the dead". "I'm not a god" Jon says, and then the Wildling jokes that he doesn't thinks so either since he has seen Jon's pecker and it ain't godlike. Jon cracks a smile, he then goes to his friend Eddison Tollet and gives him a hug. "You're eyes are still brown" he notes, confirming that Jon is not a white walker of some kind.

Somewhere in the sea, Sam and Gilly are aboard a ship. Gilly seems to be enjoying herself but Sam is seasick. The young wildling is excited about going to Oldtown, but Sam talks to her and tells her that women aren't allowed in the citadel. Gilly offers to stay in Oldtown, but Sam tells her that instead she will stay at his home in Hornhill. Gilly is not thrilled with the idea of being separated from him, but he convinces her it is for best. She then replies that she trusts his judgement and he will go with his plan.

Further North, Bran is back within a vision, this time he sees his father as a young man with a few companions in horseback one of which is Howland Reed, Jojen and Meera's father. They approach a tower where two members of the Kingsguard await their approach. One of them approaches, Bran points him out and says, "that's Arthur Dayne", who Ned Stark had called as the best swordsman he has ever seen.

Ned asks Arthur where his sister is, but the knight taunts him a bit, and they trade in harsh words. Ned indicates that he has killed Prince Rhaegar, Arthur's master. The two sides then fight, the other Kingsguard falls easily, but Dayne is able to dispatch all of Ned's companions by himself.

Ned then sees himself standalone, the two men fight and he is bested. But unknown to Arthur, Howland Reed is still alive, merely wounded. He sneaks up behind the Kingsguard and stabs him in the back.

Ned then cuts of the knight's head. He hears a woman scream from the tower and he runs toward it. Bran is eager to see what happens next but the Three-eyed Raven, who accompanies him in the vision, tells him that he has seen enough. Bran stubbornly refuses to leave, he calls out "father!". Ned stops in his tracks and look back seeming to hear Bran, but he actually sees nothing and moves on.

The Three-eyed Raven then takes matters into his own hands and pulls Bran back away from the vision. The young Stark is angry, but his mentor tells him "stay too lon and you'll never return".

In the east, Daenerys enters Vaes Dothrak with Khal Moro's horde. She is brought to the tent of the Dosh Khaleen-the council of widowed Khaleesis. They strip off her clothes and have her wear something similar to their own. The most senior of them addresses her, pointing out that she should have gone to them when Khal Drogo died since it is forbidden for a widowed Khaleesi to move through the world. She tells her for this action, she will be judged by the gathering Khals and if she is lucky she would only be allowed to join the Dosh Khaleen, if not there is a hint of punishment involved.

Back in Mereen, Varys interrogates a prostitute who is in league with the Sons of the Harpy. He convinces her to cooperate by inferring that something might happen to her son if she doesn't and he sweetens the deal by offering to ship her and her child far away with lots of silver to sustain them.

She seems to accept this, because Varys reports back to Tyrion, Missandei and Greyworm of information that the Good Masters of Astapor, the Wise Masters of Yunkai and their allies in Volantis are the ones behind the plot to overthrow Daenerys. Missandei who was a slave to this masters before Daenerys freed her, gives them an indication of the mindset of this slavers.

A plan is not yet set, but Tyrion seems to be formulating something as his face goes into contemplation.

In King's Landing, Cersei gives instruction to the strange Maester who works for her, to send the children (whom he bribes with sweets) in his lab to spy on the enemies of the Lannisters. She wants to know what plots are being made against them in the seven kingdoms. She refers to them as little birds just like how Varys refers to his spies.

Jamie and Cersei barge in on a small council meeting where, much to her surprise, the Lady Olenna is in attendance. She asks what she is doing there, and the Queen of Thorns curtly replies that she was summoned there to advice. Lord Kevan Lannister then tells his niece and nephew that they were not asked to be there and they are not members of the council. But Jaimie won't have it, he pulls out a seat for him and his sister as they vouch for the subject of Myrcella's death.

But Kevan won't tolerate their presence, he tells them that though they can't be forced out, that doesn't mean that the council has to stay, and all of them including Lady Olenna leave to depart, leaving the twins behind.

In another part of the city in the Sept of Baelor, Tommen accompanied by his Kingsguard has confronted the High Sparrow and demands that his mother be allowed in the Sept to see Myrcella's resting place. But the old man refuses on religious grounds. The guards move, and the faith militant takes a step forward as well. The High Sparrow though calls them away and asks the King if they could talk. Tommen also dismisses his guards and he and the High Sparrow talk.

The religious old man is able to convince the King and it seems they come to a silent agreement. Tommen is still spineless after all this time.

In Braavos, Arya is still undergoing her blind staff training with her old companion. She slowly learns and begins to better orient and fight without her sight. Jaqen finally thinks she is ready and brings her to the poisonous well in the middle of the temple where those seeking death drink from. He offers her a drink and tells her not to be frightened. Arya is a little reluctant but she proceeds to do so, but instead of dying, her eyesight gets restored.

To the north in Winterfell, Ramsay and Lord Karstark meet with Lord Umber who is seeking aid against Jon Snow for allowing wildlings to cross the Wall. Ramsay wants his fealty and abeyance in exchange. But Lord Umber laughs, and says he will not bow, but he will offer a gift instead.

Servants then bring in two person with covers in their heads, he removes one and it is revealed to be Osha the wildling who had served the Starks. He then proceeds to the other one, he removes the cover and he points out that it is Rickon Stark.

Ramsay is skeptical and asks "how can I be sure that it is Rickon Stark?" Lord Umber then brings out the head of a direwolf, it is Shaggydog , Rickon's pet. Ramsay then gives a menacing smile and says, " welcome home, Lord Stark" to Rickon.

Back in Castle Black, Jon Snow is in the courtyard with the assembled wildlings and members of the Night's watch. He goes up to a platform where four traitors who have betrayed him are about to be hanged, they include Olly and Ser Alliser. They are still defiant, Jon walks silently to the side and cuts the rope, and they hang.

Jon Snow goes to the edge, he removes his Night's Watch cape and gives it to Eddison Tollet, he tells him to burn it. He then walks out saying, "his watch has ended". 


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