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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Game Of Thrones: 05x07 The Gift

Rain Varela | PopWrapped Author

Rain Varela

Staff Writer
06/10/2015 12:48 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Game Of Thrones: 05x07 The Gift | Gift
Media Courtesy of Tumblr

Last week's episode left us with a shocking ending that horrified many , and although the latest episode offered few solace with what transpired, we are given a nice consolation as a hated character is brought low; but more on that later.

We start things off in the North at Castle Black. Jon Snow is preparing to leave as he releases Tormund Gianstbane. The atmosphere is tense since even the loyal young man Olly glares at the Lord Commander he voted and felt devoted to. But Sam remains steadfast and, as a parting gift, he gives Jon Dragonglass, the only weapon known to man that can work against White Walkers. Jon then leaves with Tormund and his escort.

Later, Sam visits the aging and sick Maester Aemon with Gilly and her baby, who reminds Aemon of his little brother Egg, which is a nickname. His younger brother is none other than The Man King, Aegon Targaryen.

Later, he passes away still calling out for his beloved brother. Sam would lead his eulogy, as the rest of the Night's Watch pay their respects .

Meanwhile, at Winterfell, things aren't too good as it is revealed that Ramsay has been beating Sansa all the time. She is so desperate now that she asks Theon for help and instructs him to light a candle at the highest tower as a signal for aid.

But of course, Theon is now Ramsay's creature, Reek, who tattles to his master. Sansa is subjected to the sight of the dead and tortured old woman who had instructed her on the candle signal as a punishment from the sadistic Ramsay.

Not too far away, King Stannis' army is slowed down by the winter storm. Stannis begins to question Melisandre's prophecies. The Red Priestess assures him, but she has a terrible proposal. Without Gendry or Jon Snow with them, she infers sacrificing someone else with King's blood. And that person is the King's daughter. Stannis is disgusted by the idea and rejects it outright.

Back in Castle Black, Gilly is accosted by two men of the Night's Watch. They seek to have their way with her, but Sam intervenes. He tries to fight, but is adly beaten. Despite his injuries, he stands up to face the men, when, thankfully, Ghost, Jon's Direwolf, arrives in time to scare away the attackers.

Later, Gilly nurses Sam, and as the night wears on, they make love for the first time. And it did not matter if Sam didn't know where to put it, because Gilly sure did.

Far to the east near Mereen, the slavers who captured Tyrion and Ser Jorah are now conducting a slave auction for the fighting pits. Ser Jorah is easily sold to a Master. But Tyrion with his usual wit convinces the Master to buy him too, by demonstrating that he could fight by beating up the man who held his chain. He is bought too.

Later they are brought to a fighting pit, where Daenerys is invited to watch as Mereenese tradition dictates. Ser Jorah sees her from a distance, and joins the fighting with a helmet hiding his face. When he emerges the victor he removes the helmet. Daenerys, though, is not too pleased, and she orders him to be taken away. But Ser Jorah cries out that he has a gift. At this point Tyrion emerges, he introduces himself and tells the Queen that he is the Gift!

Back in Westeros at King's Landing, Lady Olenna confronts the High Septon, she uses the arsenal at her disposal, and tries to bribe him with gold, as well as threaten him with the loss of food supply to the capital. But the religious fanatic stands his ground. He has absolute faith in his ability to read and interpret the words in their holy book-like most fanatics are! Olenna leaves the Sept, but receives a message.

In the Red Keep, King Tommen is frustrated at being unable to do anything for his wife. So Cersei feigns that she will speak with the High Septon on his behalf.

In Dorne, her twin Jaime meets with their daughter, Princess Myrcella who is adamant to remain there and marry Trystane Martell. Jaime is unable to convince her otherwise, and the Princess reminds him that her mother sent her away all those years ago, and that he does not know her at all.

Nearby at the dungeons, Bronn is locked up and sings a song while the Sand Snakes listen from the opposite cell. One of them asks how his arm is, referring to a slight cut from a blade she inflicted. Bronn says it is alright, and the daughter of Oberyn shows that they are their father's daughter. When in a moment she strips, and gets Bronn's heart racing. The effect, spreads a poison that is inflicted in the wound by a blade. Bronn is stricken, and the Sand Snake reveals the antidote, which she will happily gran, if Bronn tells her she is the most beautiful woman in the world. Bronn stammers the words and he is given the antidote.

Back in King's landing, Lord Baelish surveys the ruins of his destroyed brothel. There he meets Lady Olenna who received his message. The two conspire, and Lord Baelish tells her that he has a gift in the form of a handsome young man that he knows.

Nearby at the Sept of Baelor, Queen Cersei visits Margaery, who is not too pleased at seeing her rival. She screams for her to leave. Cersei does so, then proceeds to speaks with the High Sparrow.

There the High Sparrow reveals the story of a lost young nobleman who had come to them and had confessed all his sins and joined them. Lancell, who is Cersei's cousin and lover, then walks in. The High Sparrow then orders Cersei's arrest. She is captured by Septas and thrown into a cell, muttering threats. Round two of this political fight goes to Lady Olenna.

Only three episodes left in season 5, can you believe it? Be sure to stick with us as we finish out the season!

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