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Gaze Into The Looking Glass With The Following's "Reflection"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/19/2014 8:54 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Gaze Into The Looking Glass With The Following's
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Elena Butler

Staff Writer


Wowzers!  This week’s episode of The Following was pretty bloody.  And if you thought the worst part was watching Carroll revert to slicing up coeds, what happened afterwards was even more cringe-worthy.  This show is quickly becoming the next American Horror Story when it comes to shock and awe.  You keep telling yourself you don’t want to watch but you anxiously await what’s going to happen next.  It’s bloody good! (pun intended).  Okay, let’s get right down to business and break it all down.
Previously on The Following...
There was a massacre in a train committed by a couple of homicidal twins.  Ryan and Max started working together to hunt down Lily.  Carroll left the boondocks and returned to the city to reunite with his new group of followers.  Emma wasn’t happy about him lying to her but she still loves him.  Max followed Giselle and ended up hopping on the train with her.
After some scenes of Carroll shaving his face and dressing up in a fancy suit to meet Lily downstairs, we get a brief talk between them where she admits to have been waiting for that moment for a very long time.  The title card appears and we immediately shoot over to the train where Max is keeping a close eye on Giselle.  When they get off, Giselle calls Luke and asks him to pick her up at their meeting place—a factory.  Meanwhile, Ryan’s speeding in his car trying to get to Max’s location ASAP.
We head over to Lily’s huge mansion and she introduces Carroll to her adopted kids.  We also see that Emma’s dyed her hair back to blonde and it’s back to a cute pixie cut.  The twins are introduced next and for some reason Carroll seems a bit surprised even though he already knew about them.  Luke tells Lily about Giselle and she sends him off with another follower to go pick her up.  Emma asks to have a moment alone with Carroll and even though Lily agrees, she complains about not liking her to one of her other children.  Emma might be in trouble, guys.  Anyway, Emma accuses Carroll of lying to her and leaving her all alone.  You can tell she’s still pretty hurt about being kept in the dark.
Back at the FBI headquarters, we’re informed that Giselle actually put a virus on David’s computer so they have no useful information.  Mendez comes in and shows the team footage from the train station.  Mike sees Max on the footage and the team expands their search.  Later, they find that Carroll’s lady friend was found dead and the Reverend and Mandy are missing.  Meanwhile, Ryan arrives near Max’s location and intercepts Giselle as she’s making her way to the factory.  She tries to get away but Max punches her in the face and knocks her out.  They put her in the trunk of his car and take her to a motel.  They question her endlessly, trying to get information about Lily’s whereabouts and even bringing up Joe Carroll during the interrogation.
The next day at the mansion, Carroll apologizes to Emma and admits that everything he did was selfish.  She tells him about the other followers being dead and her being the only one left.  Carroll tries to convince her that Lily can be trusted but Emma’s not buying it.  “They’re crazy,” she says.  Maybe what she meant to say was, they’re not her kind of crazy.  Lily spies on them from the window and asks Mark to keep Emma occupied while she speaks with Carroll alone.  Mark takes Emma to Lily’s art studio.  He knows Emma’s an artist from reading the Havenport Tragedy book.  Emma admits she never went to art school because of her mother and Mark sets up an easel for her to start working on something.  Meanwhile, Lily tells Carroll that the reason she faked being a victim on the subway was so she could get close to Ryan.  She tells Carroll that he’s still just as obsessed with him as he was before.
At the hotel, Ryan makes his intentions clear:  He doesn’t care about anything else but killing Carroll.  Giselle doesn’t break and ends up spitting on Ryan’s face, causing him to almost choke her to death.  Max plays “good cop” and points a gun at Ryan’s head asking him to stop.  After he continues his theatrics, Giselle finally agrees to tell them where to go.  Ryan heads to the factory by himself and lets Max in charge of taking care of her.  Before Ryan leaves, Max realizes that Giselle never denied that Carroll was alive and the smirk on Ryan’s face definitely says, “I told you so.” Later, Max proves to be a horrible babysitter.  Giselle manages to slip off her handcuffs and renders her unconscious before getting away.
Ryan arrives at the factory only to find it empty.  After a while, Luke arrives with the other follower to pick up Giselle.  They go inside the factory and Ryan shoots the follower in the leg.  Luke finds him and just as Ryan is getting close, the follower shoots at him and he runs away.  When they go looking for him, Ryan pretends to be dead and then ends up killing the other follower.  Ryan runs into the nearby woods and we find out he actually got grazed on his side.  Later, Giselle arrives at the factory and helps Luke place the dead follower in the trunk of his car.  They chase after Ryan, determined to kill him.
At the mansion, Emma is busy with her sketch when Mark starts getting all flirty with her.  He rubs off chalk from her face and she asks why he’s being so nice to her.  Mark says that he likes her but when she tries to kiss him he freaks out.  “I have to initiate all bodily contact,” he explains.  Emma pushes him away and calls him a whack job.  She tries to leave and discovers that he locked them inside because Lily doesn’t want to be disturbed.  Later, Lily takes Carroll to his personal chamber of horrors.  There’s a desk for him to write on, a table for him to strap his victims to, tons of metal tools and devices and also a sedated, young college girl in a cage.  Let’s just say, a visit to the dentist’s office doesn’t sound so bad after all.  Carroll looks at all the stuff but then leaves the room, offended by Lily’s assumptions.  Later, he reveals that he won’t let her or anyone control him.
Next, we head back to the woods where Luke and Giselle are tracking down Ryan.  He manages to reach one of the only houses in the area and goes inside to treat his wound.  The owner of the house finds him there but he makes her cover her eyes before she can see him.  Ryan patches himself up and cleans everything but before he can leave, he sees that Luke and Giselle are outside.  He tells the owner to hide in the closet.  When he confronts Giselle about Max, she tells him she killed her.  Ryan goes into a rage and stabs her in the stomach.  Luke finds Giselle dead on the floor and becomes distraught.
Meanwhile, Carroll returns to his chamber of horrors with a brand new outlook.  He straps the young girl to the table and starts slicing away.  Later, he goes into Lily bedroom covered in the girl’s blood.  Guys, I think Lily has way more issues than Carroll because she looks super turned on by what she sees.  They end up kissing and literally get down and dirty in blood.  Back at the FBI headquarters, the team informs Mike that the Reverend’s car was found near the Tennessee border.  They show him images from footage they found of Mandy and her companion.  I hope the look on his face means he recognized Joe Carroll.  The episode ends with Ryan returning to the motel to find that Max is alive and well.  She questions where he’s been but all he does is hug her, relieved that she’s alive.
How crazy was that episode?  Goodbye Giselle, it was nice knowing you and sorry you didn’t get to meet Carroll.  Luke is about to go bananas on Ryan, you can tell from the way he held her after he found her dead—not to mention next week’s episode looks like it’s going to be pretty intense!  So, how did you guys like “Reflection?” Let us know in the comments below!


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