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Music PopWrapped | Music

Port Of Est Bends Genres With Onyx Moon

Ryan Donnelly | PopWrapped Author

Ryan Donnelly

05/13/2016 9:29 am
PopWrapped | Music
Port Of Est Bends Genres With Onyx Moon | Port of Est
Media Courtesy of Big Ticket

Portland, Maine has become a hotspot for some very unique art in every medium, and this time it comes in the form of the eclectic music brought to us from the inspired Port of Est. With their new album release entitled Onyx Moon, Port of Est is on a mission to become your next favorite band.

Opening with the track titled “Lupine”, one cannot help but make the obvious Bjork comparison here. Not to be confused with sounding completely like the great Bjork, Port of Est more or less simply sounds as if they are wearing their musical inspirations on their sleeve for this song. Heavy on the post industrial 80’s rock sound, “Lupine” is going to resonate with many of its older listeners as well.

The current single is titled “Clash”, and as far as singles go, this one does a great job showcasing the bands unique composition style. Although a bit slow for an outright anthem track, it does dig deeper into the emotional side of the band's thoughts. I found it interesting that out of all the songs off of Onyx Moon, the band decided on this particular one. It is a brave move to put such a challenging listen out as the voice of your album, as it has a real chance of dividing the general public right in two. On one hand this song is definitely going to sink its teeth into many a listener, and on the other hand, the song is so creatively out there, that it just might end up spiralling out into obscurity.

The song titled “Transparent” is, in my humble opinion, the right track for the albums next single. The song is pretty straight forward, catchy and methodical. It is easy to absorb, with a beat that is catchy as hell. The song shares a devious dance between the vocals and the dark synth, and there are enough layers weaved in to the song to keep the journey interesting.

Onyx Moon is a very interesting album that is not afraid to take chances, and because of this alone it deserves your attention. A band as various as this one is going to have fans that get it and fans that do not, there will be no real middle ground here. There are a lot of great moments, and also a few that simply didn’t step up to the plate, but that being said, I would suggest you take a listen to this album if you want to hear something fresh and new.



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