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George Clooney Spills Secrets On Sandra Bullock During Reddit AMA

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


01/30/2014 7:17 pm
PopWrapped | Celebrities
George Clooney Spills Secrets On Sandra Bullock During Reddit AMA

Image Image courtesy of thewholegardenwillbow

Christa Tintelnot 

Staff Writer

You may know that social media site Reddit hosts AMA (Ask Me Anything) web chats with some of the hottest stars in Hollywood. Yesterday, Hollywood heartthrob George Clooney had his day in the AMA spotlight and spilled some pretty juicy secrets not only about himself, but on some other A-listers like Leonardo DiCaprio and Sandra Bullock. One of the fun facts that Reddit users, who are allowed to ask their favorites stars any question, found out about George Clooney is that he has played hoops with Leonardo DiCaprio and won. What did Clooney have to say about this?  "That was a fun day. It's always fun when you play people younger than you and win. We're playing a bunch of six year olds tomorrow." Many fans of Clooney know that he’s a bit of a prankster, but oftentimes, pranks are pulled on him too. For instance, the actor revealed that his close friend Brad Pitt got him with a really good prank: "[W]e were shooting Oceans 12 in my hometown in Lake Como and he had a flier sent around saying George only wants to be called by his character's name Danny Ocean, don't look him in the eyes, and it got into the local paper. As you know, jokes don't translate at all, and they called me il divo, and said that I was treating the crew like shit. When it got into the paper I came downstairs and Brad had the paper in his hand, and I said "You're mine from here on out." Brad just said, "Please don't harm my children." During the AMA, Clooney also shared some personal information about himself, including the fact that he does NOT regret doing the flop, Batman and Robin. He had this to say about it, " Some of the best films have been the least fun experiences and some of the worst, I've made lifelong friends out of it. It's the kind of thing where the memory of the film is very different than how it was reviewed." Finally, Clooney referenced his decades long friend, Sandra Bullock with a little more of his jokester personality. "It's tricky cause Sandy drinks so much that oftentimes it's just hard to keep her upright,” he quipped. “No, you know, Sandy and I have known each other for over 20 years and we both were struggling actors when we first met...She's somebody I adore, really, she's just fun to be in a room with...[and] an incredibly charming woman who's really just fun to hang out with. Very smart and centered, even though she does drink a lot." For more on the information Clooney shared, check out the Reddit chat by clicking: Here. Keep Up With PopWrapped On The Web!


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