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George Takei Responds To Westboro Baptist "Church" With A "Let It Go" Video Of His Own

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


06/02/2014 2:23 pm
PopWrapped | Celebrities
George Takei Responds To Westboro Baptist
Media Courtesy of YouTube

Jonathan Frahm

Staff Writer


Star Trek star and renowned LGBT activist George Takei took to YouTube last Friday to show just how the “gay agenda” rolls with a “Let It Go” cover of his own in response to the kooks at Westboro Baptist Church’s less-than-flattering version of the popular Frozen song. To the mild disappointment of some fans, he’s not actually singing the new-found Disney classic so much as he’s lip-syncing it. However, with lip-syncing, there also comes opportunity for some hilarious impromptu dance moves and facial contortions representative of just how serious we should all be taking WBC nowadays. This goes without mentioning the various backdrops used throughout the video as some, erm, inspiring visual cues. Let’s just say that super fandoms get the Star Trek x Star Wars crossover that they always wanted, but not in any way that they could’ve ever possibly fathomed. George Takei revealed to Frontiers back in 2005 that he’s gay, but has been a well-regarded champion of homosexual rights since the 1970s. He’d acted as an active member in LGBT-friendly organizations such as Frontrunners since his initial Star Trek run, and even in his 70s, he’s still fighting the good fight. Recently, Takei’s taken to social media, where he’s being embraced by all generations for his good humor and overall being-a-decent-human-being-ness. As the video below shows, it’s definitely okay to be Takei!
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