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Television PopWrapped | Television

"How To Get Away With Murder" Recap (1x06)

Brittany Jones | PopWrapped Author

Brittany Jones

11/02/2014 9:33 am
PopWrapped | Television
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Last week, Annalise & Co. took on a case, that even I thought they were going to lose. However, thanks to silent, but useful Laurel, they were able to get another victory. Sam and Annalise continue to argue about Lila, and Wes finds out that his professor and her husband play a bigger role in the case. Check out the full recap. Tonight’s episode of How To Get Away With Murder begins with Annalise’s students piling in to the lecture hall.  Annalise sees Wes’s seat and has a flashback to the night before. Wes tells her that she “was disgusting”  and walks out. While Annalise is lecturing about habeas corpus, Bonnie rushes in and says there is an emergency. Michaela, Connor, Asher, and Laurel stay behind and she informs them that twenty-one years ago David Allen was convicted of murdering his girlfriend, though they never found her body.  She announces that today they have the chance to make an “unjust system just”  because the Supreme Court has given her a chance for an appeal.  David is on death row and is scheduled to die in two weeks. Annalise goes to see him and informs him that that this is their last shot. Keating’s law students quickly get to work going over the court transcripts, and they are shocked when they realize that Asher’s dad was the judge that sent David Allen to prison for murder.  Annalise heads to Wes’s apartment and he answers the door in a towel. He lets him in and she wants to know why he didn’t go to class or answer his phone.  He gives her a sealed envelope and says that he wrote down everything he knew and put it in a safe deposit box. He says won’t call the cops as long as she finds Rebecca and gets her back. When Annalise and Wes get back to the office, she has the other students catch him up on David Allen’s case.  She tells Frank that their “puppy” is “acting up”. He needs to go find Rebecca and check at her drug connections’ houses. Annalise tells her students to go talk to the lawyers that were on David’s original case and the prosecution.  She sends Bonnie to go talk to the eye witness and takes Asher with her.  She is adamant that she saw David leave the scene with a gun. David’s original lawyer tells Laurel and Wes that David had an alibi, but because he was a heroin addict and was always high, they didn’t put him on the stand.  Michaela and Connor talk to the original DA, who was replaced halfway through the case, and they tell Annalise that the attorney says Asher’s dad, Judge Millstone, was ignoring evidence and pushing for a conviction because of race. Information that (of course) does not make Asher happy.  Asher goes back to his parents’ house and begins snooping around his dad’s office.  He finds a hand-written ledger on David Allen’s case.   Meanwhile, Annalise heads to the jail to talk to David about his alibi, Jason Watkins.  He says that Jason was a kid in his neighborhood. He was in his apartment giving him an outfit to wear at a job interview.  Annalise is sure Jason will help their case, but when she gets back to the office, Bonnie reveals that Jason Watkins is dead. Asher is watching TV with his dad and starts talking about the David Allen appeal case. He confesses to his dad that as a kid he used to always look through his journals. He says he wants to know why he never wrote a journal entry for the day he met with the DA, Travers.  According to Travers, the case had been tampered with and Asher’s dad ignored him because he didn’t want to jeopardize his promotion. His dad wants to know who put these ideas in Asher's head. When Asher confronts him further, his dad refuses to answer and kicks him out, calling him an "ungrateful little twit." Angry, Asher goes to see Annalise in her office and informs her that he has two requests: they have to spare his father and leave his name out of it, and he wants the trophy.  Annalise says it’s a deal if his information is as good as he says it is.  He reveals that Senator Art Truko paid one of the witnesses to lie on the stand so that David Allen would be convicted. With this new information, Annalise’s team works overtime and pounds coffee all night to begin reworking the case and calling all of the witnesses.  Laurel sees Frank leaving the office in the middle of the night  and wants to know if he is looking for Rebecca.  He refuses to answer her and leaves.  Bonnie corners her in the kitchen and tells her to “stop leading Frank on.” Is anyone else wondering why Bonnie cares about what Frank does, so much? Annalise goes to see David and asks him about Art Truko.  He reveals that Art was buying up all of the property in their neighborhood and turning them in to rich condos that only white people could afford to buy.  His wife was the one leading an activist group against Truko.  Annalise heads back to the office, where the students are still going through paperwork. Asher  then reveals that the key witness they interviewed lives in an apartment building owned by Trueko. The next day, they head to David Allen’s appeal at the supreme court.  Annalise continues to plead their case and puts the key witness on the stand.  The witness confesses that she was three months late in rent and after her testimony, the lawsuit was dropped. When they put Art Truko on the stand, Annalise asks him if he had Trisha Allen killed so that he could put up his condos unopposed.  Ignoring the judge, Annalise accuses Art of tearing apart a community and taking a life.  After careful consideration, the judge announces that David Allen is a free man and that they will have a retrial. After court, Annalise calls Wes into her office and reveals there has been a break in Lila’s murder case.  She plays him a video about the police finding Lila’s phone in Griffin’s car and how it is believed that he killed her because he found out she was seeing another man.  Turns out Annalise gave Frank the phone and had him plant it in Griffin's car. Annalise tells Wes to go and tell Rebecca it is safe to come home, and Frank has the address where she is staying. Wes goes to see Rebecca and tells her what happened with Lila’s phone.  She tells him that no one has ever believed in her like he has before, and he pleads with her to come home and let Annalise defend her. Annalise heads home and finds Sam watching the news about Lila’s phone, he wants to know why Annalise is protecting him.  She sobs that after everything that he has done to her, she still needs him.  There is a knock at the door; Wes and Rebecca are standing on the porch. Nate is outside of the home watching and receives a phone call. He has had surveillance on Griffin and now has pictures of Frank planting the phone in Griffin’s car. Throughout the episode we flashback, but we see Asher's perspective. In the final flashback scene, Asher is going through his phone still upset that his trophy was stolen and Michaela, Laurel, Connor, and Wes partied at the pep rally. We then see Bonnie laying in bed beside him. She gets a phone call from Annalise, who is hysterical and asking if Bonnie is with Sam. When she says no, Annalise says that she thinks something bad has happened.  Well, I guess that rules out Bonnie as being Sam's murderer. 2 more episodes until we figure out who killed Sam, and I still don't have a clue! What did you think of this week's episode? Who do you think killed Sam?

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