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Television PopWrapped | Television

How To Get Away With Murder: He Has A Wife

Brittany Jones | PopWrapped Author

Brittany Jones

11/15/2014 12:38 pm
PopWrapped | Television
How To Get Away With Murder: He Has A Wife | how to get away with murder
Media Courtesy of ABC
On this week's episode of How To Get Away With Murder, Annalise & Co. represent a mother who is on trial for killing her family's nanny. Rebecca and Bonnie's loyalty to Annalise is also tested when a new discovery in Lila's case is revealed. I hope you're ready for new lies and deceit in 3...2...1. Medical examiners are in the morgue doing a new autopsy on Lila's body. We flashback to six months before, Lila and Rebecca are talking about Griffin and doing cocaine. Lila tells Rebecca that she met a new guy and is thinking about losing her virginity to him.  She says his name is Mr. Darcy and that she can't say is real name because he has a wife. Back to present time, Bonnie is telling Annalise and Sam that Lila was pregnant. Annalise tells Bonnie to stay because she wants a witness to her and Sam's conversation. Annalise brings up the fact that Sam has lied about pretty much everything when it comes to Lila and demands to know if he knew she was pregnant. He says no. Bonnie tries to leave again and Annalise yells at her to stay. Sam continues to say that he didn't know that Lila was pregnant and says that the baby may not be his. Annalise scoffs and asks him if he thinks Griffin, the virgin boyfriend, was the father. She walks away mumbling that he should've worn a condom. In the classroom, Annalise is discussing how sometimes people aren't responsible by their own actions and introduces her new client, Gretchen Thomas. Gretchen takes prescription sleeping pills that cause her to do things like buy things online, cook meals, and have sex with her husband while being unconscious. Gretchen was under these same sleeping pills when she killed her family's nanny. Annalise shows the class a video tape of her dragging the nanny's dead body through the house and start to clean up the evidence. Annalise & Co. go to Gretchen's house as she plans a birthday party for her daughter.  She doesn't seem to understand the consequences and is more concerned about party planning than she is the trial. Annalise takes her phone away and Gretchen says she's changed her mind and doesn't want to take the stand. Annalise tries to tell her that she has to take the stand to prove that her and Elga were friends. Grethchen asks if she knows what it feels like to wake up to find out that you've killed someone you loved. She says she wants to go to prison to pay for what she did. Back at the office, she calls Wes in her office and reveals that Lila was pregnant. She says that they are going to do a DNA test to see if Griffin is the father. She asks Wes not to tell Rebecca because she is not sure if Rebecca would act out and potentially hurt her case. And what does Wes go and do? HE TELLS REBECCA!!! She wants to go to the police and tell them Sam is the father. Wes shuts that idea down and says he'll keep an eye on Annalise until he can figure out what to do. Rebecca goes to meet Nate and tells him that Lila was pregnant. Nate tells her to get a sample of his hair and he will send it in to get tested. If Sam is the father, then she is in the clear. Flashback to July and we see Rebecca finding Lila getting drunk on the roof. Lila confesses that she "did it" with Mr. Darcy. She says that it wasn't as bad as her friends described it. She says that it was amazing and that when he really got into it, it was like he couldn't get enough. Rebecca shows up at Annalise's house while she is at court. She lies and says that she forgot her gloves and asks if she could use his bathroom. He says she's welcome when Annalise is there and kicks her out. Annalise's students are interviewing Gretchen's family, and her mom was not happy that Gretchen was addicted to the pills. She tells Michaela to look in the bathroom cabinet because it was like a pharmacy. In court, Gretchen's son Cody reveals that he was in love with Elga and spent every night in her bed. Annalise is not happy that her students didn't find out that Cody was having an affair with the nanny. She tells Connor that the only thing he's good for is using sex to get evidence out of witnesses. They head back to the office and Frank calls Laurel to invite her to a quickie in car. Bonnie follows Sam in the kitchen and is trying to talk to him about Yale. They are interrupted when Annalise walks in and kicks her out. Sam tells her that Rebecca came by the house and says that he could tell she knew about the pregnancy. She admits that she told Wes and Sam asks her not to give up on him. She says that she's going to lose her case because she can't stop thinking about him and Lila. She thinks that this pain is what she gets for sleeping with someone else's husband and Sam reassures her that he is going to make everything right. Flashback to August: Rebecca finds Lila on the roof again. She is crying because Mr. Darcy/Sam wants to end their affair. She says that Griffin was right when he said that bad things happen when you have sex. Lila wants to go to his house and show his wife all of the pictures on her phone. Rebecca talks her out of it and holds her hand as she cries. Back to the present, Rebecca is sitting in her apartment and calls Nate. She says that Sam texted Lila all of the time and thinks there could still be evidence on her phone. Connor goes to talk to Cody and question him about Elga, again. Turns out Elga gave him a STD, called Trichomoniasis. Michaela studied pre-med in undergrad and remembers there is an antibiotic that treats it. Knowing that she just won the case for them, she runs to tell Bonnie the new information. The next day in court, Gretchen's husband takes the stand. Annalise reveals that he had also been diagnosed with the STD three months ago. She accuses the husband of killing Elga because she was cheating on him with his son. She says that he got Gretchen out of bed and showed her the body knowing that she would try to clean it up. He starts crying on the stand and apologizes. Is anyone faithful on this show? Michaela is upset that she did not get the trophy and Annalise tells her that the trophy doesn't matter anymore.  Bonnie interrupts them to tell Michaela that she has a visitor. It is her fiancé's mother, played by the fabulous Lynn Whitfield. They go to dinner and she wants to know why Michaela hasn't the signed the pre-nup. She tells her that if she doesn't sign the pre-nup she will cancel the wedding. Michaela tries to slap the mother, but she catches it and says that she was right about Michaela and leaves.  Awww sookie sookie now! Laurel and Frank can't seem to keep the hands off each other and are furiously making out on the floor. A woman interrupts them and introduces herself as his girlfriend. Again, is no one faithful in this show? Bonnie and Sam meet and she reveals that Lila came to the house the night she died. Bonnie sent her away, but Lila told her about a secret before she left. Sam admits to knowing about the pregnancy and asks her not to tell Annalise because it would devastate her. Sam kisses Bonnie and says that he needs her. That manipulative son-of-a-you know what! Bonnie is in Annalise's office and confesses that she thought Sam was at Yale. She says she didn't know that she didn't know what good it would do to tell the truth and that she didn't believe Sam could hurt her. She admits that Sam knew that Lila was pregnant and that Sam kissed her because he thought he was giving her what she wanted. Annalise fires Bonnie, tells her to leave, and not to come back. Rebecca is in Nate's car and Wes sees her getting out. She is trying to explain and he tells her that Nate is Annalise's boyfriend. He is convinced that Annalise sent Nate and they think they are getting set up.  Connor comes over for their study date forcing Rebecca to leave. Meanwhile, Michaela goes to Asher's place and steals the trophy, while he's in the other room. Sam comes back home and Annalise is on the phone with the DA. She requested that they collect DNA samples from all of the men in her life...including teachers. With that, I leave until next week. Tell me what you thought about this episode!

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