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Get 'Captivated' By This Week's Supernatural

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/05/2014 12:29 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Get 'Captivated' By This Week's Supernatural
Media Courtesy of CW

Susan Booth

Staff Writer


Greetings fans! We are finally over another annoying TV hiatus and back to regularly scheduled programming! Yes, the Olympics were great, but I was so desperately craving some other kind of televison, and low and behold, Supernatural delivered exactly what I asked for and more. Kevin’s back! Well, if by back you mean haunting the Winchesters, then yeah, it’s awesome! Let me break it down for you. Here what happened on Supernatural:

The long-running little show that could proved that to be amazing once again on Tuesday when it brought back a familiar face as a devastating surprise. Welcome back, Kevin Tran! I don’t know about anyone else around here, but I am still upset about your death!

Personal note: When the "Then" montage at the beginning of the episode makes you want to cry, you know you're in for an emotional ride. That was like riding a rough roller coaster, the kind that you end up getting bruised by and tossed around like a rag doll and you hair gets all messed up, and you're short of breath.

Ever since Kevin was killed by Gadreel (while possessing Sam), the boys have been beating themselves up, both of them taking turns blaming themselves for Kevin's death. But ,when our beloved Kevin finally mustered up enough ghost juice to make contact with Sam and Dean in the Men of Letters bunker, just like Bobby (Jim Beaver) did when he figured it out, he was able to drop some seriously hard truth on the bickering boys, as well as give them an inside scoop on some vital info, all while finally getting to have a very moving and emotional reunion with his mom.

Anyone know why Kevin didn’t move on? Because, thanks to Metatron's need to send out the eviction notice to everyone up there, heaven is shut down not only for angels, but for spirits as well. Ever since he gated up the doors to heaven, everyone and anyone who's died has no choice but to just stuck around in the veil between life and death, with no peace in sight. (Really?, Kevin lost his family, his future and his life, and he can't even get peace now that he’s dead?! WTH?!.And because Kevin died  in the bunker, that's where he's been for the past few months.

And since he's been around the past few months, he's been listening in and managed to pick up on all of Sam and Dean's fighting. So, in one of my favorite moments in the episode,  Kevin finally tells them what they desperately needed to hear after they saved his mommy from her tormentor. "Dudes, get over it. The drama, the fighting, it's stupid," Kevin told them. "My mom's taking home a ghost. But you two, you're still here." Kevin, that was a very moving speech and I agree with you. However, even though it looked as though Kevin's words actually stuck with the boys, Dean was the only one who seemed truly affected by them. It comes as no real surprise that Sam wasn't affected and decided to once again walk away from Dean, leaving things between the brothers as strained as they were before. If forgiveness from Kevin isn't enough to patch things up between Sam and Dean, and Cas getting his own faction doesn’t restore the bound between these two, it’s hard to think anything will.

It also doesn’t help that Dean keeps on standing up for Crowley after their mission together. From Sam’s perspective,  it’s like Benny (Ty Olsson) all over again. I love you Benny, you were awesome sacrificing your lives for our boys. You’ll always be missed.  No matter what, Sam just gets more and more pissed off each time Dean reaches out to Crowley for any kind of help or says anything that could be seen as defending Crowley. That only makes things worse for those two. Seriously, should Dean really be relying on Crowley ? Trying to get THIS MUCH help from Crowley, much less any help at all?? I think we all know what’s being said here, and that would be that anyone with ¾ of a brain knows he is STILL untrustworthy, and not even an act of God could redeem him now.

While all the issues with humans were going down, the angels actually had a lot to deal with as well.  Bartholomew came back to try and reach out to Castiel, because he claims that he wants to work with Cas to help him take down Malachi. There's just one tiny problem with Bartholomew as he reveals his plan: Cas doesn't want to kill any more angels. Right when Bartholomew brings up the past in regards to the thousands upon thousands of angels that Cas ganked, he says that enough angel blood has been spilled. "What I did, who I was, that's not who I am," Cas says.

Cas does his best  to walk away from the faction in peace, but  we all know that Bartholomew  would try to force his hand, getting the jump on Cas until Cas get the jump on him in a sweet twist and kills him.  Bye Bart, it’s been awful knowing you! When he tries to walk away for the second time,  he's approached by some of Bartholomew's angels, who were inspired by Cas' new attitude. They want to follow him now, meaning Cas is now the leader of his own, non-violent faction. I bet dollars to donuts those guys are going to get Matetron and f**k his s**t up good! I’m really enjoying watching Cas evolve ever since he was forced to live as human, it’s endearing.

This is particular  episode was pretty emotional, not only with the return of Kevin Tran but also, his sweet reunion with his mom. It's pretty awful that something so powerful did nothing in terms of repairing the huge rift between Sam and Dean, because in the heart of the matter, their relationship is what Supernatural has always been about since season 1.  Seriously though, how much more pain and suffering will Supernatural fans take before we finally decide to give up on Sam and Dean?

Funny moments:

When Dean tells Kevin he’s beyond stuck with his mom for a VERY long time. When Kevin binds himself to a coffee maker.

That concludes this week’s recap of Supernatural, stay tuned for next week’s all new episode! Until then, do as the Winchesters do and stay classy!

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