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Get Caught Between A "Rock And A Hard Place" On This Weeks Supernatural

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/27/2013 11:45 am
PopWrapped | Television
Get Caught Between A
Media Courtesy of The CW

Susan Booth

Staff Writer

Hello Supernatural fans! I’m back to recap another fantastic episode! We have all been waiting for that moment when Dean finally reveals to Sam why it is that he is still alive, but we fans found ourselves disappointed once again. It was quite clear just how badly Dean wanted to come clean and tell Sam the truth, which Zeke managed to stop Dean from doing. I’ve got nothing against the angels, but Zeke is officially on my s**t list. Here’s what happened in “Rock & A hard Place”:

This episode of Supernatural was about non-recent virgins. The boys receive a call from their friend Jody Mills, who informs them about several people who have gone missing, all of whom were a part of a pro-abstinence church group, and with that, Sam & Dean are on the case. To get in on what’s going on in the church, our boys take a vow of chastity and become virgins once more, but all this seems to do is cause more trouble for our boys. There’s this Roman goddess named Vesta who’s been lurking around town and is sacrificing those who have chosen to break their vows. There must be something in the water in this town causing people to break their vows, or maybe there is nothing good on T.V. Not too long after the boys take the pledge, they have a run in with a former porn star. She was actually the girl from the Casa Erotica series that has been referenced throughout Supernatural. Even when the boys signed on that dotted line, they had no clue what they were really hunting. I can totally see why Dean would try to go for it with the porn star, once again trying to forge reality with porn, but seriously Dean, you're working a case!

When Sam and Jody figure out what’s going on, they set off to rescue Dean and the group, which they succeed in doing, but not before Sam had what can be considered an eye opening experience with Vesta, who had been posing at the leader of the pro-abstinence group. Vesta took a moment to tell Sam that he’s all “duct tape and safety pins inside.” It was pretty easy to see that Sam wasn’t about to let all of that go, even after all the action was said and done, on top of the fact that Sam was low on energy. Sam was starting to become worried that something might be seriously wrong with him (There is something wrong, it’s called the angel-pacemaker). Sam told Dean “Maybe this is just the way I am”, and of course Dean knows the truth when Vesta was talking about Zeke and Sam’s being tired from getting healed. Sadly, Dean couldn't just say that. But, I have to give him an A for effort for at least trying to tell Sam the truth. Dean tells Sam “I can’t let you put this on yourself. Listen to me, it’s not you Sam.” and before Dean can say anything else, Zeke beams in and tells Dean “Your brother is not ready”. That concludes this weeks episode of Supernatural, until next week do as Dean does and stay classy!

When EXACTLY will Sam be ready? Why is it that Zeke is the one deciding everything? Zeke claimed that it “won’t be much longer”, and as we all know, it’s not gonna be that easy when it does come time for Sam to learn the truth about what’s going on. It would appear that we have no choice but to put up with Zeke pushing back the finish line.

Who of you out there are ready for Zeke to vacate Casa De Sam? Will Zeke leave quietly? Will Sam take it easy on Dean for his lies? What will the next story arc be for the boys once the secret comes out? Stay tuned!

Next week on the mid-season finale: The angels are killing each other, and Zeke tells Dean he did what he had to. Not sure what that means, but we will know next week!


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