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Television PopWrapped | Television

Get Caught Up With Revolution Before Everything Changes Again

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/28/2014 11:42 am
PopWrapped | Television
Get Caught Up With Revolution Before Everything Changes Again
Media Courtesy of NBC

Kay Ziegler

Staff Writer


The premiere of Revolution’s second half-season was shocking, to say the least. Fans got a lot of answers, there were many conclusions, but (and this is a BIG but), viewers got new questions – especially in the last five minutes of the hour. I would imagine a lot of people were staring at their screen with their jaws open wide as they wondered, “What just happened?” Most of the episode was filled with the usual fighting and drama. Much of the cast were imprisoned.  They were manipulated into being vices of entertainment. It was fun times in the Ol’ West. Who was in trouble? Monroe and his son were held captive by New Vegas cronies, as was Charlie. Even Aaron and Pricilla were locked up by their fellow scientist friend, Peter. Miles along with Neville, Jason, and Rachel led the mission to save the New Vegas crew. Monroe and his son were supposed to publically fight to the death. Charlie was to become a prostitute. However, Charlie managed to escape just as the rescue arrives. She and the rescue team helped spring the Monroe boys just as Connor was winning the fighting match.  To the dismay of Sebastian Monroe, (and to the bemusement of Connor), Charlie is made the leader of the 5 lackeys Duncan offers up as a thanks for being saved from a fatal stabbing. Meanwhile, Aaron and Pricilla were in a predicament. Their friend believed the nanotech was God and so to keep his colleagues for spreading “blasphemy” Peter locked them up. That is, until the AI (artificial intelligence) asked for their help; they’re dying. After a spectacular lightning storm, Aaron agreed to help. But he had a plan up his sleeve. He gave the nanotech a virus, thus killing it. Here’s where the shock came in. Everyone was taken to an alternative future where there was no blackout. The time that had been spent living in primitive darkness didn’t exist. Only Aaron seemed to remember. What does this mean for everyone? We’ll just have to wait! In between the action and adventure were some wonderful bits. Sebastian admitting his love for Conner’s mom, as well as his guilt for her death was a well-orchestrated scene. The fact he was willing to die for his son (and showed Conner how to defeat him) gave Sebastian a touch of humanity that fans don’t always get to see. Tom Neville’s devotion for his wife and his determination to save her also gave some humanity to this ruthless man. Most memorable line of the night also goes to Neville. “Well this is just getting silly,” Tom says as Rachel and Miles point a gun at him. This was probably one of my favorite episodes of the season. There was action and adventure. Humor was spread throughout the episode. And, we ended with a shock and a bang! What did you think?


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