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Get Ready To 'Fly Away' On This Weeks "The Following"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/26/2014 10:24 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Get Ready To 'Fly Away' On This Weeks
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Elena Butler

Staff Writer


This week’s episode of The Following showed us just how fast a wrong move can put you at odds with Joe Carroll, no one knows that better than Lily at this point.  While the suspense was toned down a bit from last week, it still gave us just enough chills and thrills to keep us glued to the edge of our seats. Previously on The Following... We found out that Jana is an ex-FBI agent who’s been helping Carroll.  Lily and Carroll shared some wine and bonded over murder before having bloody sex (sounds painful but it was just really gross).  Emma was not happy about Carroll keeping secrets from her.  Ryan got shot and then he killed Giselle, making Luke even more unstable.  Carroll said he didn’t want to be controlled and Lily said she didn’t want to control him. The episode opens up with Mark and Emma sleeping in Lily’s studio.  He seems fond of her until he notices that she sketched a drawing of Carroll instead of him.  As he’s heading back to his room, he hears noises coming from Luke’s bedroom.  Luke informs him that him and Giselle were in the “middle of something.”  This is obviously super creepy since we all know she’s dead.  Mark finds a naked Giselle under the covers and asks what happened.  Luke finally comes to the realization that she is actually dead and not “just sleeping.”  He tells Mark that Ryan killed her. The title card appears and we head over to the FBI headquarters, where Mendez is still reluctant to believe the person on the photograph is actually Carroll.  Mike tells her they might have a mole but she doesn’t want to take his claims seriously.  She tells Mike that she understands he’s troubled by what happened and suggests he take some time off.  Meanwhile, Max arrives at the motel with medical supplies to take care of Ryan’s wound.  He tries to get her to go back to New York by herself but there’s now way she’s leaving him to take care of the problem alone.  Ryan calls Mike and tells him everything, asking for his help with Lily and her clan of murderers. Back at Lily’s estate, her and Carroll are enjoying some post-coitus snuggles when she tells him about her plans for all of them to escape. They’re in the middle of their talk when one of Lily’s adopted daughters comes to inform her that they have a problem.  Lily finds Giselle dead in Luke’s bed and he immediately goes bonkers, yelling about how much he wants to kill Ryan. Lily tries to get him to snap out of it and orders Mark to round up everyone so they can flee.  She knows that Ryan being near means they’re all in danger. The next day at the motel, Ryan and Max are waiting for the FBI to arrive only to find out that Mike went all by his lonesome.  Max and Mike exchange hellos and then Mike tells them that he thinks the FBI might be compromised.  He shows them the picture of Carroll and Mandy and apologizes for not believing him before.  Ryan agrees that they shouldn’t tip off the FBI, so the plan is to go rogue.  Later, Luke arrives at the motel looking for revenge but instead is greeted with a hit to the face by a wooden board, courtesy of Mike. Meanwhile, Emma is out of the loop, wondering why everyone is packing and moving about.  Mandy has no idea but she does tell her that she heard Carroll and Lily having sex the night before.  Emma’s little heart breaks.  She goes back to the art studio and admires her Carroll sketch, when he walks in and tells her all about Lily’s plan to escape to Venezuela. Carroll tells Emma he doesn’t want to disappoint his new followers, so he’s not going to flee with Lily.  He has an “epic” plan in store and wants Emma to join him, promising her his loyalty.  Emma loves him too much to turn him away.  We see that Mandy’s been listening from the door and she immediately goes to Lily and questions her about whether Carroll is on board with the plan. Back at the motel, Luke is thrown in the backseat of the car and Max attempts to get some info out of him.  He admits that Carroll is with Lily but he’s not going to tell them where. Ryan questions Mike about his state of mind and he assures him that he’s okay.  Meanwhile back at the estate, Lily receives a call from Ryan.  He tells her they have Luke and asks to make a deal.  Max and Mike track down the cellphone signal and locate the house.  Before hanging up, Lily agrees to trade Luke for Carroll.  He finds out that Lily drugged him so he wouldn’t interfere with her plans.  She orders two of her children to take him away and to kill Mandy and Emma if they cause any problems while she’s gone. We head back to the meeting location, where Max pulls up in the vehicle with Luke in tow.  Mike is meeting her there on foot as they await for Lily’s arrival.  Lily and Mark get there but when it’s time for the exchange, Max realizes it’s not really Carroll she brought along but someone wearing a Carroll mask.  Mike steps out and reveals that he’s there with Max, asking everyone to drop their guns.  Lily stabs the man that she brought with them and as a result, Mike stabs Luke.  When she puts the knife to the man’s throat, Mike has no other option but to let Luke go.  They all run away in the midst of gunfire. Later, Emma and Mandy find Joe passed out on one of the beds. They’re stopped by Lily’s daughter at the door, she has a gun pointed at them but Carroll ends up stabbing her.  So many stabbings this season!  Meanwhile, Ryan arrives at the estate ready to put an end to Carroll.  He encounters one of Lily’s kids and guess what he does?  Yup, he stabs him to death.  Back at the FBI headquarters, they get notified about the shooting that Ryan was involved in with Luke and Giselle.  Mendez orders surveillance on the train stations and airfields and then asks for a chopper. We check back with Ryan as he searches for Carroll inside the house but by this time he’s already in the car and ready to leave. Ryan goes back in the house and questions Lily’s daughter.  She tells him that they’re heading to the airfield.  Meanwhile, Emma calls Mark and asks him about the airfield’s location.  He gives her all the information and Carroll cuts the call before he can say anything else.  Their plan is to get to the plane and leave without them.  Mark and Lily are waiting in the car for Luke but he gets shot before he can get there.  Lily tells Mark to drive away.  Luke attacks Mike but he’s no match for him.  Mike punches him in the face countless times until Max pulls a gun on him and asks him to stop. At the airfield, Carroll, Emma and Mandy are getting ready to board the plane when he receives a call.  We cut from Ryan driving to the airfield to the plane getting ready to take off.  The FBI team arrives and surround the plane but when Ryan opens the door, the pilot is the only one there.  He tells them that Carroll and his companions were about to board but he got a call and changed his mind.  Ryan tells Mendez he saw Carroll but she’s doesn’t want any of his help.  Max tells Ryan that Mike almost killed Luke and he seems utterly concerned. Ryan tells them that someone inside the FBI tipped off Carroll and that’s why he got away.  We then head over to Carroll as he’s finishing up a conversation with Jana.  He thanks her for her help.  Emma gets a call from Lily and Carroll asks to put her on speaker.  She begins crying about how the FBI is all over the place and how they killed Luke—but we know they actually didn’t.  Carroll says that after what she did to him, she deserves everything that’s happening to her.  He tells her that he’s done with her and her “International House of Psychos.”  Lily calls him an “ungrateful bastard” and reminds him that she left everything for him.  The episode ends with Lily breaking down in front of Mark as he tries to comfort her. It looks like Lily is going to be bent on revenge in the episodes that follow.  Tell us what you thought of “Fly Away” in the comments below, we want to hear from you!

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