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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Get Ready To Hit The Road As The Mindy Project Crew Head To The Music Festival

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/02/2013 12:52 am
PopWrapped | Television
Get Ready To Hit The Road As The Mindy Project Crew Head To The Music Festival

Caitlin Swift

Staff Writer

Gone is Mindy’s pixie cut and Casey is back at the altar preaching. However, he no longer wants to work in the ministry. His heart is telling him he is meant to be a DJ. Due to the look on Mindy’s face she was not consulted before he made this decision, which is not sitting well with her. At the office, the group is looking to hire a new doctor to try to replace the beloved Paul Leotard. Lucky for them a bro-tastic doctor waltzes into the office. But, Peter Prentiss is off to a bad start. First off he’s your typical frat boy, calling Mindy a plus size model, and then at his last job he had sexual intercourse with a tree. Ah just the kind of guy I want delivering my child. However, things are looking up for Casey, as he got a gig at a festival in upstate New York. Mindy recruits most of the office to join in the fun and support his new endeavor. Danny agrees to join too seeing as The National is playing and he’s their biggest fanboy. Reed is stuck with the task of covering the practice while they’re gone. Mindy still isn’t sold on this whole DJing idea but she is putting on a happy face. The festival scene is so not her and it’s starting to show. Morgan meets a fellow concertgoer and bums two cupcakes off her. Might I add that these are weed cupcakes. The already out there Morgan is now hallucinating. He runs to try to do a cannonball but ends up breaking his coccyx instead. Mindy, who was fresh from a fight with Casey, comes rushing to his aid. She and Danny carry him to the medic tent, which appears to be severely understaffed. The two spring into action and Mindy texts Casey to let him know she may not make his set. Things aren’t looking too good for the pair. Things calm down and Danny gives Mindy a pep talk about supporting Casey and his dreams. With seconds to spare she rushes off to catch his set. He does great and it changes her opinion on the whole idea of his career change. That’s until after the show he realizes that God is now calling him to be an event planner… Back at the office Reed is faced with the challenge of a double delivery. Unable to be two places at once, Reed calls on the help of Peter Prentiss (who likes to hang out at the hospital in case he’s needed). After delivering one patient Prentiss comes in to assist Reed in talking down an anxiety riddled dad. Reed is impressed and Prentiss is hired. Feeling bad that his shenanigans caused Danny to miss out on seeing The National play Morgan comes up with a plan. The band shows up at the med tent and Morgan gets down on one knee. Danny freaks out but eventually sucks it up for the chance to spend a few minutes with his favorite band. Post festival Casey and Mindy are back at home and reality sets in. Mindy can’t spend her life constantly uprooting her life for Casey to follow his next great calling. She also fears that one day he will have a change of heart when it comes to her as well. And just like that they’re no longer a couple. I honestly thought this relationship would last at least into November but they wasted no time kicking Pastor Casey to the curb. Maybe it’s to make room for some Danny and Mindy romancing?!


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