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Get Set For "Wiener Night" On This Weeks Episode Of The Mindy Project

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/16/2013 10:43 am
PopWrapped | Television
Get Set For
Media Courtesy of FOX

Caitlin Swift

Staff Writer

We meet Mindy on a plane, hoping to meet her soul mate on her flight home (something I’ve done multiple times). Unfortunately she ends up with Kevin Smith who in the first few seconds of sitting down insults her. You know because every chub has to stick together… Luckily for Mindy, Kevin was in the wrong seat and we are met with a cute, sophisticated man to take his place! Instant chemistry, however a bit of difference in their interests but I’m sure they’ll make it work. Back at work Mindy is excited to share news of her newest conquest (or soon to be). Peter of course assumes she means mile high club (not sure I like this guy). Reed has a man crush on Mindy’s date and says that they have nothing in common and he’s too high brow for her. Danny scurries across the desk and snatches the paper… What is he hiding? Oh right Christina took a bunch nudes of him and is now having a highly publicized gallery opening. If this was a real gallery I would no doubt attend. Mindy and Jason catch a movie then head to dinner. It’s apparent that they are two different planes. She loves rom-coms and he loves poignant pieces. Will they ever be able to compromise? Things aren’t going so well but things are looking good when she invites him up and he agrees. However, he quickly kills the mood by saying it’s a onetime thing. I mean what do they have in common? Peter and Danny run into Brendan (the midwife) in the elevator and brings up Danny’s show. Peter takes this little nugget of information and runs to inform the office. He proposed they get wieners to eat before they go to see Danny’s wiener, thus making is wiener night. How poetic Peter. Danny is in full-out panic mode and Mindy sees this gallery opening as a way to show Jason that she is a cultured individual. Danny, still upset consults Cliff (the cute attorney) to see if he can have the installation taken down. The whole world should now see his undercarriage. Cliff cancels his plans to check it out and see what he can do. How convenient he shares an office building with these law mooching OBGYNS. Mindy gives Danny a pep talk on the way over to the event. Her advice? Don’t give Christina the satisfaction of knowing that this stunt is getting to him. Doesn’t work. Danny decides to drink away the shame of the blown up portraits of his naked body hanging around him. Betsy experiences a sexual awakening by the photos, can you really blame her? Cliff and Mindy spar a bit. God, I love it when they do that. We learn that they both love Daughtry, which already makes them more compatible than her and Jason, but he has a girlfriend. But it doesn’t look like that’s a happy relationship as she went to the concert without him. Cliff breaks it to Danny he doesn’t have a case but maybe just maybe he may have a case if the public can view the photos from the street. Danny immediately sets out to put a picture in the front window and calls 911 to complain. Brendan decides to hover about Mindy and Jason and sets her up for failure. He wants to know her opinion on the ‘art’. Jason says its art you’re supposed to have fun. Jeremy bumbles through his introduction to Jeremy and tags along with Brendan to watch Mindy crash and burn. It becomes more and more apart that these two are worlds apart. Mindy is a pop culture queen while Jason is more literature and art culture. Just in time to break the awkwardness a screen appears and Christina begins to discuss the inspiration behind her installation. Danny is now pissed she wasn’t actually there, but oh it gets better. She came out of a dark time where Danny tried to extinguish her light. Now with a black light turned on the photos all appear to be demons. So now not only is Danny naked, but a monster. Mindy has had enough and speaks up for her friend. I mean come on, she could do that with her phone (which she does and accidentally instagrams a pic of her boobs). Not only is Danny a good guy, but she is a good person too. Sure she is not as well read as she should be but how can she be? She was busy getting a medical degree. So what if she likes to come home and unwind with some Real Housewives. It’s her prerogative! Danny steps in and decides he’s going to drop his trou to prove a point. This of course is when the cops respond to his 911 call. Thank heavens they have a lawyer there. Cliff gets Danny out of a ticket and court appearance and in the process Jason leaves Mindy. It’s ok because she has Danny to lament to. Instead she cheers Danny up and they get to talking about Cliff. Mindy gets all dreamy and Danny gets pissed because he wants him to himself (in a friend way). They are interrupted buy a beautiful woman who just loves Danny’s body of work (see what I did there) and Mindy encourages him to go. As much as I want them together I’m afraid they’ll become Nick and Jess (New Girl). Mindy walks home eating a corn dog and watching videos of babies startled by their own farts (seriously, why are we not BFFs?! That is a solid evening right there). Jason is waiting for her complete with a Pretty in Pink pop culture reference. He then busts out a ukulele and sings Teenage Dream. Ugh Fox you know how to get me. This will be the second boy you’ve had sing this song that I have fallen in love with. Maybe two people with completely different interests can be compatible!


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