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Get To Know The Newest Additions To The Final Fantasy XV Cast!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


06/24/2013 9:35 pm
Get To Know The Newest Additions To The Final Fantasy XV Cast!


Jacob Elyachar

Staff Writer

Final Fantasy XV will be a man’s world!

 Square Enix, the studio behind Kingdom Hearts and Tomb Raider, has released its cast of characters for the fifteenth edition of the Final Fantasy franchise.

 In the studio’s press release that was attained by multiple outlets including IGN, Kotaku and VG24/7, Final Fantasy XV will follow the journey of five playable characters.

 The first character, Noctis Lucis Caelum, is the heir apparent to the fictional kingdom of Lucis. Ever since he was a child, Noctis has been able to show a mystical ability to connect with the afterlife. While he is the heir apparent, Noctis has renegade tendencies but he is loyal to those who defend him.  

 Two other important characters in Noctis’s circle is Gladiolus Amicitia.  His family has sworn an oath to protect the crown of Lucis at all costs.  Square Enix stated that his friendship and loyalty to Noctis is “born not of duty, but of brotherhood.”   

 While Gladiolus may be the fighter of the group, Ignis Scientia has been described as “the voice of reason.” Ignis’s studies have lead him to prepare to council Noctis once he becomes the next king of Lucis.

 Prompto Argentum may not have the royal ties to the inner circle of Lucis’ hierarchy, but Noctis’s former schoolmate with “a huge chip on his shoulder” is eager to help his friend out anyway he can.

 Rounding out the cast of playable characters is Cor Leonis.  This living legend has a passion for the art of war and despite his disagreements with Noctis; he keeps an ever-watchful eye on the quartet.

 Final Fantasy XV will follow the quintet’s adventures as they try to save the kingdom from the vicious state of Niflheim, who have withdrawn their truce with Lucis and want to conquer the kingdom.

 Video game lovers will be able play Final Fantasy XV on Playstation 4 and Xbox One sometime soon as Square Enix has not released the official date…yet!


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