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Get Totally Clean With Devious Maids Season 1 Finale

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


09/23/2013 9:59 am
PopWrapped | Television
Get Totally Clean With Devious Maids Season 1 Finale

Susan Booth

Staff Writer

Fans of the hit new over-the-top series from Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry, Devious Maids, were given some much need closure and answers to most of the questions we'd been asking for the past 12 weeks. The Powell's took it upon themselves to stop their divorce proceedings so that they could commit murder. It doesn't surprise me that these two killed someone, but I knew that even though it wasn't either one of them that killed Flora, it didn't make them any less suspect in my book. Nothing like hate to rekindle love in a relationship. Speaking of murder, we FINALLY find out who killed Flora. After 12 weeks of nothing but confusion and leads that went absolutely nowhere, we discover that it was Philippe who killed Flora. I thought this would shock me, but my reaction was more like "I KNEW IT!" The ex-husband and current fiancé of Genevieve (Susan Lucci) was the one who killed Flora, and this is where we all join the story. But, in a turn of events, it was Adrian and Evelyn Powell (Tom Irwin and Rebecca Wisocky) who kill Philippe. Everyone except the ever so clueless Genevieve seems to realize quite quickly that her fiancé is just EVIL. Just as he was about to kill yet another maid, Marisol, the Powell's slip a drug into his drink and stage his suicide. They didn't do this to protect Marisol, because that would asking for too much from this series, but instead do this so Adrian can get his revenge on Philippe for killing his maid. This killer runs around thinking that people tend to belong to him, basically as a way to remind us how different life is for those who actually have $100 million and can get away with this kind of crap. When Philippe realizes that the law may be gunning for him, he asks Adrian to borrow his jet. His plan was to escape to Brunei, as there is no extradition treaty there with the United States. The first season ended as it began, with someone about to die and ending up floating in the Powell's swimming pool during a black-tie party. Most of the plot lines did end up being resolved, and one was introduced at the end of the episode to give the maids a new cause to rally around for the second season. So, here's how the maids and the stories surrounding their employers wrapped up for season one: Marisol: For a smart person, Marisol has all the sensitivity of a rutting wildebeest and then some. She demands that Michael (Brett Cullen) tell her everything she knows about his client Philippe, while they are standing in his wife's hospital room after she's just been shot. Smooth move, Ex-Lax. Taylor (Brianna Brown) was shot and miscarried as a result. That bullet was meant for Marisol. Marisol knows that it was Philippe who killed Flora, but she needs evidence to prove everything. Sadly for Marisol, her satisfaction didn't come until the end of the episode. She corners Philippe in a bedroom and confronts him. Just as Philippe is about to stab Marisol with a knife, Evelyn comes bursting in the room with a security guard, since Marisol wasn't allowed to be on the property. Philippe just can't believe his luck, as Adrian insists on talking to him just before he can flee the country. Adrian tells Philippe, "The trick to getting away with murder is to not let people think it was murder in the first place. You must create a plausible explanation for an unexpected death, such as a suicide." At that moment, Philippe falls to the floor because of the poison in his drink. Adrian yells at him, "You killed my maid, don't you know how hard it is to find good help?" With that, Adrian tosses Philippe out of the bedroom window and he lands in the pool. When the police arrive, they are more than suspicious because Philippe's body was only in the pool for a minute. The detectives figure out that he was dead before he hit the water. Adrian tells the police that Philippe admitted to killing Flora, and he could no longer live with himself. Evelyn swears by her husband's statement. Then, all the maids completely back up the Powell's statement, for reasons I will never understand. Although this plot line could be considered closed, a smart District Attorney would question this quite a bit next season. Carmen: She and Sam had planned on living together, just when their employer Alejandro was outed. The singer's lawyer, manager, and publicist devise a plan to keep him in the closet and save his career. All Carmen has to do is stay married to the singer for two years, while she gets everything she's ever wanted, money and a recording contract. Sam objects to the idea instantly. This storyline is left open for now. Zoila: She does what she thinks is best for her daughter, but it's not always what the other person may want. She went too far in convincing Remi to write a letter breaking Valentina's heart and saying he'd see her in a year. Valentina gets pissed, and pushes her mom away in their last scene together. Next thing you know, she's packing and heading to Africa to find Remi. During the tying up of loose-ended monologues, Marisol recounts how Remi had been dating Flora and she became pregnant with his child. At the same time, Flora was turning tricks and was given as a present from Adrian to Philippe. When Flora found out Philippe was Remi's father, she refused to have sex with him. Since people never said no to Philippe, he stabbed Flora and framed Marisol's son Eddie, because he happened to be close by. In the final scene, Eddie is having a picnic with all the maids, free as a bird. Everyone is happy until the police arrive. Rosie: Immigration cops arrive to arrest Rosie. It's assumed that she is deported back to Mexico. Her boss Peri, is standing at the edge of the park smirking. Peri did all of this because she heard her husband ask Rosie to marry him and adopt her son. She couldn't let that happen. What a lying, cheating skanky whore. That concludes Devious Maids, until season two!


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